WoW Legion: What Is Demon Hunter Soloing Like?

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Colton Pfeiffer on 13. Apr. 2016.
25 Man Heroic ToT is very easy on my Enhancement Shaman in retail. Up to Durumu, especially because I don't remember the fight.
Kis Endi on 13. Apr. 2016.
Thanks for the vid. Was looking forward to a video like this! Keep up the great work!
imaginativapocalyps on 13. Apr. 2016.
But Balance Druids have soloed Kazzak during WoD? it's probably numbers and need for very specific gear I suppose, also a lot of practice and knowledge
Sir Tristan on 13. Apr. 2016.
But, what about soloing Black Temple? ;)
Elias Rispling on 13. Apr. 2016.
I have to ask someone with alot of raid experiance that plays the alpha, like you :) do you think the Demon Hunter is broken? (yeah I know that its still alpha but im just wondering) Atleast from what I hear on youtube about the DH. So what do you think? <3
The Steel Casket on 13. Apr. 2016.
Isn't this too OP for one class? At least in PVP?
Jimmy yIK on 13. Apr. 2016.
asmongold does a solo on oondasta as a fury warrior. I don't know how that compares to the healing of dh's but his health bar was not moving... man I wish I could play the alpha.
AtzenMiro on 13. Apr. 2016.
Kazzak is allready soloable on the live servers with lvl 100. Some classes can do it without any help i.e. the Brewmaster (though it takes like 5min+), some other can do it with some items that boost your DPS for a period of time.
AaroS on 13. Apr. 2016.
A level 100 dk can solo Kazzak so why can't a lvl 110 demon hunter?
Brice Graves on 13. Apr. 2016.
God damn Legion is going to suck when it comes out. Yay 8 million demon hunters running the world when legion comes out
FusionRisen on 13. Apr. 2016.
Anybody else get triggered when Bellular completely replaces ability names with his own?
Mathew Chilton on 13. Apr. 2016.
this is not "amazing," soloing in an MMO is what's killing MMOs.
Gabriel on 13. Apr. 2016.
you can solo kazzak with a prot paladin with 730 ilvl right now lol at least I manage to not so hard just takes forever
Zarckhan on 13. Apr. 2016.
Raegwyn Soloed Kazzak as a lvl 100 blood dk and brew master monk in the live servers lmao xDwith 700 ilv
TheTarne on 13. Apr. 2016.
oondasta is solade by 745 fury war lvl 100
Uncle Flansy on 13. Apr. 2016.
See, this is the type of content I think we need more of. Ive played for a decade, and couldnt care less about current level content, as there is a million videos on it. What I like to see is how old raids and transmog collecting is going to work, cause that is 80% of the fun I have in WoW. Thanks for making this, and I hope you get a few more up with other classes.
Slirith on 13. Apr. 2016.
Must be more tired than I thought since I first though the thumbnail said "DH Schlong"
OliverHos on 13. Apr. 2016.
Kazzak is soloable at current gear (730 for DK and 742 for Warrior when tested). Should have been no issues with DH at 800+ gear...
Charlie Reyes on 13. Apr. 2016.
Who wants to bet that you can't Banish them while they're in Demon Form? Couldn't have players being rewarded for skill, now
Nixxon on 13. Apr. 2016.
You don't need to do it solo.WoW is a MMO overall
Scott Palmer on 13. Apr. 2016.
Last I had heard Charred Warblades wasn't proc'ing off of any of your fire spells except Fiery Brand. Once that gets fixed it'll be a pretty big boost to self-healing, might make it do-able as Vengeance. Great video though, thanks!
Wow Jedi on 13. Apr. 2016.
I might roll a demon hunter for not only MoP and WoD raids but to also get the legendary warglaives in black temple. Which would look pretty nice.
Game & Growl on 13. Apr. 2016.
Looking forward to leveling a demon hunter, it looks fun. I just hope the class halls don't kill my enjoyment of Legion.
Lloyd No on 13. Apr. 2016.
if only bm hunter had an alternative heal for repeat damage over time that wasn't a two minute cooldown.
izzy fast on 13. Apr. 2016.
I love your vids and i don't understand why you don't have 500k+ subs. You're really good at explaining all of the stuff in your videos and you're literally a beast when it comes to editing, Love from Sweden <3
phantomboxx on 13. Apr. 2016.
I hope they do something about Galakras. Or even better, alow us to save SoO lockouts... Killed Garrosh when it was Heroic, and then Mythic, and lost every single roll on that mount... It's personal now.
thststth on 13. Apr. 2016.
Oondasta is a piece of cake with T18.
Savage Watermelon on 13. Apr. 2016.
DH the new Hunter LOL
thststth on 13. Apr. 2016.
Stop with the stupid selfhealing for Tankspecs, remove it allready!!
john Grendel on 13. Apr. 2016.
what raiding with DH ?
Kael Thor on 13. Apr. 2016.
Do you think the synergy will 'survive' to live? It sounds fun to play with, but me thinks a nerf is coming for it. Being unkillable for 30 seconds does sound a bit too strong after all.
SiopeR on 13. Apr. 2016.
propably Blood DK solo all ;D
Alex Vlad Popescu on 13. Apr. 2016.
anything about brf or highmaul?
ICE gaming on 13. Apr. 2016.
nice man
clessalven on 13. Apr. 2016.
try with DK
josh clarke on 13. Apr. 2016.
What resolution do you play in?
miner69erher on 13. Apr. 2016.
how's this compare to blood dk?
miner69erher on 13. Apr. 2016.
how's this compare to blood dk?
Rope Car on 13. Apr. 2016.
Hey Bellular I have a question for you: Why haven't you covered the blood dk update on alpha? I have tried to find a video done by you but nothing pops up on youtube. It seems like a perfect dungeon tank from what i've seen on other channels. I'd like to hear your opinion on it though.
Kelvin Erdahl on 13. Apr. 2016.
This expansion makes me sad my original character from vanilla is a hunter I played him all the way up to the launch of MoP but I don't like playing him anymore and doesn't look like legion will change that
Aymen Ûs on 13. Apr. 2016.
fucking demon hunters
Svaltex on 13. Apr. 2016.
Good Tanks can solo Kazzak now
Charlie Ward on 13. Apr. 2016.
its good to see another fellow irish wow player ^^
holmes316 on 13. Apr. 2016.
Hello. Just wanted to say awesome video, and indeed I am one of those people that enjoys soloing old content so I am really looking forward to this.
Michał D on 13. Apr. 2016.
It's cool to listen to all those alpha "inventions" but will anything even happen on official public servers before the summer holidays or at least the movie? It would be cool now to get "Wardrobe" and collect transmog.
Morbed on 13. Apr. 2016.
Might roll one for soloing MoP/WoD raids, can't wait to play the class in general actually.
Malte Volquartzen on 13. Apr. 2016.
I'm addicted to Legion videos
BellularGaming on 13. Apr. 2016.
Hey! Sorry about the naff audio, I think I messed up an effect or something. Won't be a thing in future vids!