WoW LEGION: Suramar Hidden Ley Stations Locations !!

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Graenolf on 3. Sep. 2016.
Loving this expansion so far - feels damn good.
Drkladd on 3. Sep. 2016.
good one, ty
Frostbyte on 3. Sep. 2016.
If you need to gather quick ancient mana I recommend checking out Azmongold for his guide on how to get 500+ ancient mana in 5 minutes
WhoB DoB on 3. Sep. 2016.
Did everyone of them. need 175 rep :( if i wouldnt have died with scores less then 90 both times i could have made it :(
Nicholas Ooi on 3. Sep. 2016.
To people who needs help with pushing rep, I recommend doing all ley stations + spam world quests + withered army training scenario whenever u can. It works for me and I'm currently pushing towards revered for nightfallen atm.
The 8-bit Medic on 3. Sep. 2016.
Az. I'm 600 rep away. I've done all the ley stations and all my world quests. I've been at it for 3 days. Any tips?
Brazzo on 3. Sep. 2016.
Thanks so much for this my main man Az! So much to do in Suramar, loving it so far
Bianca LoveGood on 3. Sep. 2016.
For anyone who played Runescape back in the day, that puzzle reminded me a LOT of Mourning's End Pt 2.
Eye Six on 3. Sep. 2016.
Az, you're truly the real MVP. I've seen videos and posts on the topic of Ley Stations but you went in depth with locations and I thank you.
Rune Dagger on 3. Sep. 2016.
make sure you stock up before you cum Thanks for the advice Az :P
One Two Three on 3. Sep. 2016.
Hey Az could it be safe to say that you like this expansion? :P
Elliott Denning on 3. Sep. 2016.
Very Helpful. Thank you!:)
AHSeanR (AH SeanR) on 3. Sep. 2016.
Hey Az, fan of yours and a small youtuber myself, I was planning on doing a rep guide for Nightfallen to help some people along, and was going to include these Leyline locations, however I feel your guide is pretty much spot on and wondered if you minded me just giving your video a quick shoutout in mine, to direct anyone
jaco vander schaaf on 3. Sep. 2016.
but world quest also give give rep, can you do guide on what world quest sould i do to get rep or in order?
Megasalo PT on 3. Sep. 2016.
Suramar is useless now, done all teleports, all leystations, all quests. Just need revered now :( feelsbadman
Cave Lion on 3. Sep. 2016.
did your fire go out Az ? got yr winter woolly hat on.
Albert Georgy on 3. Sep. 2016.
can you test the Karazhan dungeon? they added 7.1to PTR :P
Fiend Matador Slayer of a Thousand Noobs on 3. Sep. 2016.
Forlerly hidden as of this video.
Jonathon Porter on 3. Sep. 2016.
do you plan on making videos about hidden skins if so the resto shaman is easy
Fallout Forever on 3. Sep. 2016.
Hey! u going to make a review of Legion?
maxime savignac on 3. Sep. 2016.
Thanks alot for your help. Been very helpfull to me for this expansion keep it up! You're the best :D
Charley Wymore (Edgar) on 3. Sep. 2016.
2:59 Lol sexual innuendo
bononoz2 on 3. Sep. 2016.
thank you man!
sofak 8 on 3. Sep. 2016.
Rasmus Adrian on 3. Sep. 2016.
Al Valentyn on 3. Sep. 2016.
30th! Now to get these leylines!
ArchDragon on 3. Sep. 2016.