WoW Legion: Awesome New 'Hidden' Way To Target Enemies!

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TAGyourit on 15. Sep. 2016.
Vs a pack of small mobs your going to cleave in nearly all scenario anyway, im going to replace standard tab with this... i hate with a passion the tab system because it never seems to help.
Elton Jesus on 15. Sep. 2016.
thx alot, great tip
MyndZero on 15. Sep. 2016.
I made an addon for the old tab targetting system day 1, cause the new one sucks IMO lol
BioTurd on 15. Sep. 2016.
I'm still not too clear on how this works and what it actually does, im so dumb ;/ . If someone could explain it to me i'd be grateful!
NoPauseButton on 15. Sep. 2016.
Great find, thanks for the info.
Lord Vaako on 15. Sep. 2016.
Hi Bellular do you think if hunter is going to be top dps in raids ?
slm22186 on 15. Sep. 2016.
Why do you have to turn this on? This should be the default targeting function.
big baller on 15. Sep. 2016.
i don't have a keyboard so this really helps, thanks!
Roberto Catalani on 15. Sep. 2016.
Bellular I love your UI, which addons you use for it? thanks!
Nitin Shekhar on 15. Sep. 2016.
I move through my mouse. I have been using mouse click on nameplates for-awhile anyways.
Kristen Ford on 15. Sep. 2016.
9999 views lol i should play the lottery
Christopher C on 15. Sep. 2016.
I think this was a side effect of Blizzard trying to create an Action Cam style gamepad system. They tried it in beta and very early legion, but it was causing other bugs. Looks really useful for any melee especially.
Deceiver Gaming on 15. Sep. 2016.
Wow. I play a rogue and Unholy DK and this is gonna be super useful when i get used to it. THANX
savagedialects on 15. Sep. 2016.
clicking is so much faster and easier. cool feature tho.
Alex Piers on 15. Sep. 2016.
This scan targeting could be great with the action cam because I know one of the big complaints about the action can was that tab targeting wasn't integrated well enough with it
Jay Kylls on 15. Sep. 2016.
Nice! Thanks for sharing. Also thank you for UI tips on a previous video. Enjoying the game so much more now.
goran77ish on 15. Sep. 2016.
Never heard of mouse over macro? Way better for multidotting. Tab targeting works just fine if mob is so close. If not, clicking nameplate or mouse over is way better. Im most cases i prefear having camera fixed while tanking so this system is out.
maswell on 15. Sep. 2016.
Thanks Bell. I really appreciate you telling us about some of these features that I at least would never have found out about.
David Ram on 15. Sep. 2016.
Gustavo Duarte Grieder on 15. Sep. 2016.
Lul guys, no one gonna comentate on that troll photobomb at 00:17 ? Ps: literally a troll photobomb
Vladimir Olegovich on 15. Sep. 2016.
Also mouseover targeting can be used like (example with healing spell) #showtooltip Holy Light /cast [target=mouseover,exists] Holy Light; Holy Light
enclave commander on 15. Sep. 2016.
how is this for pvp and i mean competitive mouse turning etc
Krashes on 15. Sep. 2016.
do ppl still Play trashran?
Goldshire Gamer on 15. Sep. 2016.
well it's not hidden anymore :-D
Oliver Andersen on 15. Sep. 2016.
Awesome video but pleeeease change into/outro sounds. Fucking WoD all over the place :(
MORGATH99 on 15. Sep. 2016.
is there a toggle on that feature ?
iGyman on 15. Sep. 2016.
Definitely worth trying.
The Duke Of Dorks on 15. Sep. 2016.
I tab target like a dope
MrElladion on 15. Sep. 2016.
Can someone tell me what hunter addon is he using?
Vladimir Olegovich on 15. Sep. 2016.
It would be much better if Blizzard will fix mouse targeting. There is mess since Vanilla with mouse targeting: I clicking those naga in front of me, but hell, it selects trapped naga 5 yards behind me. Sometime I even cannot remove (through drop) items from bags or spells from my action bars due to area full of some invisible object's bound boxes. Should I complain about looting corpses with followers or pets active? I made requests, bug reports on Blizz forums - nothing helps.
Karami42 on 15. Sep. 2016.
Thank you for making us discover this, but i have a problem now, the new feature doesnt seems to work with the old tab activated (which i did first) so Do you know the console command to re-enable the new system ?
Jonah Marx on 15. Sep. 2016.
It looks like something that was built for action cam
Altadversity on 15. Sep. 2016.
I suggest checking out the add-on "enemy grid"
ReaperCaliber on 15. Sep. 2016.
so what's with the actioncam bellular? are they bringing it back or what?
Jeroen Bakker on 15. Sep. 2016.
what about the new problem in the open world when a player from the other side got his pvp enabled ? i get crazy from getting in pvp unwanted
MetalDango on 15. Sep. 2016.
I used a macro since WoD. I always target the nearest enemy infront of me when I push the Tab button .__.
Doom Muffinz on 15. Sep. 2016.
Doesnt tab target already target nearest enemy?.. although it has been inconsistant sometimes
Kris Lastname on 15. Sep. 2016.
After playing an MMO with action combat I've been spoiled and finding it hard to go back to tab targeting, this is an interesting alternative!
adamaj on 15. Sep. 2016.
Hey you have my bow. Give it back! Regarding targeting, 99% of the time it's easiest/fastest to just click the nameplate, and in situations where there are a lot of adds, and the nameplates overlap too much, a simple camera adjustment usually will do the trick. I've recently been using an addon called Enemy Grid, and find it very helpful. It's like a smaller, customizable Healbot, but for enemies/dps. I have it setup to only show enemies within range. It will show my debuffs along with timers and it shows their castbars. But what's really useful is that you can set up custom functions. Like, I have mine set up so that if I left click on the mob's frame, I interrupt, and if I right click on the frame, I misdirect. Much easier to keep track of than the nameplates.
animehbkscm on 15. Sep. 2016.
Not very useful in my opinion. There's only 2 situations when killing mobs: 1 they are spread and can be easily targeted with a mouse click or they are in a deathball and, like you showed at the end, that completely destroys this feature.
1965CAPTKIRK on 15. Sep. 2016.
Well done! its a win.
Michael Coffey on 15. Sep. 2016.
Neat but yea i would just click the frame but we are how we are 9 years in for me lol. But for others I imagine this will be pretty helpful for some. Thanks for the video Bellular
Jason Saez on 15. Sep. 2016.
Thanks Belular! You always seem to find the cool little tweaks that make the game fun!
Savyn on 15. Sep. 2016.
Awesome!! Thanks bell!
XblGhandiHop on 15. Sep. 2016.
Hey man is there anyway I can get a link to the WeakAuras you are using?? :) Love the look of them
Thebigdady on 15. Sep. 2016.
i just click on the target, very efficient and easy
The Same on 15. Sep. 2016.
I love these kind of videos
Ko on 15. Sep. 2016.
i use addon that locks my mouse and I dont have to hold right click to turn and move, with this thing makes it really "actiony"... its especially good as mellee....and also i can use left and right click to bind it on some skills, turned my wow into action game, i'm having the best time ever with wow in years!
Ádám György on 15. Sep. 2016.
Why is this "hidden"? Fucking clickbaites man...
clarke best eu on 15. Sep. 2016.
Looks good for melee, wouldn't say it would be useful for casters.