WoW Legion Alpha: Blizzard Fixed Subtlety Rogue - It's Now Fun

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William S on 9. Mar. 2016.
Sorry to see these changes. More cool downs and more things to keep up. Pretty much the direction I didn't want to go.
Masomitsu on 9. Mar. 2016.
Looks cool :)
luan Santos on 9. Mar. 2016.
New build, shadow dance continues with only 3 seconds per load, will the rerol the spec, it's just annoying shadow dance with 3 sec
TheShinyDunsparce on 9. Mar. 2016.
pretty sure enveloping shadows is much better than premeditation. shit loads more combo points
Boomken76 on 9. Mar. 2016.
and what do you mean by more involved? Cause I think keeping Hemo and rupture on a boss while keeping SnS and if needed recup on your self at 100% up time all the while using Shadow Dance to ambush and evis spam on cool down is pretty involved.
Poketuza Morzilo on 9. Mar. 2016.
What is that gear? Looks nice and the bar with the combo points is an addon or a default ui? Thanks :D
Boomken76 on 9. Mar. 2016.
lol im sry but this drives home what i said about him haveing no clue, the changes are clear and easy to any long time sub player. symbols of death = slice and dice, night blade = rupture.
Assassin Cactus on 9. Mar. 2016.
now they just need to fix outlaw and assassination
Boomken76 on 9. Mar. 2016.
As someone thats had a sub rogue since wrath, the only thing thats NOT been fun is mob possions, thats it, and its been fixed with backstab only not working in front of target. No idea what hes going on about but he also rarely has a clue about specs/classes due to his demo lock vid saying sac pet is gone, which is a desto thing.
Blank Ski on 9. Mar. 2016.
When is the ptr being released I want to play legion!?
Yukiko Gem on 9. Mar. 2016.
My sis was looking forward to the sub rogue now not so much
Brian Sterling on 9. Mar. 2016.
Damn I actually liked it a lot better with out having to manage shadow dance. Subtlety is already so hard to play to be useful in pvp with so many things to manage up-time on compared to feral who literally just press two buttons and everything dies. Sure we also had sap and blind, but we also had to use combo points on slice and dice, keep up marked for death, rupture, kidney shot, manage shadow dance, garrote casters kick and gauge for interrupts. All of these things had to be done perfectly to even get to 1500+ rating on a sub rogue in arenas. Sure the 2400+ subtelty rogues were able to be godly and manage it all, but for the other 99% of the crowd, there is zero room for error in pvp.
Jedi Knight on 9. Mar. 2016.
When are they putting assassination in for testing?
SorcererBiggz on 9. Mar. 2016.
MrGhetofabulous on 9. Mar. 2016.
Symbols of death needs to be removed for this spec to be good, its perfect on live and they just need to stop fucking with it
kemya ali on 9. Mar. 2016.
Its looks fun !
Jordon 1707 on 9. Mar. 2016.
I quite liked sub in WoD, I mean it's been better but the numbers were still pretty insane when played properly. That's a nice cloak though, gief plz
Adrian Anderson on 9. Mar. 2016.
still patiently waiting on Asassination rogues...
ShocknessFreak on 9. Mar. 2016.
I can tell you have no clue when it comes to rogue gameplay.
Arvenas on 9. Mar. 2016.
Incredibly disappointing spec.
Jeff Packham on 9. Mar. 2016.
prefered the sub rogue before this change popping in and out of stealth more frequent felt right for Sub rogue your suppose to be master of shadow so it kinda fitted could of had a bit more to track dot wise though i guess to make it worth doing damage in stealth but reapplying when out of stealth
superchief86 on 9. Mar. 2016.
I'm sorry, symbols of death? What the fuck is that? Just reading the tooltip, that feels nothing like the ninja theme they're kind of going with for the rest of the spec. Yes the spec involves some shadow damage but that feels more like a nod to the ninja's mastery of the shadows, sneaking about, going unseen, rather than being particularly dark or evil. Symbols of death sounds like some straight up voodoo! And aside from anything else, a straight up damage boost is just fucking boring! It's savage roar, but even worse!
The Village Idiot on 9. Mar. 2016.
so sub rogues get two builds before they even show me my assassination spec that sounds about right. I'll be surprised if they don't just half ass it.
superowldude on 9. Mar. 2016.
New spec is boring, symbols of death isn't fun or engaging and shadow dance is pointless now
Comrade Legion on 9. Mar. 2016.
2:41 The Square returns!
Gason Jenova on 9. Mar. 2016.
I wish shadow dance would actually make you invisible and re appear every time you use an ability. that would feel like a class fantasy. not using shadow magic -__-
jonny lariviere on 9. Mar. 2016.
is slice and dice gone?
LycanVonWolf on 9. Mar. 2016.
This is the same fucking spec. What a joke. Slice and dice replaced with this new skill. But now you have to shadow dance constantly making it even more hectic. Why does this spec has to work so much harder than every other damn dps spec
Karem Esam on 9. Mar. 2016.
Can u do a vedio about frost dk changes
mojambo213 on 9. Mar. 2016.
It's now fun... is that a joke...? It is literally the worst spec now imo... New subt is boring, it's horribly designed, it feels like it has nothing to do with the class fantasy, and SoD and shadow dance are just in dire awful states right now. Please don't call it good, blizzard might listen, they seem to ignore the subt rogue forums which are FILLED with complaints about how bad the spec is now. I hope to god they change this spec ENTIRELY before release, I and many other rogues I see hate it the way it is now :(
Shiva Goku on 9. Mar. 2016.
what about our defensive?, we goner get wrecked or not?
grip7777 on 9. Mar. 2016.
Well seems like a bit of an improvement even though I detest the relationship between blades of death and shadow dance. I would rather have had a bleed or something that can only be maintained via shadowdance and have it last like 20 seconds. As it is now it seems that you will use the baseline charges of shadow dance to apply blades of death and use 2 shadowstrikes or something along those lines since the cds line up pretty perfectly and you need to count on getting extra shadowdances for burst. Even if you get those extra shadowdances it will make the gameplay around shadowdance a bit wierd I think since you want the full minute recharge value, so sitting on 1 shadowdance with the second recharging will probably be mandatory which means that you count on getting extra shadowdances for blades of death. This looks like it just gives you more sustained damage anyway since you can't really count on getting those extra shadowdances when you need them, and you need to spend t
Jibae on 9. Mar. 2016.
I leveled a rogue on live just to play Sub in legion, I loved the idea of sub being able to use stealth a lot more frequently. I wish Blizz would have just worked on that instead of pussying out and making it standard again. Also, whats with the class fantasy thing? Sub means being sneaky and suprising enemies, not using shed loads of shadow magic, im not a warlock.
Anwar Alexander on 9. Mar. 2016.
damn each rogue spec is rather simple now. mmm no more possibility of Assass Wotlk
Lykaion on 9. Mar. 2016.
I liked the ability of the passive shadow that its back as an active I'm done next class
Diavolo222 on 9. Mar. 2016.
Symbol of Death is such a lazy and dumb skill. Sub is still bad as fuck imo. Spec is all over the place. They should have left Shadow Dance alone and add some flavour to it or something. Not this 3 sec/1 min CD bullshit.
Jan Ossowski on 9. Mar. 2016.
I first read it "Blizzard fixed Subtlety Rogues - It's not fun" lol Also it's painful to se you keyboard turn and click skills. Stop doing that, please.
heroicxidiot on 9. Mar. 2016.
I think showing the spec in play at full speed would be nice to see. Shows what the game play is like. Explainingsjills, mechanics, and talents is nice, but applying everything at the end gives us an idea of what it's like in action
Pink 9000 on 9. Mar. 2016.
more sound in background pls
fredriksk21 on 9. Mar. 2016.
Much better.. Thanks Blizz! But some of the talents are still bullshit.
Assassin Cactus on 9. Mar. 2016.
thank god they fixed it
Tiduas on 9. Mar. 2016.
I haven't really enjoyed Sub rogue before but I will definitely give it a chance when Legion arrives since - judging by your explanation - it actually sounds fun. Thanks for the video!
HiddenStalker on 9. Mar. 2016.
I hope they will very Soon fix THE DEATH KNIGHTS, All the specs sucks, please blizzard just make dk great again
Rowan_C97 on 9. Mar. 2016.
Dude, you deserve to have a million+ subscribers
Barely Viable on 9. Mar. 2016.
It was better before they cut shadowdance acces to your "stealth bar" now it's an unnecessary extra 3 button's... they should give the acces to stealth bar while in shadowdance back.
ivel kroezen on 9. Mar. 2016.
would be nice if the shadowstrike would come from different direction when you activate it more than once
PlastKladd on 9. Mar. 2016.
I really appreciate the blurred border you have around the screen now. Your monitor resolution cutting out the video in some places wasn't pretty.
Rasmus Nordlund on 9. Mar. 2016.
I really wish they'd just use sub as it is on live, it's so much better and the reworked version is basically a shell of what it is atm
Daniel Vašek on 9. Mar. 2016.
dude this game is not fun last 6 years
Donredly on 9. Mar. 2016.
Am i the only one who doesn't like these kind of reviews at all? I've been a huge supporter for over 2 years, but these video's lack depth and honestly 90% of the time the stuff he says just ain't true, especially when its related to how classes currently play on live...