World of Warcraft LEGION: Leystalker Dro's Key (Withered Army Training) !!

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_Merkz _ on 14. Jul. 2016.
Hey why did u perm banned me on you're stream yesterday? I only said ''Vac'' when u got disconnect from the beta servers???
aven78 on 14. Jul. 2016.
I did a run today and did very well. Once you get two Mana Ragers things get much easier, and the way you get them is from the glimmering chests in the rooms near where you found Dro, the only problem is that Brood Guardian Phyx, a big spider mini boss, loves to evade, so you end up wasting your army when you don't need to, so just grab the chest. I was able to clear Elfbreaker and didn't have anything after that as I ran around getting the various chests. I got an item that upgraded a unit that said it could find hidden treasure chests, along with another Berserker and Mana Rager. I look forward to my next run. I have to say that this is the most fun thing to do on Legion, it feels great going through the entire thing and going a bit further each time. I can't wait to find out what is at the end and what is in the last few chests I couldn't open.
Graenolf on 14. Jul. 2016.
This is like its own minigame, I love it : ) How long does it progress?
Sean Gannon on 14. Jul. 2016.
you really can tell how much az is enjoying this
MadMaxy01 on 14. Jul. 2016.
so hyped for legion and suramar
norvelled on 14. Jul. 2016.
Such a tease!
Paulo Grego on 14. Jul. 2016.
Good vid, Az. But beware! If you play too much this mini-game and discover most of it before launch, there will be nothing for you to enjoy it when it really lauches
Ambrose Naumann on 14. Jul. 2016.
Thanks, Az.
Sean Berry on 14. Jul. 2016.
so in your perspective is legion looking good so far?
kippies66 on 14. Jul. 2016.
Question, do these bosses (like Dro) stay dead after you kill them or do you need to fight them again next run?
lordnarok on 14. Jul. 2016.
Megasalo PT on 14. Jul. 2016.
I love these videos about the withered army, looks so fun :D please moar PS: You should keybind your special action button (the one that boosts the withered or send them back)
Dragon Tiger on 14. Jul. 2016.
eh, it looks way to hard to die in this, unlike the one in MoP that dieing was relatively easy if u werent careful
Zombiecaller on 14. Jul. 2016.
so much shit to do in legion, i can say that cause i have the beeta
TDMC on 14. Jul. 2016.
Anyone else get the feeling he really likes this?
Frederick “Alfred” Hitchcock on 14. Jul. 2016.
Nicely done!!!
Holyfries on 14. Jul. 2016.
How you doing today Az? :)
Alexandr Belov on 14. Jul. 2016.
Oh, saving the rest for the "part 2"? Just like that challange you were doing with Dolan? You mother lover.
Reynaldo Lazaro on 14. Jul. 2016.
Fuck!! Im never the first one :(
TheHorreK2 on 14. Jul. 2016.
Will you marry me Mr. HeelvsBabyface? btw since its called Withered TRAINING will there be other scenarios you will unlock if your army is upgraded to some point?
BluefoxxyNautral84 on 14. Jul. 2016.
yay more BEETAH
Shondo on 14. Jul. 2016.
But for real keep it up az
Shondo on 14. Jul. 2016.
Like a boss
Joe Beckman on 14. Jul. 2016.
Good vid, Az :)
Shondo on 14. Jul. 2016.
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