World of Warcraft LEGION: How to Use, Change and Remove Glyphs!!

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Molten Hard Drive on 17. Jul. 2016.
Am I the only one who thinks that with everyone having the same amount of gold that AZ has (5 million +) that the auction house on every server is going to become stupidity expensive?
Darove Plays on 17. Jul. 2016.
Az i know i said something that i offended u and i really regret it. I was a big idiot. I have an aunt that suffers from cancer. I dont want to insult anyone. Can u pls let me enjoy ur streams again? I seriously feel very bad for this. Im so sorry.
GsEEn211 on 17. Jul. 2016.
Since we have artifact talents and pvp talents I think glyphs were completely useless anyway so yeah no need for them
Bob Smith on 17. Jul. 2016.
HeelvsBabyface = more interactive and in depth in videos refering to legion BelluarGaming = throws crap at your face about legion
John Simpson on 17. Jul. 2016.
@HeelvsBabyface are existing glyph`s just gone? Do we have to buy them all over again, also does this mean if we ant to go back to a previous glyph do we have to repurchase (recraft) it all over again and again .....?
jvjd on 17. Jul. 2016.
Too bad i can't keep alll three glyphs and change whenever i please without rebuying it Well i guess inscription needs some value then why the hell they did not listen to ppl back when the profession was introduced in game :/
Mick Breiting on 17. Jul. 2016.
Ability enchanting! :O
AllyOP _ on 17. Jul. 2016.
i don't understand why they made this so inefficient ... i'm also worried that these glyphs are going to be very expensive on AH, which sure is a good way for Scribes to make money, but on the other hand, do i really want to throw money into buying the same glyph over and over if i want to change my appearance from time to time so it fits my overall transmog? But then again, it is still just a cosmetic thing. It's just the inefficiency of this system that bothers me. I'm in two minds about this change.
Kamakazee on 17. Jul. 2016.
This suks!
Jonathan Simon on 17. Jul. 2016.
back to the ole ways
Ginger Ninja Gaming on 17. Jul. 2016.
So does this now mean that glyphs are no longer permanently learned by the character?
TheLocochico on 17. Jul. 2016.
Those green wings look more like goblin glider than fel tbh
Zoggosh on 17. Jul. 2016.
please for the love of god tell me these things stack
Blinkaji on 17. Jul. 2016.
Can we buy the old glyphs before the pre-patch and have them converted into the new glyphs when the patch drops?
Charles Lane on 17. Jul. 2016.
ugh having to constantly rebutting this stuff is BS...why not just up the matt cost big time making them expensive 1 time learned ability
TheBenzooh on 17. Jul. 2016.
Tattered wings are cool af
QueenEtna on 17. Jul. 2016.
wait. how do i apply glyphs again?
Black Hand on 17. Jul. 2016.
I like the change, kinda makes me a bit meh but I do have to say that I did dislike having glyphs specifically for pvp or worked best for pvp and couldn't have to my preferred play style. The glyphs being cosmetic is just a very good idea as now I don't have to make "choices" on the minor glyphs I take, I can just have all the abilities glyphed. Plus the people complaining about this change, what do you think the artifacts and honor talents are for?
Stefano Zagara on 17. Jul. 2016.
Do the glyphs u take off of an ability just disappear?!?!?!? The fuck-_-
cheshire katt on 17. Jul. 2016.
Glyphs used to be something to augment an ability, my they be spell or passive, they were a big thing. I hope THOSE glyphs are still in the game as they are, meaning you learn it and can swap out any time when you use certain items you get at the vendor. If its now cosmetic stuff now, they they not only fazed out a way to make a players play style unique to their wants, but they over all just took out an awesome feature in the game. I hope thats not the case here.
Jason Yingling on 17. Jul. 2016.
this is the worst video ever.
Aleesha Lynch (Zephyr22044) on 17. Jul. 2016.
Thank you for these types of videos, I know I really need stuff like this :-)
Alexander Babajev on 17. Jul. 2016.
You should make a video showing all the glyphs
Kindra Cruz on 17. Jul. 2016.
Will some glyphs stack with others?
Definitely Not A Troll on 17. Jul. 2016.
Can't wait for Legion to release so all the beta players can bitch and moan there's "no content".
LycanVonWolf on 17. Jul. 2016.
Maybe you should have mentioned why they changed the glyph system since the morons in this comment section don't seem to get it
DuncanDestruction on 17. Jul. 2016.
So Inscription is going to be totally useless now?
Aretak on 17. Jul. 2016.
This seems unnecessarily complicated.
aramere3650 on 17. Jul. 2016.
I don't understand why people are complaining about this. Blizzard is giving you yet another way of making a character your own. They're giving you more OPTIONS; even cosmetic ones. Options which you have in fact asked blizzard for. I would like to say how much I love the designs for the wings. The fact that they went to the effort of providing this possibility just shows how genuinely they care about the players' desires and pleasure.
John Doe on 17. Jul. 2016.
On a related note, what are your thoughts regarding the Talent reset item? Have you tried going Herbalism and crafting them?
SweetMuf on 17. Jul. 2016.
the fuq you got 5m gold
Leonardo Bedoya Ramirez on 17. Jul. 2016.
Ty for the info!!
chrisY (CoTA) on 17. Jul. 2016.
Guide on how to move abilitez onto my bars plz
Ididsubmititalready on 17. Jul. 2016.
It costs 60% of the item value to post on the Auction House. No sell....lose 60% of the item value. 40,000 item...that's a LOT of gold. However, glyphs never got added correctly. 1 silver to post. Post a zillion of them and spam that Auction House, all day long.
Fermín Caballero on 17. Jul. 2016.
Why would they change something that was already good and comprehensible and fuck it up in such a manner? Same thing happens with them moving the "Hide Helm and Cloak" buttom from the interface to the transmogrifier. Whoever implemented this obviously doesn't play their own game.
arianawap on 17. Jul. 2016.
Did you earn that 5.7m gold?
Squall Lion (Squallion) on 17. Jul. 2016.
Brent3842 on 17. Jul. 2016.
I have a lot of garrison resources what do I need to spend them all on before tuesday?
BluefoxxyNautral84 on 17. Jul. 2016.
lol, these savage af comments!!
Noname Entered on 17. Jul. 2016.
Thanks for the explanation how glyphs work in the expac :) Looking good!
Alejandro Tello on 17. Jul. 2016.
Hello AZ. I've been watching your videos for a while now, and from what I can perceive: you are starting to like WoW ocne again arent you? Personally I left wow for a while, but after watching you playing the beta I activated my beta-key and gave it a shot. I got to lvl 110 and decided to just stop so I didnt ruin the experience when the expansion launches. From what I can see on your videos, you have progressed a lot, or thats what I can tell from your Suramar and artifact progression. That being said, I'd advice you to just give it a break man. I know this is your business but aren't you gonna be all burned out when legion's live? I mean, I really like watching your videos but whats the point if you stop liking WoW all because you've seen it all before the expansion's out? But well, that's just me, I hope you have a good time in Legion as well.
iCresp on 17. Jul. 2016.
jesus christ the salt in these comments
Robert Casler on 17. Jul. 2016.
Hello cata inscription my old friend, here to come and take all my gold again *if I played that is* good to see they're revaluing glyphs now Inscriptionists serious talk time, lets not pillage the market place and make glyphs cost more than some mounts eh? Remember what happened with Blacksmiths in Pandaria. Lets NOT do that again eh?
Salim Osman on 17. Jul. 2016.
stock up on vanishing powder..mmm
Hasan Huseyin Scrolls on 17. Jul. 2016.
How do u have 5,7 milion GOLD?
Adanos on 17. Jul. 2016.
Currently as a frost mage i using 2 glyph for frost elemental, will i be able to use both ?
0ZIR0 on 17. Jul. 2016.
If you use a glyph on a talent and then spec out of a talent and then spec into it again will the glyph still be there?
Javier Alicea on 17. Jul. 2016.
so I have to buy them more them once if I might change a look?
lordnarok on 17. Jul. 2016.