World of Warcraft Inky Black Potion: Dark Nights Return!

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Uploaded: 6 Jun 2017 Likes: 797
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hagenisse on 7. Jun. 2017.
Too bad everyone who asked for it 3 years ago are done with the game.
Stieven Schaerlaeken on 7. Jun. 2017.
Anything that adds more atmosphere to the game is good.
OathForFew on 7. Jun. 2017.
Started having flash backs of vanilla Duskwood
Fatalroadie on 7. Jun. 2017.
I miss the dark WoW
Joubei on 7. Jun. 2017.
How do you play with that ui blocking the middle of your screen? Seems really out of place and annoying.
Kujamon on 7. Jun. 2017.
this should be a setting. so immersive
Lizrdspheerx on 7. Jun. 2017.
That is so coooooool
IamNemoN01 on 7. Jun. 2017.
- Does it persist through death? - What's the duration? How long does it last? - How many does it stack? - Does it work in battlegrounds and raids? - Do you lose the buff if you phase or go into an instance? - What happens if you use it during the day?
IamNemoN01 on 7. Jun. 2017.
It should just be an interface option. And then after a year data miners should count how many people prefer darkness over daylight-night.
Eric O on 7. Jun. 2017.
WoW was never this dark at night.
ProOfWar22 on 7. Jun. 2017.
im going to do worgen starting zone with these pots
Branko GD on 7. Jun. 2017.
I love this
Cookie Redding on 7. Jun. 2017.
Thanks for this! It's weird...I don't remember night disappearing, but now I crave it after taking this potion. Thanks!!
Ian Horne on 7. Jun. 2017.
Nights were dark back in the day, but I'm pretty sure they weren't that dark. Pretty cool though
Ben Burns on 7. Jun. 2017.
Pointless top 10 things while under the effect of the inky black potion!
WinterNova on 7. Jun. 2017.
I think it would be cool if they could be sold on the auction house so after the Darkmoon Fair you could sell them for a profit.
NattyFenja on 7. Jun. 2017.
Just imagine using this while leveling in Duskwood! That'd be freaking terrifying and I'm so gonna do it!
A Really Bored Kinda Guy on 7. Jun. 2017.
I'm disappointed you didn't go to duskwood
Sygnus_ on 6. Jun. 2017.
When were the dark nights actually in WoW? And when did they remove it from game?
Kevin Trevithick on 6. Jun. 2017.
Thank you so much for making this video! I have wanted a way to make it actually dark at night in game for sooooooo long and I had no idea the potions existed. I will be picking some up post haste and I sincerely thank you for sharing this information. And that shot of Org was bad ass!
MidnightChaosFlame on 6. Jun. 2017.
Firelands looks amazing while using this potion! I've been hoarding these things like mad - they make for some stunning screenshots.
jean maillard on 6. Jun. 2017.
I'd love a potion to make it mid-day time or dawn or twilight ... when I played it was allways night
DAG on 6. Jun. 2017.
When they first came to the fair I bought 240 of them and keep them in my bank hoping for the price to shoot up so I could sell them.... Well I never sold them, now I just have 240 inky black potions.
Likerhater3 on 6. Jun. 2017.
So I used one on Skyhold and it's pretty amazing to look at.
Blagtoof on 6. Jun. 2017.
Love it!!! So many machinima opportunities just opened up.
NoNick on 6. Jun. 2017.
I wonder if Blizzard is going to troll and make the potion darker with every Darkmoon Faire.
Igzorn Buelle on 6. Jun. 2017.
man i would love this as a option in the settings.
Nicholas on 6. Jun. 2017.
You should go to outlands with that night vision
Hutschnur on 6. Jun. 2017.
I remember that Blizz first told us that technical issues would make it difficult to reimplement dark nights. Then they told us it wasn't high priority on the agenda. Now they reimplemented dark nights... as ingame item... with time limit... for gold. Even if it isn't much, but... really Blizzard? Why isn't it a fucking hook that you can set in your systems menue? That's ridiculus!
Get over that Wall on 6. Jun. 2017.
Never understood why they took night out of the game. I guess it just goes to show the WOW devs are completely retarded.
Rapilol on 6. Jun. 2017.
why u need a potion to experience this
beastdude on 6. Jun. 2017.
this is cool as i never saw how dark it originally was. got all my characters a stack of 20 each :D
Arzyian on 6. Jun. 2017.
I thought she sold cannibal food items like gnome nuggets and such
Kaji Sagara on 6. Jun. 2017.
when i read the tittle i was happy, then its a potion :'(
ArchipelagoMagi on 6. Jun. 2017.
EverQuest had darkness like this, not World of Warcraft.
Atratzu on 6. Jun. 2017.
Oh man! That's cool! and I can even afford those as a level 20 capped account character. :D
CastratedBeaver on 6. Jun. 2017.
Even for how dark it is, this is still so fucking cool
Neverheart on 6. Jun. 2017.
I don't play WoW but I would love this in SWTOR, imagine such a dark zone in a lazer and lightsaber battpe it would be wild especially when chanelling force lightning and lighting an area up for about ten seconds to see your allies being electrocuted.
Demitrium on 6. Jun. 2017.
Ah yes, the new expansion is here. Rise of the subscriptions and return of real night time.
WolfHeartWild on 6. Jun. 2017.
maybe hey can add a achievement for drinking one of these that unlocks this in the settings
RampageBW1 on 6. Jun. 2017.
I definitely agree that "Inkly Black Potion" should just be a graphical option so when it is night time, it becomes this dark. This would make the game so much more immersive. Current night time is too bright.
Illutian Kade on 6. Jun. 2017.
I 'may' have bought around a thousand of these... >_> <_<
cottermcg 1234 on 6. Jun. 2017.
This isn't just darkness, this is advanced darkness
TheZomboa on 6. Jun. 2017.
wish it was a toy instead of just an item. that way you can use it forever! 1 hour cd with a 2 hour buff. but costs way more gold
MaihelKadrespar on 6. Jun. 2017.
This is amazing! I have never seen this before! I didn't start play til BC.
Jack Panda on 6. Jun. 2017.
Why are you playing in the middle of the night?
Remy Lebeau on 6. Jun. 2017.
As nice as it would be to see, I'm not coming back to WoW for this, if Blizzard still refuses to give legacy servers or undo their horrible changes.
Chrinan on 6. Jun. 2017.
This is really awesome! On my way to the darkmoon faire! Always wanted this back!
Kendrick O'Rourke on 6. Jun. 2017.
In your opinion. why did they get rid of darkness and extreme weathers?
Kendrick O'Rourke on 6. Jun. 2017.