Wizard Thrill Conquest Season 5 [Diablo 3]

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Uploaded: 27 Jan 2016 Likes: 73
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Noel Blanco on 19. Feb. 2016.
@bluddshed Yo what class is your favorite and why
Steve Linde on 10. Feb. 2016.
Any reccomended items for the cube? Or did I miss that in the video?
MineSky on 6. Feb. 2016.
hi, may i know what is the dps and thoughtless recommend in this build, thanks
NewLifeInKorea on 29. Jan. 2016.
I got thru the journey and I got the extra stash tab on both American and Asian servers. I did Avarice and the one where you have to complete GR 55 with 6 sets.
the ogre on 28. Jan. 2016.
can u make build for DH pls to finish the season conquest
Johnny Blue on 27. Jan. 2016.
I like the gay bar music at 3:23 :D
Zoratsu on 27. Jan. 2016.
damn man! where was this video 2 days ago? lol i was looking all over the internet on how to do this achievement with the wiz since I'm a dh kinda guy ;) ended up just taking off the dmo set and keeping the build, that's how i did it :D
Mrapplepieaddict on 27. Jan. 2016.
Great! Completed my DMO set today.. So happy :D great vid btw!
Bluddshed on 27. Jan. 2016.
How's everyone's Season Journey coming along?