Who Can Roadhog Still One Shot? (Overwatch)

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Force Gaming on 2. Jun. 2017.
Was interesting to see that Roadhog still CAN one shot 17 of the 24 Heroes in the game, but it's certainly a lot tougher and inconsistent. Seems like a pre-hook shot will be the way to go most of the time. How do you feel about these changes?
Felix Andersson on 5. Jun. 2017.
I was playing as roadhog one time and I got one shotted by another Roadhog while I still had full HP.
Ultra on 5. Jun. 2017.
Imo hogs balanced as how he is and doesn't need changing. This change seems unnecessary.
Dashaun Bragton on 5. Jun. 2017.
Roadhog is getting nerfed... but lets just ignore the fact that theres these 2 heroes that work well together called Pharmercy fucking shit up... feelsbadman #Ripthegoldguniboughtforstreetpig #RipStreetPig2017
The Strange W on 5. Jun. 2017.
Ruined, I hope this doesn't go live
IchiPopp on 5. Jun. 2017.
Oh no, you have to fire more than once. Oh noooooooooooooo
Ben Jokela on 5. Jun. 2017.
A good hog can one shot bastion on live. You have to headshot him.
Genji Shimada on 5. Jun. 2017.
All hope is lost, my main is dead. Rest in peace, Roadhog.
Măcre C on 5. Jun. 2017.
There goes my favorite hero...
Tasty Paste on 5. Jun. 2017.
So they have effectively removed his only tanking mechanic (area control) and made him a coin flip dps. rip roadhog..
Roonos on 5. Jun. 2017.
jeff loves ana but not roadhog. i hate this game
Colten Burke on 5. Jun. 2017.
I see a lot of people saying "What does he do? I'm asking you, if hog isn't tanking by being a huge threat- because he's not a threat with these changes- what is he doing? I mean, yeah, his fat model could stand in front of a squishier hero, but the enemy team is still farming ult charge off him super easily- even orisa can fortify so the enemy don't charge off of her. Hog's UNABLE to tank if he isn't incredibly threatening- he doesn't DO anything else." So based on this comment from this video some people think that by being able to one shot someone a character is a better tank and that while being shot at roadhogs don't shoot back and just stand there and feed ult charge. If that is the case why can't all tanks 1 shot people? This is completely absurd, does roadhog feed the enemy team less ult by just being able to one shot people? If he one shots someone and I am still shooting him does he feed less ult charge? No this is completely ridiculous, also news flash anyone that stands in
yoloswaggins on 5. Jun. 2017.
I really hope they don't push these changes to live. This would completely take Roadhog out of the meta.
Khodexus on 5. Jun. 2017.
Just have literally any teammate stand next to the Roadhog and throw a little damage at his hook target and they're dead instantly. Surprising, I know, that Blizzard would make a change that rewards better teamwork...
Elyna Lilyarel on 5. Jun. 2017.
Cant wait for all the Roadhog tears when they cant oneshot everyone and everything anymore.
Linkin Known on 5. Jun. 2017.
Roadhog is not roadhog no more he was made to be the punisher for bad positioning
Sardine Juice on 5. Jun. 2017.
They out here making my mains basically unplayable, first Ana and now my boy Hog, everyones going to start considering him a bad pick because of how unreliable hes going to be, same treatment Ana got
Bonnie Stephenson on 5. Jun. 2017.
done with this game unless theres events or new heroes because blizzard likes to suck the fun out of all my fav heroes
Lunar Nova on 5. Jun. 2017.
This is bullshit,this all this is bullshit, fuck kaplan, heres 95 reasons why -said a roadhog main
CookieZe on 5. Jun. 2017.
I swear I thought road was able to one shot zarya. Any who, he's a tank. Tanks shouldn't have ridiculous damage. That includes the others too
Vidazar on 5. Jun. 2017.
FrostyDog on 5. Jun. 2017.
He can sometimes possibly one shot Winston and Zarya and bastion on live
Ace of Hearts on 5. Jun. 2017.
Hog shouldn't be able to 1 shot any hero anyway. If anything this change encourages hog to be a team player. Since he leave enemies with a sliver of health, he'll need an ally with him to deal the killing both. Of course I personally still think he's busted. Just the fact that he can do roughly 90% of a hero's health pool in damage without an ult is just stupid to me. Especially when his role as a tank is suppose to be disruption, not assassination.
Den Otaku on 5. Jun. 2017.
roadhogs hook + one shot + melee isn't the same anymore...rip
Dean Domino on 5. Jun. 2017.
So nerf Hog and 76 but not Pharah? ok jeff..
Astro Team Dino on 5. Jun. 2017.
Blows my mind that they dropped his dmg by 33% and he can still 1 shot.
Jamie Krutzfeldt on 5. Jun. 2017.
I don't think he should 1 hit so teamwork is a thing
The The on 5. Jun. 2017.
What map are you on
Lumpy Gash on 5. Jun. 2017.
Why not nerfing the hook, i mean make it more difficult to hook someone
Jo-E on 5. Jun. 2017.
dray walker on 5. Jun. 2017.
So now Roadhog actually takes skill to use and doesn't just counter more than half the other heroes? I think this is a nerf i can live with!
Alex Goodman on 5. Jun. 2017.
Roses are red Violets are blue Hog is dead So I guess Zarya will do
Adrian Chapa on 5. Jun. 2017.
m2, hook, m1, melee
Low Flying Gamer on 5. Jun. 2017.
This Roadhog nerf is fucking dumb I main him. Now he so inconsistent I cant do my job. I guess i'll find a new main, again!
Tomas Rodriguez on 5. Jun. 2017.
Thank god
Lorad on 5. Jun. 2017.
Blizzard: Hmm, looks like dive comps are dominating.. and roadhog is not played very much cause we made it so that his hook keeps diskonnecting 9/10 times... what to do, what to do... Whats that? Oh yea great idea, we'll just make him completely unplayable!
Twrlare on 5. Jun. 2017.
Only makes sense that Hog can't oneshot almost everyone. He has high healthpool and selfheal, and the hook itself is an incredible CC/deposition ability, so in addition to those being able to shut down dps as a tank is pretty retarded.
Rudolph Ramirez on 5. Jun. 2017.
I think it's so stupid because Sombra, Ana, Mercy, and Lucio should still be one shotted the rest it doesn't matter but if he can't deal with support Roadhog loses alot of his viablity of even being a pick. in full honesty if they keep nerfing him they might as well remove him from the game
Aqertis on 5. Jun. 2017.
As a Mercy main this brings me joy
TarotNathers on 5. Jun. 2017.
It's less of a nerf in my opinion, and more of shift of how you play Roadhog. The fire rate is welcome trade off for the oneshot. You'll no longer be that tosser waiting for the hook to be off cd. You still have that burst potential. You still have the displacement and interrupt, but now you can more consistently land damage without the hook. It won't be as annoying having someone rush you when you don't have any abilities to pop. I for one welcome this change.
Reggie .F on 5. Jun. 2017.
I'm never using RoadHog again.
Douwert on 5. Jun. 2017.
good riddance.
Luis Barba on 5. Jun. 2017.
I think that this Nerf is huge. Imagine a ulting genii dashing in your team, and you are not able to kill him. That is crazy. Or after a 5k, mercy flies in and you are not able to stop her from the huge Rez. I think that if they are going to bring these changes on the live servers, they have to at least make him one shot mercy and genji, because their Ults are just so powerful.
Dutch Villager on 5. Jun. 2017.
Very clear vid thanks mate
Frankie Duff on 5. Jun. 2017.
roadhog needed a nerf
Fossegrim on 5. Jun. 2017.
This must be the biggest nerf ever. Wtf
RandomBritish Guy on 4. Jun. 2017.
YAAAAAY!!! No more fat shit ruining my chance of Rez
TARnished on 4. Jun. 2017.
How is the hook combo considered a one shot? Last time i checked a one shot kill is just that, a ONE SHOT kill. Yes, he only fires one shot of his weapon but he still has other ways of dealing damage BEFORE he actually shoots them. So a Roadhog one shotting someone at full hp is basically impossible without any custom bs or boosts or wtv, just a normal shot. I guess a more apropriate title would be "Who can Roadhog still combo kill" idk im not good with titles but one shot isnt right
Admiralscifi on 4. Jun. 2017.
0:54 that transition was amazing
Ph3NiQz on 4. Jun. 2017.