What it's Going to be Like Soloing MoP Raids in Legion (lvl 110 vs lvl 100)

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Chairman Meow on 6. Apr. 2016.
Asmongold I want to touch you
Chiyori Nakanishi on 6. Apr. 2016.
the damage scaling thing should happen again for MoP content, running old raids for transmog and mounts is one of the few joys left I have left in this game.
TheNammus on 5. Apr. 2016.
Hey Asmongold, loving the content keep it up brah! :) Just a question: what do you think is the best class for solo content like this? I love my enh shaman but relying on cd's for survivability gets slow sometimes
Mairve on 5. Apr. 2016.
lmfao 9 minutes
virgo4200 on 5. Apr. 2016.
Asmogold can I touch your tra lala
Archvaldor's Warcraft Hacks on 5. Apr. 2016.
I love this type of original and creative video.
TheFifaScaper on 5. Apr. 2016.
Asmongold is honestly my favorite youtuber. This guy is funny and he DOESN'T EVEN TRY. TAKE NOTE CARLOS MENCIA/ALL OTHER BAD COMEDIANS
OaoroaroarImawalrus on 5. Apr. 2016.
Soloing SoO and ToT "could" be a decent income bonus at 110 depending on how easy gold making is in Legion, but obviously Cata 25H would still be the most efficient.
TheSantaslilhelper on 5. Apr. 2016.
Legion looks cool, but i just cant stand it that thrall gives doomhammer away. WotLK servers ftw
Kormos17 on 5. Apr. 2016.
it took 12 years to make
Ferni on 5. Apr. 2016.
it definitely will apply extra damage in legion. just not implemented. that's even confirmed.
Bombur the Bold on 5. Apr. 2016.
Have you ever gotten this joke?: But Shibby?! How U C DAMAGE?!
Aymen Ûs on 5. Apr. 2016.
the legendary Ring will be useful in legion when polling all Boss ??
Lord Vox The Warrior on 5. Apr. 2016.
Awesome video man!! Very cool idea.
L prophit on 5. Apr. 2016.
i thought the mount was gonna drop..
KI11ERMUSHROOM on 5. Apr. 2016.
Will you do a video on the new WoW book series for kids?
AurallWow on 5. Apr. 2016.
Uundasta never gonna give you up!
Raim Surion on 5. Apr. 2016.
It helps a lot to see this since I like soloing old raids. Can you give your impression in a video so far on which classes/specs you think will pull ahead in Legion in terms of soloing content? I was considering DK again but the addition of DH and changes to Paladin might upset that #1 spot.
Hazard2005 on 5. Apr. 2016.
would solo MoP raids for the transmogs.
Georgi Terziiski on 5. Apr. 2016.
epic ending
BurstAngelJo99 on 5. Apr. 2016.
Thanks pappy
Xander Ellem on 5. Apr. 2016.
ilvl 800 is that just basic gear like quest, normal dg, or heroic dungeon gear or is it raid gear?
MrGhetofabulous on 5. Apr. 2016.
How many yews would i need to cut for 99 woodcutting?
Nitin Shekhar on 5. Apr. 2016.
They likely will nerf cata drops. ToT 25H likely will not be possible for average player.
Jeppz Postman on 5. Apr. 2016.
"I like narrating the two coming together." This is why you should be a porn reviewer.
Ac3r0n on 5. Apr. 2016.
Though remember, its gonna be like that in the beginning of the expac. Even if they wont add a damage buff like to cata stuff and prior, the gear later on is gonna buff you alot, especially the random legendaries i expect.
Aphexxftw on 5. Apr. 2016.
do tot
Badstabs on 5. Apr. 2016.
Its the pet bosses that would probably make money
DestramTheThird on 5. Apr. 2016.
Will probably be worth it for gold in the actual expansion because you'll have much better real gear and will blaze through it. Nice to know though that even at fresh 110 you can go do mythic SoO for transmog stuff.
Joseph Axenroth on 5. Apr. 2016.
I've been farming cata raids for way too long. I'll probably farm MoP raids for no other reason than I think a change of scenery would be nice.
Casper.M on 5. Apr. 2016.
i cant like sorry, cause the top one was bigger then the bottom one...
SugaxRS on 5. Apr. 2016.
What are the bosses in MOP that drops mounts? I started in WOD so I don't know them.
PFG DeathProof on 5. Apr. 2016.
Holy shit dude, 9 minutes? Where do I donate?
Achille12345 on 5. Apr. 2016.
Yes, but you warrior is only ilvl 806 which is probably the ilvl of the first raid tier (Maybe) in Legion, your warrior on retail has best in slot for WoD last raid tier. Put a last raid tier gears on your character in Legion and you'll see the real difference, you'll probably one shoot all the boss like we do with Cataclysm 25 heroic boss right now. (I think ilvl 800 is the first raid tier for Legion, since I won't believe that we will only gain 50 ilvl during the whole legion expansion, my guess is we will end up with ilvl 850-900 gears.)
Epplo on 5. Apr. 2016.
This is a great video idea
IWasOnly9YearsOldIlovedShrekSoMuchIHadAllTheMerchandiseAndMovies IPrayToShrekEveryNightBeforeBedThan on 5. Apr. 2016.
"Be Like Oondasta, Never Give up" That's the most inspirational thing ever, Oon was at very low HP, but he continued; he persevered. Oon knew his demise but his brethren were farmed and killed for their bones from dusk too dawn. This was the last straw. Never Give Up ;O
goochbasshero on 5. Apr. 2016.
R.I.P Asmonglertwo :(
markus iversen on 5. Apr. 2016.
@Asmongold are you going to do more Black Desert videos? btw love your videos
itachi0314 on 5. Apr. 2016.
So is mythic garrosh soloable on the alpha servers?
Jonny French on 5. Apr. 2016.
Never give up!
Das FARTOONETWORK on 5. Apr. 2016.
never knew you could kite oon like that im gonna have to try it :P
Grample Gust on 5. Apr. 2016.
So as it stands I'm guessing that by the end of legion the Ilvl will most likely cause damage and health to double or even quadruple similar to WoDs. Meaning even faster clearing. Perhaps we may even be able to solo a bit of the WoD raids as well. So that's exciting.
ZELNARIS on 5. Apr. 2016.
they may not be worth it for your main income but hitting normal modes after you've done the cata heroics on all characters if you are bored will be a worthwhile thing I think.
RandomGamerCory on 5. Apr. 2016.
its only a 60ilv diff...wait untill mid legion when its like 160 ilvs
Kyle Durie on 5. Apr. 2016.
1. Your weapons in legion beta aren't ilvl upgraded with relics like they will be in the first two weeks of legion when it's live. So you're missing 60 ilvls worth of weapon damage there. 2. Your legion character has no tier sets or raiding trinkets so all your damage is gear and cool down based with no external modifiers. 3. You're comparing a fully mythic geared character from the last raid of warlords to a zero geared fresh 110 character. Appropriately it would be two mythic geared characters from the last raid of each respective expansion. You would easily be over 100 item levels higher than 806. Still an awesome video and thank you for answering a question I've had.
The Beyroth on 5. Apr. 2016.
I guess having pve trinkets, better artifact weapons, and legendaries I guess legion is going to become faster
Jitze De Jaeger on 5. Apr. 2016.
This isn't a very accurate representation is it? Your legion char has zero raid gear at all, your live char has the expansions final tier of equipment. What is that, like a 150% power increase in comparison to a freshly dinged 100? Should do this test again once you have the appropriate legion gear.
Brandon Schears on 5. Apr. 2016.
You know... I would like to see an item on the McDonald's menu with the name "Swagdonalds"
Hazzed Gaming on 5. Apr. 2016.
It took a whole 9 minutes! Listen here!!!! lol