Top 10 Best Builds for Diablo 3 2.4.2 Season 7 (All classes)

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Lucia Finstra on 3. Aug. 2016.
Been going DH the last 2 seasons, so time to get back to my one true love - WD!
Timo M on 3. Aug. 2016.
How about HC?
matenzo on 3. Aug. 2016.
messed up how unbalanced the classes are atm
Ivan Bucchioni on 3. Aug. 2016.
Either WD or Crusader
Spyros Stambolas on 3. Aug. 2016.
I have 2 thoughts about playing...either uliana monk or WD(which build,i dont know yet),but most probably i'll go with WD
Mr.Tapet on 3. Aug. 2016.
Ive only played 2.4.2 a little bit as wiz, but from what i can tell you can ignite enemies, thus getting the fb bonus dmg, by using the three archon attacks beam/melee/explosion, as long as you are using a fire archon. Therefore it seems inefficient that you would use three different fire spells on your command bar, so the firebird chantodo archon build here might be better off with some different skills. What do you think?
Frostfall N7 on 3. Aug. 2016.
I was thinking of rolling crusader, but tbh I dont want to go for a LoN build, it seems like such a pain to get those together and i dont have that much time. Now i´ve been maining demonhunter for years and probably just go with that due to it beeing the set given + really easy once you get the set to do stuff like t13 early on. At least i´d think so. It´s still decent enough for speedrifting later on, but also can push just enough to do season journey. (I hope)
seamurda100 on 3. Aug. 2016.
The LoN fan of knives build sucks to play, i wish they would buff marauders.
Sinured on 3. Aug. 2016.
worst patchnotes ever and barb is completly fucked this season...sorry for language i'm angry^^
John Kravich on 3. Aug. 2016.
still enjoy my Captain America build
Sillri Ventures on 3. Aug. 2016.
Hmm... Okey... I don't know WHY I am here and watching this when I am a casual player that totally ignores seasons and still playing HC mode with friends for fun... :D... well... I have my own little wish to get all chars to some USEFULL state for that "casual gaming" :D Like really: My 90% of D3 gameplay from the launch are HC characters - 99% of them are DEAD of course :D Sweet old times when 30k HP with +/- 400 res and 20k damage was HUGE :D lol... am I missing something? :D (I know D3 now is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY better from the release... but those numbers... wow... it's tooooooooooo much for me... surely it's because of my really BAD math :D)
Meh Nah on 3. Aug. 2016.
Is it just me or Rhykker's camera focused on his mic rather then on him?
knitterpam on 3. Aug. 2016.
I'm going Crusader this season. I've played a different character each season so far to get to know them better from the ground up. I don't know that it's my favorite character to play. I tried DH last season and it was fun, but very glassy and too keyboard-mashy. The wizard and WD surprised me a few seasons ago - always played more melee characters (started with Monk and Barb originally; they were so powerful!) but they turned out to be very fun to play. Now that I've tried all the classes, will go back to Monk and Barb next few seasons because I've never played them in seasons (didn't play the 1st few seasons). Having videos from experienced players like you has exponentially increased my knowledge and enjoyment of the game. I love the thrill of seeing how far I can get in a season. Thx! (Now, if I could get over my fear of joining a group game...)
nkamman on 3. Aug. 2016.
Where did u get that white skelly wing on Sader ? is it from 2.4.2 ?
Tommy Knee on 3. Aug. 2016.
i write Diablo inspired music on me channel.. Gonna play WD this season.
ZenMorph on 3. Aug. 2016.
Since I'm relatively new to D3 and I've yet to play a Witch Doctor, I'm thinking Helltooth.
Inst4F4v on 3. Aug. 2016.
woot jade harvester is back! :)
Ethereal84 on 3. Aug. 2016.
Any link to Crusader Invoker build in d3planner? Cheers.
Daniel Pedersen on 3. Aug. 2016.
i will try the crusader tins season :) btw is it any good in 2 player? the LoN sader?
GhostPants Andrey on 3. Aug. 2016.
Dude, helltooth pets build is really brutal
Melle Regoor on 3. Aug. 2016.
I have a Question I played Diablo 3 4 years ago when it came out and now I am starting again ;) 1: Can you use these builds in non season heroes? 2: which of these classes are the easies to use 3: i have a wizard lvl 45 and a demonhunter lvl 48 which one is the best to go? (sorry for my bad english its just bad)
cjkone978 on 3. Aug. 2016.
Monk > All. Thanks for clarifying this.
Vegard Lindboe (Xanak) on 3. Aug. 2016.
im also gonna go demon hunter and probably slowly switch it up to kick monk
Vegard Lindboe (Xanak) on 3. Aug. 2016.
You forgot the other FoK build that uses 2 piece marauder and 2 piece shadows, it can also push 95+
killercat32 on 3. Aug. 2016.
WD dps all the way, looking forward to the first season played as a wd dps.
Rose Luck on 3. Aug. 2016.
Holy shit, i was gonna rolla DH this season, but that build didn't look fun at all, I'll do some casual Unhallowed build instead. Great video thou!
vasser53 on 3. Aug. 2016.
thanks for making these videos :)
Rikitikisiki on 3. Aug. 2016.
Soo..5th(or 6th?) season in a row DH gets shafted. Beautiful.
Vaancor on 3. Aug. 2016.
Look at you, all smooth and stylish with your new style. I dig it. Plus nice to have some builds to look at before the new season starts :D
Julien W (Feurake) on 3. Aug. 2016.
Wondering why people still playing a game of increasing numbers ...
Njaaak on 3. Aug. 2016.
Meh, and I was thinking about to play DH/Chakram.. Hard to decide now..
Tom Tomasz on 3. Aug. 2016.
reakor charge > reakor boulder toss in late 80 or in 90. Better area damage.
akamadmaxx on 3. Aug. 2016.
I played the crap out of a WD UH kang multishot build last season. It was so much fun but it kind of felt like I was cheating. I'm gonna mix it up this season and roll WD. I'm trying to only roll one seasonal toon this season but I am a registered altoholic so who knows. I picked WD because there are a lot of different builds that I can use for farming the items I need while still being capable of putting together a set to finish out the season journey.
devilsmessanger on 3. Aug. 2016.
nice ! i was hoping for updated builds !
Akira NightFury on 3. Aug. 2016.
Hey rhykker What two classes would you say make the best co-op run? without class sharing?
Guido van gils on 3. Aug. 2016.
how about the Demon Hunter's S2M2 FoK build GR90+ and good for HC
morten svendsen on 3. Aug. 2016.
Demon hunter - unhallowed essence
Uncle Paulie on 3. Aug. 2016.
How do you get Diablo 3 to load into a game?
Xtazic Gaming on 3. Aug. 2016.
Damn Rhykker I agree with you... Those 90's are not for me anyway cause I will NEVER have the paragon amount needed to push that high. Moreover I am playing on HC so low 80's are fine with me! I'll go for the barb though. For that versatility you were talking about. I usually find myself a bit bored during the season and having been stuck with the LoN crusader I need the ability to switch once in a while ! Barb will be perfect for this ! Thanks for this video, you helped me choose my class : BARB !! RHAAA
Menelker on 3. Aug. 2016.
JHow got me to play Uliana in season 6 and it was great, I competed all the season achievements and I played pretty casual. I tried the Jade Harvester on the PBR and it was pretty smooth, but I still got a kick out of the Turbo Chicken (Arise chicken, chicken arise!) Damn, shenlong set on the top? I've never gotten shenlong to work right -.- But that was with Inna's, Raiment and Shenlongs... hmmm. I think in the end I'll still go Demon Hunter, I miss the Unhollowed and Marauder and I really want to try that LoN FoN
Jeppe Jørgensen on 3. Aug. 2016.
Probably gonna have some fun with the witch doctor this season - Jade is and has since its implementation been one of my favorite builds. I like to imagine myself as sort of a master of death and rot - tainting and then speeding up time to mass decay my enemies. I don't get out much. Love me.
slaven božić on 3. Aug. 2016.
Question, if I already have rainment set on my non seasonal Monk, will my current set be changed with these buffs? or do i have to farm new rainment? Note: I got my rainment about 2 seasons ago
TheLoneBishop on 3. Aug. 2016.
Happy to see my Nucsader made top 3
Ryan J. on 3. Aug. 2016.
ok Rhykker first off talking additive vs mult. damage is barely a conversation anymore. So much stuff has been moved to multiplicative there is almost nothing left in the additive category, which makes additive useful again, also. Also DH has three FoK builds that can do into the 90s and are way easier to gear and play then the LoN Shimizu. I hope you abandon the UE early and come to the darkside, s2m2 FoK.
eugenio “eug412” favini on 3. Aug. 2016.
I'm predicting a serious buff for Tal-Rasha wiz and I'll be probably going with that in S7 If Blizzard won't buff it - and that would be pretty laughable -, I'll pick the Monk or the Witch Doctor
Felix Brekelmans on 3. Aug. 2016.
Where is DH lol
Weapz on 3. Aug. 2016.
Is there a spot to farm the weapon "Hack" ?Haven't dropped for me.
Rekijan on 3. Aug. 2016.
Great video man, this is exactly what I want to see when a new season is coming up. I am thinking of trying out the pet build for the WD and maybe some LoN thorns barb non-season.
Romire Entertainment on 3. Aug. 2016.
I did the charge last season, Kept dying once i hit the 60s and just gave up
Jonathan Brassinne (Galschar) on 3. Aug. 2016.