The Weary Traveler Challenge - Episode 4: A New Patch!?

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Uploaded: 28 Jul 2016 Likes: 1018
Patch: 6.2.3 Disikes: 17

Maxxam812 on 7. Aug. 2016.
You should have a contest where you write a piece of music that's themed around you and your friends and machinima characters
Ironjagg on 6. Aug. 2016.
this video lights up my day. it puts a smile on my face
DKKamlin on 6. Aug. 2016.
Hey nixxoim what region are you on I want to join your horde guild but I'm on EU wbu
Brom on 5. Aug. 2016.
The "Mr" part is the mature language part, happened to me once too xD Blizzard logics
Anonymous on 5. Aug. 2016.
how and why have i not had Nixxiom in my life tell now??
Connor Guion on 4. Aug. 2016.
I'm pretty sure the pet is from the Dalaran sewers in northrend and its like 70g if I remember correctly.
Phantom Link on 4. Aug. 2016.
Mr bones XD oh god I have a dirty mind
Nemanja Milenkovic on 3. Aug. 2016.
"Frostshard Infernal?"Confused Nixxiom.
Melissa Jacky on 3. Aug. 2016.
From the vender to the right in the section of the Underbelly, Dalaran where you walk on wood over a body of water with a shark in it
Kendel on 3. Aug. 2016.
Nixxiom! Your intro for these weary traveller series of videos should always be "Ishnu'alla weary traveller".
The Iggle Piggle on 2. Aug. 2016.
Nixxiom, blizzard considers "Mr " a mature word.
Christmas Yeti on 1. Aug. 2016.
Are you the heathen voice on YouTube?
Nate on 1. Aug. 2016.
"Gimme That Ass Hair"...
Rahajuhl on 1. Aug. 2016.
Why don't you just name the skull Morte?
jason checchi on 31. Jul. 2016.
hey Nixxiom I agree they should update the old world graphics, just like what they did when they updated the character models
matt sackett on 31. Jul. 2016.
4:50 because that's the name of my dick
matthew gunn on 31. Jul. 2016.
use to get the skull in dal
Nicolai Hildonen on 30. Jul. 2016.
Nix I think Bones is mature because China...
Cayden Stegmann on 30. Jul. 2016.
Is Nixxiom on Icecrown
Taursen on 30. Jul. 2016.
Oh dear, Nixxiom is taking his anger that he Bearly held it as he had to Bear loosing Buttholes I guess the Bears will return to a Bear-ren waste land...Nixxiom Bears a great burden...
Sophiya Khait on 30. Jul. 2016.
I named one of my pets Bones, so why is Mr Bones bad?
Ringedlemming 123 on 30. Jul. 2016.
hi Don't Respond
lefthandedpolack on 30. Jul. 2016.
yeah turn off the vid. make moar machinima
President Gecko on 30. Jul. 2016.
You can't have the bone, filthy dog.
President Gecko on 30. Jul. 2016.
The pet is from old dalaran.
Timothy Curran on 30. Jul. 2016.
He wants to be called Mr Bonner
BanticRaider on 30. Jul. 2016.
Kaizilla The Beast on 30. Jul. 2016.
Btw, I think your next competition/contest should be Transmog, I think it would be cool and different to your other ones! :) :D
Tringo Kopf on 30. Jul. 2016.
Fns are REALLY, REALLY scarry!
bill fojh on 29. Jul. 2016.
HAHA right when i saw the Ghost skull i got on and bought it
Henrik H on 29. Jul. 2016.
Rip skinning and leatherworking for Hunters, now that they can use mail from lvl 1!
Antonio TF on 29. Jul. 2016.
theese episodes are just contests and no leveling at all
Blazing_Fox on 29. Jul. 2016.
2:51 - 2:59 You should talk in that voice more often! hahaha
ivegotajousyaccent99 on 29. Jul. 2016.
Nixxiom: release part two to the Thassarian [email protected]#[email protected][email protected]#[email protected]
Nightshadow x3 on 29. Jul. 2016.
Gratz on 200k! :o <3
Dominick Khan on 29. Jul. 2016.
Dominick Khan on 29. Jul. 2016.
The inferno mount are the new mounts for legion, and u can ride an inferno like a grannling.
Ak'mai on 29. Jul. 2016.
oooooooh nixxiom isnu'alah slslsslsl can do moooooree hmhhmhhh videos, farevell
MajinJustin on 29. Jul. 2016.
Wait a minute... Nixxiom, you equipped a Green Item, doesn't that disqualify the challange or no?
Grandaddy J on 29. Jul. 2016.
so if the bear models are updated, would it trouble them to update bear mount models?
Niryn - on 29. Jul. 2016.
I like how "Mr Bones" is "mature language" but "MrBones" returns a "it's a reserved name". :D Such a strange thing to reserve for npc use, unless it's a bug and Mr just isn't allowed like the other comments say. ;o
Adam S. on 29. Jul. 2016.
Nixxiom, unsure if you shall see this comment! Though have you noticed that these new banshee models seem to be lacking the elven ears? Are not all banshees supposed to be high elven women?
TheMwshooter on 29. Jul. 2016.
did brake the Evil 666 likes to 667 ;)
Firestout Gaming on 29. Jul. 2016.
ISHNU ALLAHH weary traveller!
Amy Roberts on 29. Jul. 2016.
That Night Elf voice he does is the best!
Lotuswalker on 29. Jul. 2016.
u get the skull pet from a vendor in the lower dalaran area.
mardybum on 28. Jul. 2016.
hey nixx did you notice in legion beta there's a class hall mission called weary traveler?
Werewolfsthemage on 28. Jul. 2016.
Weary nixxiom i want to send you mail but i dont know what server you are on please enlighten me.
TheSilverwing999 on 28. Jul. 2016.
I wanted to call my mechanical rabbit pet mr. Kibbles but alas it wasn't meant to be.