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Lucifroggy Boostio on 1. Jun. 2017.
Force you should do more of these
LuanaKristall on 2. Jun. 2017.
The Quickplay God!
EZ Gaming on 2. Jun. 2017.
This is how to make a bastion main proud
Crazy unreasonable and wierd Cookie Monster on 2. Jun. 2017.
Your personality in gameplay videos are awesome more videos like this
Miguel Barrera on 2. Jun. 2017.
Really enjoyed it.
Anon E. Moose on 2. Jun. 2017.
Attack Bastion works if the other team's flankers don't understand how to flank
Lexbraig on 2. Jun. 2017.
butwhyguy on 2. Jun. 2017.
Force please, an old fashion or an aviaitor or even a manhattan
Droitzel Glaedr on 2. Jun. 2017.
Outro music name?
oArttu on 2. Jun. 2017.
Nice a washed out Dunkey video. Can I have more please?
Speczy OG on 2. Jun. 2017.
You know what would make this more entertaining, grab a friend
The_Captor_Twins on 2. Jun. 2017.
wait he actually plays overwatch WOW
Unrelated Popcorn Fire on 2. Jun. 2017.
I got my gold gun for bastion because I love bastion
David Brown on 2. Jun. 2017.
More of these please
DoubleDiamondDutch on 2. Jun. 2017.
Anybody else think this was a video made by Zylbrad?
Mohammad Ijaaz Girach on 2. Jun. 2017.
The music was the best part of this
Where's my Doritos Motherfucker on 2. Jun. 2017.
I thought you were Tyrodin ._.
Toasty Bread on 2. Jun. 2017.
2:35 What's with the "Elimination" font?
Amina Muhammad on 2. Jun. 2017.
When u watch this and u think (he watches to much bazza and muselk)
Names Mccream on 2. Jun. 2017.
Attack torbjorn, best torbjorn :)
Doctor Flux on 2. Jun. 2017.
Force you should play with Zylbrad, Muselk & co
Triggerhappy on 2. Jun. 2017.
whats that music
Dooble on 2. Jun. 2017.
Even force has a little bit of zylbrad in him.
Alexander__408 on 2. Jun. 2017.
2:21 should've used soviet union marching music but i can see why it probably won't be a thing lol
Cyber Angel on 2. Jun. 2017.
Bastion would be awesome if he was blasting music while Ulting or in Turret Mode
MuddyPuddle on 2. Jun. 2017.
I'm just here for Force's huge Robocock.
SuperFastJewJitsu on 2. Jun. 2017.
Omg,Force did humor? I love it!
Toby Crissinger on 2. Jun. 2017.
"wanna learn true skill, learn how to play bastion" As a master bastion main that really made my day hearing that.
Michael Hilstrom on 2. Jun. 2017.
That was actually an amazingly high quality video. That music had me HYPE. Get another friend and make this ish a series!
Newfy Nate on 2. Jun. 2017.
Do more of these please :) really enjoyed the video!
Gent Gaming on 2. Jun. 2017.
says he has work to do and then sits down
VampireQueenSakura on 2. Jun. 2017.
awesome job! Totally spam the voice line more next time because it's cute and because you can.
Apples on 2. Jun. 2017.
I dunt get it
VictorSeven Games on 2. Jun. 2017.
I love all the edits lol more of this please
christian garcia on 2. Jun. 2017.
this was awesome hahaha
INTYkun on 2. Jun. 2017.
3:39 Where do we get that Bastion voice-line from?
clueso on 2. Jun. 2017.
More new-PTR-Reaper vids plz!
dominick zastrow on 2. Jun. 2017.
Force we love you but I don't know, it's not bad but it's not thatttt good:/
First on 2. Jun. 2017.
not even comp :/
Leunam rechamedar on 2. Jun. 2017.
Umm i think bast is very strong these days. i mean i played him for maybe 2h in my life but im killing everyone in the enemy team... they dont have any chanche. so maybe suddenly im a pro or bast is op.
Bersi on 1. Jun. 2017.
Force not talkin bout news omg omg
Yirota on 1. Jun. 2017.
Honestly I loved this video. The people complaining need to fuck off.
BurnBroBrah on 1. Jun. 2017.
sweet video
Chavsberry Gaming on 1. Jun. 2017.
Why does Zylbrad in this video has a Force's voice?
Raul de la Torre on 1. Jun. 2017.
Ok, this was way better than the first one. It felt way more like you put your own spin into it than the last video. Having the Muselk-y type of comedy while doing your own type of commentary (and not screaming at the top of your lungs for the most stupid shit like most) and the things like the pictures, the little music and the like is setting it apart. Keep going, this is turning out good.
MajorHolyNight on 1. Jun. 2017.
What happened to gaming news and other games
Max Lindner on 1. Jun. 2017.
Zlybrad would be proud
Kyle Stevens on 1. Jun. 2017.
Can people lay off him pls like he does news videos and gets shit on for being a boring youtuber then tries something else and gets called a muselk clone just let him do whatever
dustojnik hummer on 1. Jun. 2017.
Zylbrad would be proud.