The Legend of Brandon | MFPallytime TGN Squadron Heroes of the Storm Funny Moments

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Joseph Lynn on 22. May. 2017.
Neck beard...that is all
Yago Coca on 22. May. 2017.
I still remember when i started playing. A friend made me pick Morales and i just had to follow him everywhere as he was playing Butcher. OMG since then i didnt touch Morales. Hate her. #weallarebrandon
Fearith on 21. May. 2017.
This killing of Brandon was sponsored by Blizzard Entertainment.
DJ OakeyDoakey on 21. May. 2017.
*Goes under bedsheet, cries in front of a camera* “How fucking dare anyone make fun of Brandon. What you don’t realize is that Brandon is making you all this money and all you do is write a bunch of crap about him.” "LEAVE BRANDON ALONE!!!!"
vins_frost on 21. May. 2017.
The background music in these videos cracks me up! So chill and casual...and then you see Mewn murder innocent players just to mess with Pally :D Awesome video and editing as always guys, I'm gonna miss Mewn :(
Lerquiy of Nirlac on 21. May. 2017.
Leave Brandon alone! He's learning! :3
Syphun on 21. May. 2017.
Brandon is now Steve Buscemi from Billy Madison and you are on the hit list. Better make friends and apologize...
Mufaddal Esmail on 21. May. 2017.
One of the best videos, especially on a comedy and editing front, you guys have ever produced! Pure gold! Love it keep it up xD
The Malaka on 21. May. 2017.
The quest to find Brandon!! We need him on Squadron!
Harkness78 on 21. May. 2017.
They should link the original Heroes unite video, Was funnier to watch as a whole match, the Brandon saga was pretty constant but it was funnier with occasional down time.
XxUndeadXTacoXx on 21. May. 2017.
After this harrowing experience Brandon gave up healing and became another salty Nova existing only to demolish his own team from within.
John Pal on 21. May. 2017.
We <3 you brandon!
Chayne Johnnic on 21. May. 2017.
One of your funniest videos pally
GingerBeard Man on 21. May. 2017.
this is abuse so bad, this is like taking a new born and spiking it into the hospital floor touch down style. but its a TGN video so i have to like it RIP brandon 2017-2017
Northover22x on 21. May. 2017.
to much pane
Heydad Helfer on 21. May. 2017.
Where's Kiye-End? I want Kiye. Also, FeelsBadBrandon..
john lee on 21. May. 2017.
RIP Brandon ;_; 2017-2017
fac3less619 on 21. May. 2017.
this is the best hting ever xD RIP Brandon
Jose Michel Teran Guerra on 21. May. 2017.
pay for brandon jajajaja
David Jackson on 21. May. 2017.
LOL this was great
Ogre4u on 21. May. 2017.
Ok, you guys need to do a game with Mewn only using Alarak lines >.> RIP Brandon
FireboyJC on 21. May. 2017.
I'm conflicted, I love Pally but I also love waifu Kiye. I don't know who I want to see at the end of the highlights to redirect me to more videos
Shahriyar Mir Ghavami on 21. May. 2017.
I love this video
ImTheSlyDevil on 21. May. 2017.
Brandon is a freaking monster. That medivac play was legendary.
GhostPants Andrey on 21. May. 2017.
Mewn is so mean :( poor Brandon...
41DegreesSouth on 21. May. 2017.
You must train Brandon! I'd watch that miniseries!
Branden Sharp on 21. May. 2017.
sharing a very similiar name with this guy I'd like to say for all of the Branden/Brandons out there. YOU MONSTERS! but legit I haven't laughed at a video like this in a while. I loved it. <3
SLDFSpectreSix on 21. May. 2017.
My name is Brandon. I main Morales. I'm sorry, thanks to this video, I USED TO MAIN MORALES.
advkow on 20. May. 2017.
You guys are such bullies. I stand with Brandon.
Kiye Berries on 20. May. 2017.
this is my favorite
LordMorpheus on 20. May. 2017.
you didn't include the part where mewn body blocks enemy on the bridge and backs while they die next to him! so much BM!
Isabela Hart on 20. May. 2017.
Noooo Brandon!
Robin Lundqvist on 20. May. 2017.
I feel so sorry for Brandon xD
Brandon Wingert on 20. May. 2017.
As a fellow Brandon i feel his pain
Ameya Bhaskar on 20. May. 2017.
Liek dis if u crie every time for Brandon
Jaime Miguel Racher on 20. May. 2017.
You broke me at play of the game!
A Box Of Cheese on 20. May. 2017.
This editing is pure art.
Jonathan Omar Emiliano Altamirano on 20. May. 2017.
Since Mewn is leaving, get Brandon to replace him!
Tiago Passarela on 20. May. 2017.
They should contact Brandon and train him with the squadron so he can be good one day
Kotori-nyan on 20. May. 2017.
I'm still waiting for Brandon to be a Squadron member.
Newkolomacika on 20. May. 2017.
poor brandon i crie evry teim
Logan Parent on 20. May. 2017.
I see myself as Brandon. We have all been Brandon. I stand in solidarity with Brandon. May he find peace in these trying times.
Wilford Lewis McGee on 20. May. 2017.
the stream was great!!
mauricio balbuena on 20. May. 2017.
who create this?
HinkgoTV on 20. May. 2017.
Brandon disliked this video.
mauricio balbuena on 20. May. 2017.
Cro on 20. May. 2017.
Mewn is basically ISIS
Thoxik on 20. May. 2017.
George Duble on 20. May. 2017.
Brandon, you have our love and support on treacherous path of HUNTING DOWN MEWN FOR REVENGE!! <3