TGN Squadron's Top 5 Plays in Heroes of the Storm | Episode 18

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Lorenzo Giancristofaro on 22. May. 2017.
Well, The second i heard that it was italian I jumped off my chair, i don't know why but it feel wird to hear your mother tongue in an american channel
Evan J Kenkel on 22. May. 2017.
Muradin v Arthas could only have been made better by them using Muradin's base skin and the pre-Lich-King Arthas skin
Thijs de Boer on 22. May. 2017.
OMG that li-ming XD
김준영 on 22. May. 2017.
Am I the only one who thinks those captions are corny as fuck? This channel used to have good HotS videos now all we see are mediocre plays that we see pretty often. Please at least stop with those subtitles or I'm unsubscribing. Thanks.
matt troxler on 22. May. 2017.
That's some great editing team!!! :D
DragonicMonkey on 22. May. 2017.
Mclauritsen on 22. May. 2017.
That Arthas-Muradin clip brought up some wounds I didn't know were still bleeding.
rubber chicken on 22. May. 2017.
This episode was surprisingly good.
EDWARD MIGHETTO on 22. May. 2017.
hi im here
TGN Squadron on 21. May. 2017.
Not every play has to be an epic slaughter-fest. Sometimes you just need a friend or two :)
mauricio balbuena on 21. May. 2017.
De Lupe on 21. May. 2017.
My beloved!
Abrahan_13 Manuel Abrahan on 21. May. 2017.
the third one, right in the feels !!!
Flarow on 21. May. 2017.
I can't wait until my play's finally in a video!
VB Lite Compiler on 21. May. 2017.
Love this series!
vins_frost on 21. May. 2017.
Err, watch out Warak-sempai, the first word of the video is an Italian expletive :D