Sombra's ANNOYING Teleport Bug (Overwatch News)

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SQXLD on 5. Jun. 2017.
there's also a glitch if you get near a bit and emp they dont get emped if your not looking at them
WierdEnuf4Ya on 5. Jun. 2017.
Sneaky, sneaky Blizzard.
Stoner Watch on 5. Jun. 2017.
Subscribe for overwatch chill gameplay and memes :) (or if you're a stoner). peace
Orthopox Centurious on 5. Jun. 2017.
What about the oversensitive trigger that makes me WASTE Sombra's translocator on console? this thing has been ruining my experience for months.
SpoonOfPower on 5. Jun. 2017.
I can confirm the clip with the reinhardt is not a bug. The rein just hits the translocator as the sombra teleports because they can obviously see where it is. The other clips are real, though.
chris d on 5. Jun. 2017.
Death by Kitty on 5. Jun. 2017.
When I play Sombra and when I want to teleport sometimes for some reason sometimes I don't teleport and then I just die..
Era of the Capybara on 5. Jun. 2017.
Can we get some sombra buffs yet. Some ideas I have is that she can go invisible and hack through a set amount of damage (such as 50 or 75) and she can emp or hack right out of invisibility. Maybe even buff her damage by 20%.
VanFanel1980mx on 5. Jun. 2017.
Just translocate the hitbox first then.
Victim of Lag on 5. Jun. 2017.
Pause at 4:15. That right there is a major problem I have with Sombra's translocater, too. If you're chucking it and using it while it's still flying through the air, you don't translocate to the point where the translocater is, but where it was a few milliseconds before. So annoying when I'm trying to use it as an escape because it looks like you should have gone further than you do.
Morxplays on 5. Jun. 2017.
Blizzard trolling China
Kaito on 5. Jun. 2017.
that's prolly more an issue of how hit detection works in this game.
Haga on 5. Jun. 2017.
Same with genji dash and tracer blink
GarchompFan on 5. Jun. 2017.
this is why I don't play sombra as much anymore
MrPanda 106 on 5. Jun. 2017.
happened so many times
Jeemeli on 5. Jun. 2017.
This is not the only problem, I have died many times as reaper or mei after Ive used my wraith from or ice block. Same thing with genji, I die after I dashed through the enemy hanzo. This is because Overwatch has the shittiest servers ever. I think its the tick rate thats causing this, Blizzard plz fix.
jaryl13 on 5. Jun. 2017.
I like how people think that Blizzard's work around with China's anti-gambling laws is scummy. Pretty much every company does that. It's just business.
snekmen Solid on 5. Jun. 2017.
you guys barely found this bug? ive seen this bug since the hero released.
Blast on 5. Jun. 2017.
1:00, nah that's just normal symmettra range
I3asher on 5. Jun. 2017.
Sounds like solid teleport physics to me.
virus6188 on 5. Jun. 2017.
I used to try to fake jumping into the well, and it would show me reappear at my translator, then die. sad times.
Snod - GN'R on 5. Jun. 2017.
The same thing happens to genji, mid dash.
Aikon on 5. Jun. 2017.
OW will never a be a true competitive game until this shitty ticketrate will be change
Daniel Nalin on 5. Jun. 2017.
Why only 360? That Been Happening since last video
Joshua Gonzales on 5. Jun. 2017.
Lol I uploaded videos of this glitch! Not trying to promote myself just saying :P
Sean Davis on 5. Jun. 2017.
I thought this was just a counter to her translocating like a drawback. Didn't know it was an actual bug that hasn't been fixed for MONTHS. Hope they're still fixing it among all the new stuff coming out and the Anniversary.
Goodman Gone Bad on 5. Jun. 2017.
Couldn't they just make her invulnerable to damage as it's activated?
Dasc on 5. Jun. 2017.
Sombra's hack stops and old man from running, but doesn't stop his technological, display-based, aim-assisting VISOR...
Shaamaan on 5. Jun. 2017.
The lootbox & currency thing is SUPER-sleezy... :/ I'd say Blizzard could do better but, well, they ARE selling lootboxes (i.e. microtransactions in a full-priced product), so they've lost all decency a long time ago.
Zakkisan Tha Sensei on 5. Jun. 2017.
Yo Force, you gotta stop with these HD only videos, I really like your channel and I want to keep watching, but I can't when you only have HD. Since my internett is limited I can not waste it on videos. Please set it to all options.
NotAlice on 5. Jun. 2017.
i like how recall does have problems sometimes
lumines on 5. Jun. 2017.
Same problem as the genji dash
Dab Dogan on 5. Jun. 2017.
That means ur a shit somnra and teleport last minute
TheLordOfPie DomOfEnder on 5. Jun. 2017.
I HATE THIS. I have hardly played her but every time I did I noticed this. She seems like a lot of fun but because of this I cannot play her because I can't teleport out of a hairy situation. I hope they fix it.
Robin Rummeda on 5. Jun. 2017.
0:57 symmetras dps is pretty high second thing: sombras locaters has even more bugs, one is when you throw a teleporter, then you jump off a cliff, over a bridge whatever, so that you are mid air and teleport back, the translocater disappears and you stay where you are
sinfulltears on 5. Jun. 2017.
I am a Sombra main and this shit happens all the time. Most noticeable on melee hits but anything triggers it. So frustrating when you clearly get out then die after u have teleported.
Mr. Top Hat on 5. Jun. 2017.
Sombra has a bug that helps her, instantly fixed. Sombra has a bug that has killed her many times ah we will leave it for 6 months.
Techsoly on 5. Jun. 2017.
"teleport machine broke" "understandable, please fix"
DrStealthbug on 5. Jun. 2017.
This drives me fucking nuts.
James Turner on 5. Jun. 2017.
Does force just browse video and make videos on trending topics from there!?
MrDavezd on 5. Jun. 2017.
Mandu on 5. Jun. 2017.
uh oh, they gonna ban Blizzard now, they don't like work around.
MrDeykar on 5. Jun. 2017.
Finally, thank you!!
Super Starm on 5. Jun. 2017.
Dude, this has been happening the entire time. Why is everyone so late to talk about the issue now?
DarkSerris on 5. Jun. 2017.
It also happens with hanzo arrows, hitting non-existant hitboxes
Fupa Lord on 5. Jun. 2017.
Hello tylosa here saw an upvoted bug on Reddit so here's a video
Logan M on 5. Jun. 2017.
Yes it is a little skeezy but so is the law
Jordan on 5. Jun. 2017.
Tick rate
N101 Beep Boop on 5. Jun. 2017.
I feel the suck distance for Orisa's right click is inconsistent and why does it have the suck happen after a split second why can't abilities that are hard to use just happen when you click them like jeez like ana's sleep dart doesn't even leave your arm until after you press shift making you have to continue to aim for what reason?
JGFKING123 on 5. Jun. 2017.
you know what else has been a bug for a while, junkrat traps sinking into the ground, mcree's bullet glitch, the fact that roadhog can hook for 10 miles