Roadhog's Big Nerf - Hook 2.0 (Overwatch)

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FunnyDerp Gaming on 5. Jan. 2017.
I love road hog
Hloading 1 on 5. Jan. 2017. we just need a Widow buff and we gucci..
RedWingFan1340 on 5. Jan. 2017.
I don't get why line of sight matters if the hook already connected. Blizzard has apparently never used a rope before.
Viktor Nikolayev on 5. Jan. 2017.
the floor is not jello anymore! yay!
Justin Childress on 5. Jan. 2017.
I main roadhog and I dont think its gonna effect my play much, in fact it might make it better. At the end of the day if you are squishy or weak and I hook you, your dead.
Ryan Drake on 5. Jan. 2017.
Drake Deardorff on 5. Jan. 2017.
I bet this guy is a main
Maddox Beaty on 5. Jan. 2017.
Finally they merged it my day is made
Ahmed Hesham on 5. Jan. 2017.
nerfining?! lol
sikenofy on 5. Jan. 2017.
To all the comments saying "HOOK SHOULDN'T BREAK IF LOS IS BROKEN AFTER HOOK BECAUSE IN REALITY IT WOULD JUST DRAG BECAUSE IT'S A CHAIN!" In reality, a character moving as fast as genji mid-dash/tracer while blinking would probably just rip the hook out of Roadhogs hands with that amount of speed. If it didn't, then they characters and the hook would atleast be stuck on the wal, and you'd both be sitting ducks! In other reality checks, hooks don't have a mind of their own and magically curve around walls and get perfect hooks on things. Good luck throwing a hook, curving it, and having it firmly latch onto a person while they're behind a wall. Realism doesn't exist in OW. It's a bullshit excuse to try and even talk about balancing while bringing in realism. Cry more, my dudes. I hope for your sake you'll grow up and sound more intelligent than you do now.
THIRST on 5. Jan. 2017.
My prayers have bin answered... thank you blizzard jesus.
Gαяdєи Hσє on 5. Jan. 2017.
All the salt from the Roadhog mains tastes good. It's about time Blizzard did something.
zhongyi .leon on 5. Jan. 2017.
I was a genji main, until they nerfed him. Then, I picked roadhog to be my main and now they are nerfing him too... Blizzard y u doin this to mee
Kelpo Gaming on 5. Jan. 2017.
Wait... you can hook riptires???!!!
Galderhast on 5. Jan. 2017.
Blizzard can get this right, but they have to fix the bullshit on both sides. People who are playing against Roadhog but also for the players who're playing Roadhog. Roadhog shouldn't be able to hook through walls or from the other side of the map, but also, if Roadhog manages to hook an Ana or a Genji they should be correctly placed.
Sensational Salamander on 5. Jan. 2017.
TBH I think this nerf doesn't make him too hard to play. In fact, this makes him perfectly balanced. I like what they've done with the guy.
Stumbleduck Waywocket on 5. Jan. 2017.
That explains what the holy hell the hook thought it's been doing on the PTR since the start of Oasis. The second check could fail, but not break the hook.
Eugen Hotwagner on 5. Jan. 2017.
Realism at last. Let's not forget that towlines also snap if you dont constantly watch them in the rear mirror.
Febreze4urAnus on 5. Jan. 2017.
Wait, so when the hook connects, does it still "stun" the enemy? It says the victim will now be pulled directly in front of Hog, so does that cancel out any momentum the enemies might of had?
Bearded Tech on 5. Jan. 2017.
What happens if a fat ass hero blocks line of site for their hooked mate? Will that break it?
Frosty Skyz on 5. Jan. 2017.
Now we just need a soldier nurf
gorylek198 on 5. Jan. 2017.
And if that will also fix stuff like Anna landing in wrong place - YES. I'm all about it.
tommy on 5. Jan. 2017.
I'm a RH player and i'm excited for a change. Good or bad. I wonder if it's severe enough to change the meta though
yellowsnow121 on 5. Jan. 2017.
you gotta be fucking kidding me
i94Rules on 5. Jan. 2017.
lol all the people in comment section are butt hurt fags that are probably below masters and bitch about the game constantly as to why they suck. News Flash: you'll still suck despite Roadhog being nerfed. Haha
HAVOC STORM on 5. Jan. 2017.
thank god that shitty hook is getting nerfed, no more stupid fucking tracer dash hooks
minitimberwolf on 5. Jan. 2017.
I got hooked through the roof once because the rope was going through the roof
Will N. on 5. Jan. 2017.
As a roadhog main, in both saddened and glad that this is happening. I'm sad because now he will be an easier target. He already moves slow and doesn't have the quickest damage output and the out pit isn't always consistent. His hook helped to match his slow speed and inconsistent damage output. On the other hand, I'm glad for two reasons: Roadhog won't be picked as much anymore and once I've gotten used to the hook changes I can use him in competitive more often. And the other thing is that I won't land hooks I shouldn't or enemies won't be pulled off to the side. I've had several instances where I shouldn't have gotten the hook but there are also instances where I did hook a squishy target only for them to be pulled behind me and escape. So now comes the question of all the roadhog "mains": because of this nerf, will you still consider him your main?
TopBooy on 5. Jan. 2017.
about fucking time !
Wiktor Kommisarczyk on 5. Jan. 2017.
Dendalus84 on 5. Jan. 2017.
Im down for the first 2 parts but the last part is garbage. So if i catch them while they are jumping and they just fall out of site around a corner then my hook breaks even though i hooked them while i had line of sight? How is that fair? its a freaking hook it is ment to pull things towards me. Fisherman can catch fish without seeing the fish right? I mean I dont think they have a LoS on the fish but they can reel them in just fine, but is a lucio has a speed boost and just happens to fall slightly out of LoS after he got hooked then my chain just snaps?
EKersh on 5. Jan. 2017.
RIP xbox players and roadhog mains (im both) ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)
EKersh on 5. Jan. 2017.
At least Im good at Dva as well as roadhog ;(
theinfamoushunter on 5. Jan. 2017.
Now we just need a genji buff and I'll suck blizzards dick again
#DragonLover on 5. Jan. 2017.
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Hairless Sasquatch on 5. Jan. 2017.
I'm still going to demolish anyone with Roadhog. This wont hurt the people who are actually good with him
tahu1235 on 5. Jan. 2017.
as a roadhog main, im not upset with the changes, itll separate the good roadhogs from the bad/lucky roadhogs
Lightning2153 on 5. Jan. 2017.
1:24 You've got guts!!!
Comix on 5. Jan. 2017.
chookMan159 afasa on 5. Jan. 2017.
its not a nerf
Zylon9999 on 5. Jan. 2017.
Lol is this your account BT160813 (at the beginning of the video) i played with you on rank 3750~ XD if this is you im Cheesy if you remember me :s
slyy on 5. Jan. 2017.
this is great news for me and im a road hog main because i never experienced the bull crap hooks so this is strictly a buff for me
soren stuckler on 5. Jan. 2017.
Why are people saying this will make roadhog useless? This just tries to fix all the bullshit hooks from roadhog and also tries to make your hook slighty more unreliable, so you'll start using your weapon aswell. Don't forget how it fixes when you hook someone who's near you where they just fly over your head or something.
walkingdeadman19 on 5. Jan. 2017.
Great ... more annoying, ridiculous corner strafing ... well. We'll see how that plays out. The initial LoS-check is okay, as is the fact that they fixed the pulling direction, but i fear that the persistent LoS-Check might be to much and way too easy to abuse by Hog's opponents. If this stays, they should at least make it so it doesn't set off the cooldown if the hook breaks during the pull, but after the hook connected.
LunarChibi on 5. Jan. 2017.
they need to nerf tracer. she can blink around far too often. also why does it feel like reaper never gets touched in these updates? his teleport can use a buff because it's extremely limited in its usefulness, or just scrap it and give him something better like what they did with symmetra's crappy shield ability.
Sky Sky Studio on 5. Jan. 2017.
As a diamond Roadhog main, this really isn't that big a deal. The hook should have worked like this from the beginning, and I felt like an asshole everytime I hook someone I couldn't see. A good Roadhog will pick out his squishy target, establish a line of sight that draws the target away from their team, and throw the hook--that'll work just fine both before and after this patch.
ChicagoPaul2010 on 5. Jan. 2017.
I agree with the nerf but i think the constant LOS check after the hooking is a bit too much.
Lokim23 on 5. Jan. 2017.
Its called balance, not nerf. Its only a nerf to roadhog players. As a roadhog player, and anti roadhog player in competitive. When you get to master+ and each moment is critical. Roadhog can make or break it. You shouldn't be able to hook a pharah mid air, and do a quick no scope turn while pharah is being pulled in and nuke others, then nuke pharah.
Sey0 on 5. Jan. 2017.
better would be to make a loonger cd... 6 sec is like the shortest cd in ow.. after mercys fly skill