Roadhog Hook NERFS Incoming! (Overwatch)

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Atomizer74 on 12. Feb. 2017.
I don't mind the hook cooldown increase, but yeah, I think overall, roadhog will behave the same in regard to the hook, it just means it is more of a skillshot. The real interesting thing becomes, with his decreased spread, it would allow roadhog to be more effective at slightly further distances. Apart from the cooldown increase, I don't think roadhogs power is going to change very much from these changes, if anything, it might be a buff to his overall dps.
Gabriel Ziegler on 12. Feb. 2017.
dat laugh at 6:36
Romariosofly on 12. Feb. 2017.
I'm getting tired of all the nerfs and they keep it up and I'm just going to drop the game completely
sfougarakis2001 on 12. Feb. 2017.
combos people,combos.
Lord Gooby on 12. Feb. 2017.
rip roadhog genji was nerfed to the ground and it's finally the fat man's turn
Rachetmasta09 on 12. Feb. 2017.
Played extensively with the new hog changes. The follow-up shot is still consistent every time, but you just have to take care to center your aim around a person's neck. The decreased spread helps here, especially against tanks. However, sometimes smaller characters will not die if you shoot the second you can after the hook animation. I've found the best way to remedy that is to take one step forward then shoot. I've been able to get my instakills again. If that's hard or if you're worried that someone will get away during that window, wound them first with a secondary shot, then hook them. Should still work like before.
Miles Reto on 12. Feb. 2017.
As both a roadhog somewhat hater and occasional player, I think the issues with his hook are blown WAY out of proportion. Not getting hit by it really isn't rocket science. Don't run at him when it's up. You don't know when it's up because you only ever solo qeue? Learn to communicate in a team based game. The hook's range/current hitbox are fine. I agree with blizzard that making the shot post-hook should be more of a skillshot. However if it eliminates the one-hits on squishies... I think the nerf is a bit much then.
Martin Hooten on 12. Feb. 2017.
Hooks > Pulls > 300-ish damage after nerf/buff Hooks > pulls > less but enough to 1shot 200hp targets is what i think they're going for
Andrei Hidigan on 12. Feb. 2017.
This is bullshit. Roadhog is not OP. He is exactly what he's supposed to be. If you're a little bitch with bad positioning who constantly gets hooked it's your fault not Roadhog's. Grow up and stop complaining so much, that's why he keeps getting nerfed.
Funky00Chunky on 12. Feb. 2017.
I'm waiting for the nerf that makes roadhog hook HIMSELF to point two of Ilios.
Mr Fantastic Camel on 12. Feb. 2017.
Force have my babies
Brayden Skinner on 12. Feb. 2017.
Can you please not turn off the HUD? It's annoying
Bubbles KP on 12. Feb. 2017.
if you get tighter spread and you walk forward after you land a hook then the 3.5 meters won't matter as much just the cool down increase.
MrHaloman95 on 12. Feb. 2017.
They're nerfing him to oblivion
Dragonbile on 11. Feb. 2017.
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Evsbear1 on 11. Feb. 2017.
roadhog Is nothing without his hook
afrosamurai3847 on 11. Feb. 2017.
The answer is no the spread reduction doesn't help all that much. Sombra, Ana, Hanzo, and Symmetra all escape by nature of their models and Mei can Iceblock again...sigh. So makes the hook wonky as fuck and much weaker. I was fine with the cooldown increase but everything else is unnecessary. I have been on the receiving end of his hooks just as much as I have played him they aren't broken you were out of position and didn't respect his presence. So a very bad "balance" change and he won't be able to perform his one and only job in the game. Now he is once again a walking ult charge. Blizzard is letting this game go down the toilet with listening to the people whining on the forums. For fuck sakes learn to counter or play around another hero instead of crying OP. There are counters to everything and you getting hooked is your fault for being out of position, but no one in this day and age can admit that they did something wrong or didn't play well. Thank god For Honor is c
3.14159265358979323846 26433832795028841 on 11. Feb. 2017.
Based on how this theoretically works, this might actually be quite good for Roadhog. While he may not as efficiently get the 1-shot kills from hook (unless he can aim well with the reduced spread), the reduced spread itself may make him more viable without his hook in the first place. And on top of that, Roadhog can still hook an enemy into his own team, where the rest of his team can still hit the enemy. However, it all comes down to the PTR. As long as they can adjust the spread well, then he may actually be very powerful with this next update, so long as players are able to aim their shots well with him.
kungfujoe on 11. Feb. 2017.
Caboose TheNerd on 11. Feb. 2017.
I'm just glad the hog is getting nerfed more and more
Malygos the spellweaver on 11. Feb. 2017.
When will they fix mccree?
Furkan İstanbullu on 11. Feb. 2017.
yeah overwatch is cool but what about for honor?
Tnkr Twn on 11. Feb. 2017.
you said something interesting in this video about Zarya being Roadhog's counter. it looks to me like with all of the recent changes that Blizzard is looking at are going to be making must pick heroes counterable. Another example would be these bastion changes. everyone has been looking at him from a perspective of what he used to be but not what he is now and that is a SOLID pick for a team to counter Reinhardt. I'm curious if anyone else is noticing this or if its just all in my head.
Blad3sofWaR on 11. Feb. 2017.
This is a Buff for Pros and Nerfs to Scrubs.... You'll actually have to aim now, let's also admit the hook nerf was desperately needed via cool down and with the spread decrease, you'll be able to rely on your gun more
PineConeRudy on 11. Feb. 2017.
I just started playing roadhog and honestly I do believe he needs a nerf. Right now I am nowhere close to be amazing at the game but my first try playing him I got 41 Eliminations on a comp placement match. Keep in mind that I am terrible at the game compared to most people with my playing time. Overall he made the game too easy...
PriceDown on 11. Feb. 2017.
If they decreased the shit spread, it would most likely be a one shot
majoraman03 on 11. Feb. 2017.
How is it night in Nepal?
Kyriu Amaterasu on 11. Feb. 2017.
almost buyed golden gun for him, fk u blizzard
RadiatedWaffle • on 11. Feb. 2017.
Nooooooo! I got his gold weapon... FUCK !! R.I.P Every like= 1 prayer for useless road hog
Hughmongulus Farquad on 11. Feb. 2017.
as a roadhog main I find this nerf stupid. hope he will be buffed again since really... if you can't deal with a roadhog git fucking gud and try to maybe move more cause using fast characters shouldn't be a problem like jeez
RedCube on 11. Feb. 2017.
#Roadhog is dead RIP
Nuggsy on 11. Feb. 2017.
After playing a few hours on PTR as my man Rein I can tell you. This bastion shit is going to make Rein obsolete. Rips through barriers like butter and with the increased Sombra play I've noticed on top of that it's going to be a nightmare. We go from the 'Tank Meta' to ripping them a new one. Well... I guess it was fun while it lasted.
Goseph Jalvan on 11. Feb. 2017.
just tested new hook for road on ptr this patch doesn't make hog not able to 1 shot even if it is just hip shot, and the gun is fucking great, an awesome incentive to actually go in and try and kill without hooking. 8 sec CD is fine, i mean i don't hook every 6 seconds anyways, imo great balance on blizzards end.
Wilco Van Geest on 11. Feb. 2017.
the hook is what roadhog made strong and now it get nerfed again
jonathan richard on 11. Feb. 2017.
not sure how i feel about these changes... -about the cooldown, it's deserved and i think, balanced. -about the location 3.5 i don't get it, i don't really understand why you would have to aim for the head. you already landed a difficult skill shot and should have a100% kill on 250 hp target wherever you hit people with your gun. only explanation to me is to reduce his lethality on tanks, reduce the random one shot on zarya. let's see how it goes but i don't like the idea of having two skilled shots to land just to kill 1 target. -most frustrating thing to me isn't being nerfed, sadly, and im talking about his absolute bullshit hook range. that's a thing to work on, because right now, hog isn't punishing bad placement, he is literally a freakin sniper and that's game breaking to my opinion.
IQerat on 11. Feb. 2017.
Time to change main, They seem to have no clue what they're doing with Roadhog. 2 seasons and a half of Roadhog being unchanged and now suddenly hes overpowered and is getting nerfed/"buffed" almost every patch that says something.
your mom on 11. Feb. 2017.
omg that chain LOL
CookinSession on 11. Feb. 2017.
Can they just fucking leave RH for one fucking patch without totally breaking the fuck out of him
Dat Boi on 11. Feb. 2017.
FatalFist on 11. Feb. 2017.
Of course, the spread reduction is being given due in part because the reason why Ana would survive is that the spread allowed for too many pallets to miss her. Tightening the spread a bit will definitely mean she is very likely to die.
MeldinX2 on 11. Feb. 2017.
I think since the spread is reduced he still could one shot people. But since they are futher away it will just be harder to do so. Unless you land your shot properly.
Benjamin Stannard on 11. Feb. 2017.
Good.. Terrible character.
조민기 on 11. Feb. 2017.
Current..! ..distance
Hacim on 11. Feb. 2017.
They need to focus on how fucking op soldier is