Pool Party Tracer Skin... IN HOTS??? BLIZZ PLZ! (Overwatch News)

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Turboface on 5. Jun. 2017.
You want more Tracer skins after your recent Skin Queen video?
DA oliHVAR on 5. Jun. 2017.
lul force u think ur slick we all know you just wanna see that THICC TRACCER ASS IN A BIKINI. BOI DONT EVEN TRY TO HIDE IT THERE AINT NO SHAME IN THE GAme WE aLL feel THE SAME
Roonos on 5. Jun. 2017.
let hots devs put skins on overwatch characters they have in hots we have already enough tracer skin plus that skin is similar to the summer games one so yea
TheExenteration on 5. Jun. 2017.
Slingshot Bikini skin for Zarya with Tan lines!!!! Zarya deserves it, those THIGH'S THO!!!! mmmmmm!
Just puppy on 5. Jun. 2017.
wait the rate match thing was removed i couldn't care less
William Graham on 5. Jun. 2017.
i say we just throw the whole competitive and sr system in the garbage, and make the competitve just lucioball
Mom Magnet on 5. Jun. 2017.
we need this skin for research purposes
matthew skullblood on 4. Jun. 2017.
why does everything in HOTS need to be in ow
Styx on 4. Jun. 2017.
I hope they bring the swimsuit tracer skin to overwatch that'd be so awesome
Pandut Jones on 4. Jun. 2017.
"Tracer has too many skins!" "Bliz why won't you give us this Tracer skin???" okay
André Ahlbeck on 4. Jun. 2017.
I thought you were tired of tracer skins...
aviomarin7 on 4. Jun. 2017.
The buddy PTR was a distraction from the Lootbox Controversy, because, honestly, who would go extensively test anything in the middle of an event?
VENGE on 4. Jun. 2017.
and now for the weekly "Let's give Overwatch the short end of the stick!"
Emeritus on 4. Jun. 2017.
tracer already has like 10 legendaries so it would be dumb just to give more legendaries to her
Anthony Dupuiyo on 4. Jun. 2017.
fuck overwatch, was placed in broze in season two because ppl would just throw the match being immature kids, and surprise once agian 5 wins 5 throws bronze again, fuck your blizzard for not banding leavers and immature trolls
Karl Björn on 4. Jun. 2017.
You know… Genji also had hots exclusive skins too… but no one made a video about dat..........
immadeofpixels on 3. Jun. 2017.
Overwatch and HotS have different skins. This is how it will always be. I'm tired of hearing YouTubers complain that Overwatch doesn't have skins from HotS, especially for heroes that already have plenty of skins in Overwatch
MrImjustaminorthreat on 3. Jun. 2017.
Can we get a Roadhog bikini skin kinda like I think it's Stitches my friend got the skin for in Heroes of the Storm. Also I wish more people realized what that rate game feature was for. The only time I used it was in specific scenarios. For example, I would rate a game poorly if we spent like 10 mins in over time, or if one team was a 6 stack and the other was all solo players or duos. I would rate a game well if it was a close game where you can tell the teams were well matched. Admittedly I put in some false reports, rating a match well if something funny happened like for example once I sent a Symmetra barrier at an ulting Pharah and not only did she kill herself, but the ragdoll physics borked and she ricocheted off like 4 walls then went flying up into the sky.
Hotbox the Hookah Fox on 3. Jun. 2017.
As much as I dislike that tracer has soooo many skins, this is one I would love. we need more skins that change dialogue, ability appearance and other such things that dont interfere with actual gameplay but make the skin feel a lot different.
Takeshi Blue on 3. Jun. 2017.
yeah It seems ALOT of players dont enjoy losing for some apparent reasons if they could fix the people who constantly don't care about matches that would prolly fix it a little but it'd probably be too challenging.
Rapierre on 3. Jun. 2017.
It's because blizzard wants to attract people to HOTS by adding these skins. They're really trying to push that failure of a game. These skins won't go to Overwatch.
TJ TV on 3. Jun. 2017.
not gunna happen.
slm22186 on 3. Jun. 2017.
Why's HOTS get all the cool skins?
Gameriffic on 3. Jun. 2017.
Bikini Dva...
Connor Boyle on 3. Jun. 2017.
I honestly think I'll do better after the hog nerf, it let's me spam right click more lol. losing the guaranteed 1 shots doesn't really bother me, they were nice to have but I was surprised the ability to do that lasted so long, I always figured he would be balanced like pudge from dota, where the hook is outright broken, so to keep him from being overpowered the hero behind it needs to be a bit weaker and rely more on his team than most.
fleeplayTV on 3. Jun. 2017.
tbh hots is making the overwatch team feels like a bunch of scrubs, they've been giving more love to their characters than in overwatch iself that's kinda pathetic.
Eddie 'JaggSauce' Gluskin on 3. Jun. 2017.
you know whats retarded about this game? the fact it doesn't take into account how many games you've played when it matchmakes you. you can have a gold icon and 5 stars and still be matched up with no-star below-100 plebs. and don't tell me this fact doesn't matter, those people are NOT as good as me just because they happen to have SR that borders mine.
walkingdeadman19 on 3. Jun. 2017.
If you ask me, the voting on the post-game cards should be thrown out as well. They serve no real purpose anyway and a lot of the votes are just spite-votes.
Eddie 'JaggSauce' Gluskin on 3. Jun. 2017.
i can fap to that skin
LowerSpider4725 PR on 3. Jun. 2017.
Guys, please, we already had one game community complain about heroes of the storm, we can't have another complain that we're getting better skins than them! We can only handle so much at a time.
mr boydell on 3. Jun. 2017.
Yes a possible new tracer skin! I need my daily dose of tracer skins
Smallie Bigs on 3. Jun. 2017.
"Until next time I'll see you later"
valazor on 3. Jun. 2017.
The reason that HotS gets so many cool skins while overwatch gets a lot of "meh" skins is because of the difference in type of game. HotS can go a lot crazier with their skins because the hitboxes of the characters aren't that well defined because it's a moba. Overwatch on the other hand can't really do a lot of crazy things because that would cause the hitboxes to change, thus making different skins have different hitboxes which would be terrible for a shooter. TLDR; HotS hitboxes don't matter as much as overwatch hitboxes do, thus they have a lot more freedom in skin design.
SWAG BOY on 3. Jun. 2017.
Pool Party Roadhog skin. Please.
Crunchy Toast on 3. Jun. 2017.
I actually rated the matches on how social the people were. If they were just silent try-harding in qp i would just give it 1 or 2. If they talked and goofed around a little it would have been a 3.
LOLCastNow on 3. Jun. 2017.
oni genji and officer dva now available in regular overwatch lootboxes
Model212 on 3. Jun. 2017.
Can we please stop complaining about the skins in hots? Why cant they get skins in hots without the overwatch community throwing a fit asking for it? Not really fair to the hots dev team imho.
Ryan Lowrie on 3. Jun. 2017.
The skin looks very similar to her orange summer games skin. Meh, I don't think it is that cool.
Vinxian1 on 3. Jun. 2017.
I honestly forgot the "rate this match" feature was a thing. I did use it when the game was new though
ginny roses on 3. Jun. 2017.
All I want for summer games is a Canadian flag player icon
TheFartingDuck on 3. Jun. 2017.
I want to see sum thicc Reinhardt
Aftertaste on 3. Jun. 2017.
Tracer in swim shorts is a better skin then most of OW's anniversary skins.
Blamnesia _ on 3. Jun. 2017.
Admint it, you just want that skin for the booty :>
Stef Sheppard on 3. Jun. 2017.
I will just wait till it comes in the loot boxes like the others if it does come out
Kadyn on 3. Jun. 2017.
the HOTS team makes better skin for the OW heroes than the OW team :\
ITwas on 3. Jun. 2017.
Welcome to overwatch, where all skins are designed by SJWs and grade schoolers, while hots gets skins designed by art school graduates.
PaulOwnzU on 3. Jun. 2017.
we really need this tracer skin, like we don't have enough already
Josiah Duff on 3. Jun. 2017.
I want a bathing suit Mercy :3
AANickFan on 3. Jun. 2017.
What are hots?
Chace Do on 3. Jun. 2017.
MORON ! DO YOU EVEN UNDERSTAND HOW MAKING SKINS WORKS ? Because a skin exists in hots, it doesn't mean it can be put in overwatch like that, they would have to remodel it entirely with overwatch's engine. Plus, when making skins for hots, they can either copy all the boring skins from overwatch or create other one that the creative team could not do in overwatch (warhammer tracer, norse zaria...). It just makes sense, we have our skins, you have yours, in the end it's this much more variety to each character. And finally, COULD OVERWATCH COMMUNITY STOP CRYING FOR SKINS AND LEAKS ONE SECOND ? YOU FUCKING KIDS. Skins are so meaningless, it's so annoying to see people cry for so little things, is that really your only concern in this game ? how pathetic. And little word on datamining, stop fucking trying to know everything two patches ahead. Since you're always too patch ahead, you're still getting infos at the same rate that people that just wait for the content. Only difference, the l