Patch 7.2.5 Interview: Tomb of Sargeras & Legion w/ Lead Encounter Designer, Morgan Day

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Mathias Hellberg on 5. Jun. 2017.
We a are Heros so make os feel as a hero!!!
Mathias Hellberg on 5. Jun. 2017.
Buff Frost DKs!!!! Again!!!
Kemya Ali on 5. Jun. 2017.
his voice is so hot
Fabian 'Samacvuk' Lorenzo on 5. Jun. 2017.
So many bad game design decisions since Cataclysm. Now they are returning some refurbished mechanics that were removed from the base game and have the bone to call it "new mechanics" x. x (artifact TALENTS, srsly) Bosses now are designed to be beaten with a lot of room for error (yes, even on mythic). Blizzard needs to stop sugar coating stuff...
Dancer of the Boreal Valley on 5. Jun. 2017.
I think something I need in an addon is to remove player effects during raids... just raids. The heal stuff is okay but when I see paladins put that cracked appearance on the ground I occasionally panic lol... among other things
G Soderkvist on 5. Jun. 2017.
4:10 " we have all the class changes in" rip ww monk
Athrael Soju on 5. Jun. 2017.
15:15 That is what an IT interview talk sounds like
aidan rezvani on 5. Jun. 2017.
boring questions
R4zerJ4ck on 5. Jun. 2017.
You know...
Joseph Pettinato on 5. Jun. 2017.
Stack mechanic on top of mechanic on top of mechanic on top of mechanic on top of mechanic because numbers have become idiotic and we can't fine tune shit anymore.
Primal Cortex on 5. Jun. 2017.
No one care, get ou developers and put new ones for true wow !
blech71 on 5. Jun. 2017.
This was interesting. The devs need to reach out like this more often.
Sebastian Skoglund on 5. Jun. 2017.
Fantastic stuff man! As always
Nander KOO on 5. Jun. 2017.
I appreciate the effort, Bellular, but I have to say I'm slightly disappointed with the questions. They were fairly generic and common questions which are being asked in nearly every interview. When you asked for community questions I'd expected more specific questions, such as the class diversity Qs or group size Qs which have caused uproar in the community the past fews months, but have been left unanswered by Blizzard on multiple occasions. So, summarizing, I thank you for your efforts, but feel you wasted an opportunity to get some real answers from the devs.
Uneasyboosh on 5. Jun. 2017.
Where is he in the video around 13 min?? I have never seen that place!
Petr Konvička on 5. Jun. 2017.
perfect vid, thanks a lot :)
Greg Artman on 5. Jun. 2017.
Wait did he say all the classes are tuned????? So the current ele shaman is what we are getting?!?!!?? Omg I'm so screwed! God that sucks
Cash Nelson on 5. Jun. 2017.
Really great questions, bellular - would love to see more of this.
Marco Garcia on 5. Jun. 2017.
loved the interview.  liked the use of the graphics that was associated with question. do more of that.  great job!
HerpMahDerpFlurpleDumunumuh on 5. Jun. 2017.
"We're all using DMB and bigwigs." Eeeeh, no ? Speak for urself mate I don't use addons xD Recount and SGI is all I got lel
I.D.C INC on 5. Jun. 2017.
Bellular you da man bruh...thanks for getting us some feedback from a real person instead of just making a video about a blue post on the forums lol :)...PLEASE FIX PVP BELLULAR ;)
Devafrog on 5. Jun. 2017.
Should have asked them who buffs/nerfs WW monks. Being bottom tier and still not getting any major buffs.
nipa 101 on 5. Jun. 2017.
why don't you ask him why 7.2's campaign was so shit? or better yet why don't you compere 7.2's campaign with 5.1's campaign? you know, just to rub it in that a expatiation about fluffy pandas was better then some world ending BS quitter of a legion.
FunJazz on 5. Jun. 2017.
Just to be clear. I do not believe that the lead encounter designer has any saying in terms of shutting down 3rd part addons like Warcraft tales. So it would be pretty pointless to ask him a question about that.
Haze on 5. Jun. 2017.
this reminds me of the guy at blizzcon asking about if bags would get bigger in Legion xD
Rhey Dru on 5. Jun. 2017.
Anyone who reads MMO-Champ or Wow Subreddit know where 99% of your content comes from, nothing original just chewing fast any updates or famous posts from these website and spitting them here Can you please make some effort from real non-lazy content?
toychristopher on 5. Jun. 2017.
I like this guy! Blizzard should clone him and put him in charge of every department at Blizzard.
toychristopher on 5. Jun. 2017.
It would be SO cool to be able to have a raid-like group experience while leveling up.
fallenistari on 5. Jun. 2017.
Destro master spec
davide becciu on 5. Jun. 2017.
"You know"
benderbg on 5. Jun. 2017.
Lore, Skype police officer
Darove Plays on 5. Jun. 2017.
If you were to take the art/lore parts of wow out, noone would play this shit.
Dejan Krstic on 5. Jun. 2017.
We need more of this Bellular! I would like to see an interview with Ion Hazzikostas one day perhaps.
RebelCrazy 01 on 5. Jun. 2017.
I love this video great job man, Keep it up :D
lefthandedpolack on 5. Jun. 2017.
next time you have audio only of a dev just picture them as a druid because we all know blizzard only plays druids
Brasato on 5. Jun. 2017.
you should have asked why they shutted down warcraft tales! i was really hyped for that
Ahmad Soliman on 5. Jun. 2017.
Seems like a genuine guy he's excited about the game
Veloci on 5. Jun. 2017.
Yeah, so yeah, yeah. So, yeah.
Westerngamer5 on 5. Jun. 2017.
Love your vids Bellular but your troll commentators here.....
Xanhorn on 5. Jun. 2017.
I was really hoping you'd ask about 10 man raiding.
Miss Kobe Yoshi on 5. Jun. 2017.
Interview in a nutshell: Belllular: <insert question> Morgan: Yea new Legion raid is gonna be great new mechanics, yep we've done so much work on this one oh yea.
Rosetta on 5. Jun. 2017.
God this kind of content owns. You continue to be the best, most consistent WoW content creator. Please, if you can butter them up to it, more interviews. Keep it up otherwise.
Chris Taylor on 5. Jun. 2017.
Why would anyone talk Terms of Service with Blizzard? Seems like a boring topic.
Vregshar Modan on 5. Jun. 2017.
My fav dungeon is Maw because it is visually stunning and I like the bosses. I wish Legion dungeons will be like that too.
BarStool41 on 5. Jun. 2017.
beep boop, Bellular vid while I poop. Sorry. Have a good day!
Wesley VL on 5. Jun. 2017.
blizzz is full of bull shit wow is dead ppl how stil play it are idoit's
Cyphor on 5. Jun. 2017.
1:40 ok cool so its like X-89 from Wildstar. fun boss
Fellish Beast on 5. Jun. 2017.
Anub'arak...stupid dev :p
Bloodynoush on 5. Jun. 2017.
11:49 you used the same question from before Bellular ^.^
Chrinan on 5. Jun. 2017.
Yea! Interview! I like it