Opponent Plays 4 Legendaries in a Row But is Still no Match for Amaz

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32SuicideSadBoyS32 on 2. Jun. 2017.
Amaz your content always amuses me, thank and good vibes to you mr. Amaz.
Moto Kuchoma on 2. Jun. 2017.
Money doesn't win you games... *draws 2 Flamestrikes from Cabalist's Tome* RNG does! :D
KingOfBlades27 on 2. Jun. 2017.
Am I the only one who got triggered after watching this guys horrible play? Dude has 4 legendaries in his deck but plays like complete noob... holy shit xD
TurboThunderGaming on 1. Jun. 2017.
It does seem to be true it's not pay to win, sure even with 4 legendaries but these awful shitty plays obviously he will still lose.
Jesus Christ on 1. Jun. 2017.
Amaz plays generic mage deck and beats 4 legendarys in a row= state of arena atm
Talaman 1277 on 1. Jun. 2017.
The trick behind all these is: He is asian
nailuj on 1. Jun. 2017.
pls put the subtitles when he counts. its hilarius
Night Power on 1. Jun. 2017.
4 bad legendarys.
faisal Y.A on 1. Jun. 2017.
has 4 legendaries in arena ... still get rekt by a mage
Joshua See on 1. Jun. 2017.
opponent made so many misplays
Steven on 1. Jun. 2017.
i drafted 4 with mage.deck was terrible
saman faiz on 1. Jun. 2017.
Should change the amaz to scamaz lol that top deck
DaringReporterino Kripperino on 1. Jun. 2017.
4:58 He played the best card from Gadgetzan and STILL lost?!
Daniel Moisei on 1. Jun. 2017.
*gets 2 flamestrikes* *proceeds to talk about skill*
Rong Guan on 1. Jun. 2017.
"Alright what else to u have . show me ." *onesecondlater* ELISE
Márton Benedek Sass on 1. Jun. 2017.
lol i got 15 in a row and still won PS was playing against 35 legendary deck
Ray Denki on 1. Jun. 2017.
Normally, I would say something like "So what is so special about this? Mage are busted as fuck, not like they care about four legendaries". But this time, I'm pretty sure this guy was a bot, and that's why he played this shitty. Dunno, mate.
Matheus Lins on 1. Jun. 2017.
Elias Evensen on 1. Jun. 2017.
Why do you never play constructed decks anymore on ladder? Pls make does videos again, they were so much fun to watch:D
Keith Kwan on 1. Jun. 2017.
Aw man! That last sentence before the video end warmed my heart ❤️
Hakan Akgül on 1. Jun. 2017.
Oruç tutuyor musun. hsbebbdjdbxbwjjd
Louis Casadei on 1. Jun. 2017.
4:40 Tell me you're not RNGesus
Ra-V on 1. Jun. 2017.
this guy is terrible at this game lul
Fujosovich on 1. Jun. 2017.
Almost 4 turns in a row, there was one in the middle right? And I know legendaries have been increased in arena but that's still a silly amount. And what could the picks have been to go with Moroes?
Gogsmash on 1. Jun. 2017.
This just goes to show that even 4 legendaries in a row can't beat Mage
Max Abeille on 1. Jun. 2017.
6:45 Replayed it at least ten times to understand what language he's counting in
Argyr 2 on 1. Jun. 2017.
What a self absorbed title.
Ronnie Casavant on 1. Jun. 2017.
Lol amaz had the much better deck
Guus van den Heuvel on 1. Jun. 2017.
6:47 counting in Chinese?
Vorname Nachname on 1. Jun. 2017.
6:15 "He took the D, man."
Jarrison Hones on 1. Jun. 2017.
i'm making a 25 card pack give away :D
Greindes on 1. Jun. 2017.
And after that he faced kripp. "How the fuck he got 1-2 with THAT deck?"
FlawlessBg on 1. Jun. 2017.
Your opponent was pretty bad xD Plus you got 2 flamestrikes and a polymorph from a 3 cost card. Like, let's be fair, mage is ridiculous right now. Yesterday, I was watching hafu's stream and she was facing a mage that got cabalist tome from glyph, then got cabalist tome from cabalist tome.. And guess what, the second cabalist tome gave him ANOTHER cabalist tome.. Like.. hello? Blizzard? You ok there?
AragokGaming on 1. Jun. 2017.
Get scamazed
simon larsson on 1. Jun. 2017.
3 does not equal 4
yotam olenik on 1. Jun. 2017.
wow he played bad
Arrakiz666 on 1. Jun. 2017.
Turns out legendaries aren't relevant when you get tempoed out by a mage deck that just mindlessly throws cards and yet still has them because "card generation lul".
Zhang Yuan on 1. Jun. 2017.
why do streamers always get such good drafts zzzz mine are legitimately always trash
thomas thorsen on 1. Jun. 2017.
amaz is getting very cocky haha
Keido on 1. Jun. 2017.
peer263 on 1. Jun. 2017.
Pay2Win Arena!
Jared Kovacs on 1. Jun. 2017.
Not playing Priest in Arena, smh Amaz.
Terkel Ingwar on 1. Jun. 2017.
0:25 I just wanted to watch this video get away from my exam i had like 20 min ago
MikeGaming on 1. Jun. 2017.
Wtf Raza and Kaz...
Me Play Game -Me Suck at Game on 1. Jun. 2017.
it's school holiday for me
Ergha Widya on 1. Jun. 2017.
Kore Dwartz on 1. Jun. 2017.
wow such a clickbait the title says 4 legendaries instead of 3 I'm sure it changes the whole perspective of what you expected when you clicked
Varler on 1. Jun. 2017.
I'm sorry to say, but Amaz didn't defeat that guy. He defeated himself.
Bill Fred on 1. Jun. 2017.
6:50 what language is he counting in?