NEW INFO: 2-minute wrap-up of Diablo 3 Necromancer Dev Q&A

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Gabriel Vankov on 5. May. 2017.
If you think about frailty this way it is not 15% damage increase it is 17,64705882352941% damage increase.
Just Poetics on 5. May. 2017.
Blizz has been screwing up so much lately, it doesn't even surprise me that they're like this now. I wouldn't dare ask for the old devs back, but I suppose it was still too much to ask for good ones.
Will0928 on 5. May. 2017.
They forgot one thing with respect to the 7th pieces of the sets... Sage's set can't be used in conjunction with any of the sets, unlike every other class in the game.
Handsome Devil on 5. May. 2017.
Its a shame zuni witch doc will be much stronger than the necro pet build...
Keith Wilkes on 5. May. 2017.
this game fuckin blows dude. path of exile 3.0 bebe. 10 acts, and you actually get to develop your character.
Drak Gaming on 5. May. 2017.
The big concern with Frailty is that is scales with Mob HP instead of player damage.
Shiningforceking on 5. May. 2017.
Brandy camel is my secret crush.
Fiusha Ironfoot on 5. May. 2017.
Without looking them up, I've played Necromancer to a degree where I can name most of the curses: Amplify Damage Iron Maiden Confuse Attract Life Tap(my favorite) Decrepify Dim Vidion I can't name the one related to Elemental Dmg (The effect was similar to Life Tap except it was blue/purple) And I can't name the one with yellow snake like things coming out of your head, either.
lonely bathroom on 5. May. 2017.
NO SKELETON ARMY ==== NO BUY FUCK YOU BLIZZARD YOU HAD ONE (1) CHANCE thanks rhykker for finally putting me out of my misery
lonely bathroom on 5. May. 2017.
NO SKELETON ARMY ==== NO BUY FUCK YOU BLIZZARD YOU HAD ONE (1) CHANCE thanks rhykker for finally putting me out of my misery
IsNoGoOd on 5. May. 2017.
wait what.. no permanent pets?
An Truong on 5. May. 2017.
You said PC, and PS4?....RIP
Spencer Kaufman on 5. May. 2017.
Jesus Blizzard, they just don't get it or listen to people do they? Like we want a huge permanent army like d2, how is that so fucking hard to understand? Bunch of idiots working over there. They just can't stop putting g their shitty spin on diablo 2 things.
Tony Quintana on 5. May. 2017.
OMG I want Travis day's Whimsy dale Diablo 3 shirt !! where do i get one of those !!!!
Bluexin on 5. May. 2017.
About the 15% hp auto kill thing... That doesn't scale well with ramp-up mechanics like sticken (or any other kind of stacking thing) right? Also, while a 15% buff might let you OS stuff (in speeds for example) autokill on <15%hp doesn't. I can see it's use on some kind of zdps support necro though.
SykoJ Gaming on 5. May. 2017.
Necromancer in D2 - !!!!!!! Necromancer in D3 - zzzzzzzzzz D2 - !!!!! D3 - zzzzzzzzzzzz Baked Mac n Cheeze - !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Abesstu on 5. May. 2017.
Useless Q&A, most questions was already answered before... all you need to do is google it
Romansoldi3r on 5. May. 2017.
Every time I hear your intro now, all I hear is "Hello this is Rhykker's Wizards" lmao. But anyways thanks for the info!
wxmyjnsn on 5. May. 2017.
One thing I liked about eh D2 necro was he could raise specific types of monsters to fight for him and they would use their power. Is that a thing with the D3 necro.? For example you could raise skeleton mages that used cold or ones that used poison, or you could raise those beetles that used lightning.
wxmyjnsn on 5. May. 2017.
The Necro is starting to sound super complicated to play.
tempelxanas on 5. May. 2017.
7:30 actually u need 100% increased dmg to reduce the killing time by 50%.. (forever alone ;p)
Kennedy 77 on 5. May. 2017.
2 minutes. Right
TheCe1ticZombie on 5. May. 2017.
Good video. I watched the whole video and I liked your thoughts on each question. I'm trying not to watch to much on the necromancer because I don't want to be over hyped by the time it's released. Will definitely be gearing towards a thorns build cause that's my favorite crusader build. Also will be buying both the Xbox One and PC version of this character pack and any future pack. Later and keep them videos coming.
Jumeno on 5. May. 2017.
I didnt know 40 was a designer for Diablo 3
Karel Vokroj on 5. May. 2017.
Necro set and legendary items are made in exactly same tunnel vision as other class items. This should be their chance to show us new path of itemization. They failed hard again. Anyway this is not even shadow of D2 Necro.
Stavney on 5. May. 2017.
just give every set a piece for each gear slot. Problem Solved!
Mafia Cod on 5. May. 2017.
Seems shit compared to the necro in D2 imo... No perma pets? wtf is the point in being a necro? fucking trash basically every other class in d3 has perma pets.... cunts
Rawmon94 on 5. May. 2017.
never played or seen this game before i came across your channel, looks fun tho. could you make a vid about what the game is about and how to start as a newbie? id like your view on it *grammar edit
Ben Shaw on 5. May. 2017.
No permanent pets = no sale, what a stupid dev team, if I wanted a pure caster I would roll wizard... Not allowing a necromancer to have a real pet build, dumb. Luckily grim dawn is doing it right.
Daodras Sulravan on 5. May. 2017.
I am only clicking on this video to comment BEFORE watching. WHY on earth is the video titled "two-minute wrap-up" twenty-seven minutes long?
VS Vieira on 5. May. 2017.
kudos to you Rhykker, for being way more reasonable than the people on this comment section
Dom4z on 5. May. 2017.
Rhykker have you noticed their after-names? Was this a Q&A for Love Camel Day? Trololol :)
Dom4z on 5. May. 2017.
The sailors say Brandy, you're a fine girl! you're a fine girl What a good wife you would be! such a fine girl Yeah your eyes could steal a sailor from the sea!
DE BRONKO /FOS BOIS/ on 5. May. 2017.
15% hp instant kill = 15% more dmg ... Am I drunk or why does this dont make sense to me?
hoyin pang on 5. May. 2017.
D3 is dead, move on, noob
Ignacio Torres on 5. May. 2017.
necromancer will be a paid dlc??
Jamal Khurshid on 5. May. 2017.
Hey Rhykker just wanted to say Hi. keep the videos coming M8 ^_^
LtSMASH324 on 5. May. 2017.
Well the thing with Frailty is that it's an independent way to give 15% damage to all of your allies. It doesn't share with any other bonuses, therefore it's essentially multiplicative. It's maybe not OP, but I think it definitely is enough to guarantee Necro's being in 4 man groups.
botkilla on 5. May. 2017.
I'm so fucking pumped for necro to come to us peasants! And Rhykker, keep up the good work. Love your videos
GeorgeWBushTeaBag on 5. May. 2017.
Not sure why Rhykker's been getting all this hate here lately. If you all don't like Diablo anymore then don't play the damn game. It's really not that complicated.  Thanks for keeping us informed man! I pretty much rely on you for about 98% of my Diablo news Lol. Just wanted to let you know some of us appreciate you. Keep doing what you're doing!
Jester Muffin on 5. May. 2017.
Honestly i want to love this game but there's fuck all to do right now. I can't bother to log in anymore just to cry at the abysmal primal collection i have amassed so far ;(
Dovahkiin Dragonshout on 5. May. 2017.
Question: How is this playstyle-wise different from the Witchdoctor? Is it at all? Thank you
W Flip on 5. May. 2017.
@Rhykker I appreciate the amount of overwhelming positivity towards this Q & A session. Although in regards to watching this video, and your reactions towards this "new" development, I can't help but notice that the Devs don't seem sure of their own ability to fix these issues, and they don't seem to be relying on their expertise. It seems like over and over throughout the video, your well thought and experience based ideas of theoretical ideas of balance are overshadowed by "that said, their reasoning makes sense. And it's justifiable by their "apparent" interest in development" (paraphrasing). I'm dissapointed in blizzard, it seems like this development is being lead only by these three members, and it's shown by the lack of content, and shown by the lack of clarity ( or maybe too much clarity? ). Thanks for the video Rhykker.
Dan Rey on 5. May. 2017.
LoL - Desolacer broke the game :P. Nicely done mate :D
Fark on 5. May. 2017.
we had the cow level in d2 and a brony level in d3. enough said about this game.
Fark on 5. May. 2017.
This game has turned to shit. Blizzard is openly trying to fuck its customers in the ass.
Econael on 5. May. 2017.
Thanks for the summary in the beginning. Appreciate it.
Malik Jones on 5. May. 2017.
I think this is ridiculous but I have any if you guys heard that Donald Trump wants them to stop producing games "violent games"
Joakim Fridlund on 5. May. 2017.
So sad that you can't have perma summons :(
Liv in on 5. May. 2017.
HEY man... i am a very casual d2 player.... and recently been playing d3 A LOT.... i really loved the idea of the thorn mechanic... really unique to this game.... why wouldnt they use that to make the game more interesting... than blaming it to the mechanic.... add some sort of work around to make it work right.... buff the number etc... and make it a viable top build.... like an LON atleast.... i dint like that answer from the dev at all.... why dint rhykker react to that the way I expected to :P hehehe