Necromancer White Walker Army Pet Build (Diablo 3 2.6 beta guide)

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Rhykker on 27. May. 2017.
Hey folks, I'd like your thoughts on the sponsorship integration in this video. When I do occasionally have a sponsored video, I do my best to ensure that everyone is content - both the sponsor and you, the viewer. I've turned down a lot of sponsorship offers because of this. I'd value your input on if you feel the way I handled this sponsorship was acceptable. Thanks!
- DRVN - on 1. Jun. 2017.
c'est bien toussa mais on a tjrs pas accès au nécromancien #marredattendre
Dem Roshed on 1. Jun. 2017.
I have seen no other reports, but I noticed the other day that Yangs Recurve bow now has up to 55% Reduce Resource cost . I got one that is 50.9% :)
Ricardo Jimenez on 1. Jun. 2017.
when will consoles get the necromancer??
12CORE21 on 1. Jun. 2017.
meanwhile wizzard is doing 111
Matthew Saraiva on 31. May. 2017.
Have you considered using corpse explosion: dead cold with this build? I feel like using that with Rimeheart might provide a damage boost.
Confector Tyrannis on 30. May. 2017.
1st. Think you did an honest professional job about the sponsor, I appreciate how much thought you put into us and your rep instead of just bandying about anything. 2. Cpl thoughts on the builds. First, love it. Fresh 70 just did a cpl bounties and bought the set, and even without rolling on it once, without ANY of the support gear, it's able to get you to gr45 right out the gates. Seriously, right out the gates. Haven't 'fully' tricked it out yet but i got 60 done already, still only para267. 3. Gems. So far i'm doing trapped (decripify makes it a no brainer) enforcer (pets, again) but I kinda go round and round on the 3rd, stricken makes sense for pushing but I'm curious if Pain Enhancer would have any benefit due to the IAS from 2ndary benefit. Do your pets' crits count? or just yours? 4. (Offtopic) I've seen some of your clannies on the LB with bloodset, and I was interested if you were going to do another quickie vid on Trag'oul's Avatar set like you did for Rathma's,
kadel badel on 30. May. 2017.
Hey! Nice videos! Is necromancer just a "new skin" of witchdoctor?
Kyle Reganit on 30. May. 2017.
"Bone Storm" heh.
Farabee on 30. May. 2017.
So far up to Paragon 92 and I've gotten through GR40 easily. Necro still feels super squishy but this is a fun build.
Matthew Chung on 30. May. 2017.
hey Rhykker i saw a LTK inna pet build recently and heard it can clear gr 90's is this true??
Gary Streit on 29. May. 2017.
Rhykker, thanks for the video and the new builds, but I have to say this latest build is severely frustrating as it is horribly essence starved. It reminds me of the WW barb without the Bul-Kathos Oath set
cjkone978 on 29. May. 2017.
its amazing all the Poe players come in here talkin shit yet watchin a d3 video lol go watch ur poe bs if u dont like it retards
Vlad Enache on 29. May. 2017.
hey, are those wings in the Necro pack? :)
walron on 29. May. 2017.
This wing bullshit made Diablo a child game. Doesnt fit to game at all and I hate to see winged people around. And now Necromancer with bat wings? give me a break.
Shiki Studios on 29. May. 2017.
Are you quitting Diablo 3 for PoE?
iQuitGirls99 on 29. May. 2017.
Melee/Bloodmancer next plz
boripat waruwanarux on 29. May. 2017.
Hi! How do you get this wing ??
Dimebolt101 on 29. May. 2017.
having trouble getting numlock to work with devour... set the key bindings correctly, hold skill on numpad and press numlock then release both. Works with other skills but for some reason doesn't seem to spam devour when holding down number on numpad or regular number. I'm sure I'm missing something obvious?
schoony schoon on 29. May. 2017.
for some reason, I have been unsubscribed to you...
Theory on 29. May. 2017.
People still play this shit?
Chester Prince on 28. May. 2017.
I've been trying a similar build but instead using reilena's shadowhook in the cube and singularity mages and frenzy skeletons but the thing i noticed with this set if you are kinda screwed fi you do die. SInce skeletons spawn one at a time you can get killed before you get your stacks up but then again it's likely much easier without singularity since you can spam your mages to 10 a bit faster and they build stacks too. Just kinda wish necro could have at least a set or 2 that doesn't need to get stacks for damage reduction.
Abesstu on 28. May. 2017.
Did they made any changes to WD sets? Stumbled on this image but cant find anything regarding it.
Shaun dc on 28. May. 2017.
Is the necro available for everyone on the beta ?
kirkhetfieldburton on 28. May. 2017.
I'll use this build just for the name
Patrick Yeo on 28. May. 2017.
Jesus Christ D3's late game is absolutely disgusting
nick tremblay-fortin on 28. May. 2017.
When the necro go out on xbox
P. Dilla on 28. May. 2017.
I will make this build just so I can call it "White Walker" as well. Thanks! July 16th can't get here any sooner, damn it!
David Arbogast on 28. May. 2017.
What ability are you using for your cubed armor slot? Tasker and Theo? Ancient Parthan Defenders? What about your gems?
Gman351 on 28. May. 2017.
FUCK your adds !! and Fuck App bounty Virus Crap !!
IDthief on 28. May. 2017.
IDthief on 28. May. 2017.
i fucking hate pet set builds on every class. its super boring.
bigsnake314 on 28. May. 2017.
just waiting for them to drop the price tag. xD inb4 same price as full game.
Moses Wong Seng Fu on 28. May. 2017.
I love the Necro for it massive pet army build. But this build seems like another crusader phalanx Bowman build. Diablo 3 seems to favour temporal pet summon skill than permanent one. I was hoping they will create a legendary item that make the skeleton mage permanent or increase the number of skeleton follower. The "Army of the dead" skill seems similar to the "zombie bear" of the witch doctor. Disappointing. :(
Matthew Richards on 28. May. 2017.
what about the passive that ups the damage per enemy cursed WITH frailty, with the scent of blood rune? ? ? damage increased by ALL pets against frailty enemies?
Martin Parmas on 28. May. 2017.
All these buffs are awesome, cant wait to see more build videos from you. Also would be cool to hear your toughts for all changes.
Mic Mac on 28. May. 2017.
I have a question; do you feel that the Necro generally requires a lot of micro management ? Compared to let's say the witch doctor ? Thanks for the vid... and the Je... Jetheble... the new set.
SiChuanChilli on 28. May. 2017.
we really just need a good pvp in d3 i think if they actually try to re-scale the gears for pvp d3 is an awesome game, otherwise it's just okay
Jani Heikkonen on 28. May. 2017.
looks like Witch Doctor v2. ResidentSleeper
Rich Shirk on 28. May. 2017.
Hey Rhykker, like the videos, thanks for all the D3 content. BTW I found a Rift Guardian the other day called Rhykker the Devilkin. Is this an Easter Egg referencing you?
takedown4x4 on 28. May. 2017.
What is a good build for the Tran'goul set? I've been trying Land Of The Dead with Blood Nova and seen a bit of success..
CodiakLBJfan on 28. May. 2017.
people still play this game?
Ashik Sorel on 28. May. 2017.
Could Blizzard please add a real Pet Set to make me even remotely interested in the Necromancer Pack? Rathma's set is NOT the pet set. It's an Army of the Dead set with Pet's being TANGENTIALLY related to it. The fact that this build doesn't even use AoD says something about their shoddy set design ideology. And don't tell me to "go play WD if u want a real pet build lols". That isn't the point. Blizzard is showcasing this set as a "Pet Set" which doesn't even really use pets as it's central focus nor does it increase the size of said army. Give me a passive that increases my skeleton army. Redesign this set and remove the AoD property from it COMPLETELY. Somehow make golems useful enough to incentivise it's use. Maybe then this will be an actual pet set. FFS......
Joey Daughtry on 28. May. 2017.
taking to long to kill.
Vegas on 28. May. 2017.
Another WD gay
Devi Lik on 28. May. 2017.
btw when patch 2.6 launch?
Crimson Sword on 28. May. 2017.
Nice oh wait didn't reales the necromancer
Walking Corpse on 28. May. 2017.
Bat wings?Where you find this wings?
Amocoru on 28. May. 2017.
I always hate ads. Whether it's sponsorship or otherwise. I don't come here to watch ads. I come here to watch your content. It was integrated decently but I stopped the video a few seconds after it started.
BalP on 28. May. 2017.
Man... I thought you were cured of this shit when you started playing PoE... C'mon, quit this crap. You know it sucks.