Necromancer skills - Part 4/4 (Diablo 3 2.6 beta gameplay)

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Tube Buddha on 15. May. 2017.
So here's how its gona go down so listen up kids. Blizzard will release the necro and it will be weak af Public with go ape shit and cry for buffs Blizz will give in and buff necro a little Public shuts up
Marek Maansoo on 15. May. 2017.
When i can play it ?
Adam Greaves on 15. May. 2017.
There s nothing exciting or tell me to go buy this build why put a useless under powered character up for sale I love this game but so far fail mancer lets hope thle wake up and change some things to make this worth while spending hard earnt cash on
Spookz on 15. May. 2017.
I see a zdps necro incomining in the near future
Titanium Ark on 15. May. 2017.
@Rhykker Just got into Diablo about a week ago, while I have no interest in Necro I wanted to comment on the most recent video so you would see. Love your guides, love the break downs, basically love all the content. Keep up the awesome work, your insight has been a great help to navigating this game and deciding what class fit my play style and what items to keep an eye out for while playing. AWESOME JOB!
Rekijan on 15. May. 2017.
@Rhykker Blood rush - hemostasis, isn't it mainly for the set that gives you all runes?
Der T3rmin4tor on 15. May. 2017.
if i hear wither i always think of nasus sying: WITHER!!!!
Logan Green on 15. May. 2017.
so I haven't been able to keep up lately but is there still no ptr release date or a live release date?
David Mcintosh on 15. May. 2017.
So far the build in general seems potentially good but still needs a lot of work or at least to me. At the moment all I can say about the necromancer is meh... I'm not as impressed as I would like to be about the class. I'm really hoping for the best but we'll have to see.
Rasmus Jakobsen on 15. May. 2017.
Are you sure that the "Blood is power" passive is actually the same as a flat 20% cooldown reduction? The wording is not quite clear, and I think the CDR might be additive to normal CDR instead of the usual multiplication.
charley222 on 15. May. 2017.
more and more i look this shit game this style are the same of korean rpg, i just hate this style of art for diablo
ralgore on 14. May. 2017.
Wow...after watching all 4 skill videos the Necromancer looks very unimpressive.
Skaith Ankou on 14. May. 2017.
Maybe its 50% of current health for simulacrum?
B.B. Wiggs on 14. May. 2017.
Not sure if I'll be getting this or not...not convinced it'll be worth paying for.
Krypitk silver on 14. May. 2017.
when will the necromancer come out for xbox one/ps4??
Yaron Glücklich on 14. May. 2017.
A cool alteration to "Bonespear-possession" would be: "Your spell will now charm the enemy for X s. During that time its attacks deal Bonespears damage (or a % of it) as bonus damage."
JEMustang on 14. May. 2017.
Also are you going to go over the popular builds on the PTR currently like you said you would, Rhykker?
Empty1 on 14. May. 2017.
It's sad what has happened to this gam. This is not enough content.
Zachary T on 14. May. 2017.
All these videos did is make me want to play D2.
JEMustang on 14. May. 2017.
I like how they didn't want to make poison a big thing for Necromancer as that was kind of "Witch Doctors thing".. but then one of the best builds is built around all poison skills... come on Blizzard.
TyphoidBryan on 14. May. 2017.
It probably is too late to scrap the Necro for the Druid, I guess. Aside from the Blood Nova, I am not excited about this class.
Kaelos on 14. May. 2017.
So they have no plans changing bone armor look. Disaster I know there is a set for it but this fat look will still be there when using different builds And I laughed hard at blood bone spirit mechanic rune. Dumb as hell
Radircs on 14. May. 2017.
I don´t know what exactly you have against this 20% CDR passive it's nice. And better than the 20% flat from other Classes. Because it is additive, not multiplicative to your existing CDR. Consider this and how easy you gett o around 30% CR with paragon, and the gem in helmets you are fast by 50+ %. In spacial for builds with many Blood skills this is maybe worth consider but even with only Bloodrush (what you will have in nearly all builds), you will just need to cast it 20 times to get this.
Arthrogeddon on 14. May. 2017.
Hey Rhykker, I have a question : does the shield you gain from the 4p bonus of the blood set count as life for blood spell ? If i have 100 hp and 100 shield points, how many health/shield will i spend for blood nova for exemple?
Wil Cals on 14. May. 2017.
if wizards have a unique ARCANE damage type, why didn't they made an UNHOLY damage for necro? would have introduced cool spells like ghost stuff.
ArturoPladeado on 14. May. 2017.
I like how the Necromancer is shaping up but could use some redoing in some areas like doing something about the Scythe of the Cycle and Death's Scythe weapons and some passives could use some buffs like Bone Prison maybe up it too 20% and Blood is Power to like 50% or just a straight up 20% cooldown reduction like you said and maybe increase the duration of Fueled by Death to 10 seconds and maybe something about the Pestilence Master 2 piece set maybe having something to do with Land of the Dead or something
UraStr on 14. May. 2017.
finally you mentioned bane of the stricken with relation to frailty I can stop crying :)
Ranzbert on 14. May. 2017.
The Passive "Final Service" seems to be like ah huge disadvantage for Pet Builds cause they revolve around Pets to stay alive and if they are all gone that would mean that you will nearly instantly die after that 4 seconds run out if you´re not able to summon all Pets in that 4 seconds :/
terrorinthesky1 on 14. May. 2017.
I'm sorry but Frailty in its current state is OP. Picture the following scenario: you are pushing GR 70 at the limit of your gear and are bearably keeping up with the timer. Elites and large HP mobs are what's slowing you down. Bring their HP down to 15% and now pop Frailty. 15% damage is not the same as a 15% kill shot. In my scenario getting 15% extra damage through gear, paragon, ancients etc is a lot harder than simply having 1 skill that kills at 15%.
aspi rine on 14. May. 2017.
Great, more stupid cooldown powers.
White Void on 14. May. 2017.
Rhykker is the best Diablo lumberjack
YIC on 14. May. 2017.
sanguine is pronounced similar to penguin.....
Delsus 75 on 14. May. 2017.
Life from death + Blood from blood as you said gives lots of free blood skills. Could this then combine with simulacrum and make it free, but still have an annoying cool down?
menamgamg on 14. May. 2017.
Ugh it feels like the D3 Skill system is just fundamentally fucked up.. xD
Александър Тренчев on 14. May. 2017.
The skills and passives of the necromancer are disappointing.
Aurora Solaris on 14. May. 2017.
It is just me or Blizzard way to balance is like "Ok, let`s create a strong skill... then add 1 good rune to it and since this skill is strong already let`s throw useless filler runes"
MrD34TH69 on 14. May. 2017.
I don't like the instant death at 15 % health. Example: Lets say you crit an enemy for 80% of their hp so they're at 20%, but your next hit is already going to kill them, thus it's uesless. But if you had 15% more damage plus the crit, the numbers for it are a bit wonky but you're more likely to one hit that enemy than the instant death. I like the concept but I still think I'd rather have the damage over this instant death at 15% health. Not sure how exactly you feel, but hey this is my interpretation. Have a good one Rhykker!
Sean Kleen on 14. May. 2017.
So let me get this straight. With Trag’Oul’s Avatar, the Blood Set, you gain all the runes of Blood Rush. Does that mean Hemostasis (removes the health cost) cancels out Metabolism (Blood Rush now has 2 charges, but its health cost is doubled? What are your thoughts on this?
J Thompson on 14. May. 2017.
I wish riot would release this already looking forward to it but they are going a little to hard on the "hype train" no if they were to also add the druid I would be overjoyed my very much favored hero of the Diablo universe
Darth Typhon on 14. May. 2017.
The Necro save from death power, Final Service is pretty shit. If you're not running a minion build you don't get any recovery from it.
ZerglingPack on 14. May. 2017.
So anyone that is in the beta, how is the Necro so far? Watching these videos gives me an idea, but is the game play fun or does it feel like more of the same? Oh and one other thing how long to the bodies on the ground last? Do they vanish once you move 2 screens over or after a couple of minutes? Is the passive Spreading Malediction affected by the number of curses on a single enemy or does it just count one curse per enemy? Lastly maybe I missed something, but at 22:11 WTF is that giant fucking goat?!
David Rivers on 14. May. 2017.
Thank you very much for going over the current beta skill set. Did I miss the golem? I don't remember you covering the golem.
Florin Andrei Rus on 14. May. 2017.
i forgot samthing keep it up rhykker love you :))
Florin Andrei Rus on 14. May. 2017.
not at all thay keep using life per kill but when you try to fight higher rift how the hell ar you going to kill them first reduce the skils that thay have life per kill for one and increase life per hit you give life you have samthing good to sustain life so if i use necromancer and he cant keep up becose i have to use in all my items life per kill what is the point and for the love of god make samthing AOE good you think samthing ooo noo is over power go with that build on 130 GR and tell me how op is you need paragon 4000 so stop with op staf i play this game and i have a loot and i have fuking 750 paragon and cant go for over 60 gr bicose i dont find greath items and thay keep fuking nurf the heros let them be good and increase power over gr on verry higher lvl and give the chance and go high and high on gr over the paragon lvl since i start the season i when i got 400 paragon i reamain on fuking gr 60 bad chance on drop i use over 1000 db and stin dind find the items i want plus b
BIAKaboose on 14. May. 2017.
The infinite duration curses could be useful with Simulacrum's rune that causes all curses to be applied simultaneously. Pair it with the double tap blood rush and the curse that can be made into an aura and you have a solid boost as a support styled Necromancer since you can dash through large swathes of enemies applying permanent curse of every variety to every enemy you pass through. Assuming the Simulacrum stays closer to the enemies you can use bone spear with Teeth to lay down a good deal of damage while you're healing back up and your group is killing all of the cursed enemies. Assuming perfect execution you scrap 70% of your maximum HP in the blink of an eye, but if the second dash retreats you to a safe distance you have all the time in the world to heal back up in a group scenario where someone else can take aggro while still being able to output damage thanks to the range of bone spear. It would be pretty much garbage tier for solo play, but in a multiplayer environment
Savante Estabillo on 14. May. 2017.
Hopefully D4 goes back to the D2 skill tree style! I don't like the idea of swapping a skill and it doing like no damage because it's not part of a set like how D3 is. The minor buffs skills got from speccing into the same tree made your skill choices really impactful in D2 and hopefully they learn from a lot of D3's biggest criticisms.
yusukenl01 on 14. May. 2017.
Umm Where is part 3? I can't find it
serimorph on 14. May. 2017.
Curious to know if the Simulacrum - Reservoir rune works in tandem with the ring that gives you an extra skeletal mage. Since you are summoning 2 mages at once, would that double to 4 super strong mages? Seems like that could be a rather nice nuke.
Captain Perfect on 14. May. 2017.
it seems many of the necromancer runes arent that good.
Sam Hanbury on 14. May. 2017.
Frailty is quite a bit more then just 15%. Considdering, Damage amplifier are not up 100 % of the time. You might have classes, wich are based on COE or rotation builds like, lets say the wizard, and finding the sweetspot between beeing forced to wait for a 2nd rotation from the damage dealer, and beeing able to just continue the rift, cuz everything dies there, is quite powerfull. I really imagine, in combination with wizards, this will be very strong.