NECROMANCER GAMEPLAY: All Legendary Items! (Diablo 3 2.6 beta)

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iGREENification on 12. May. 2017.
Blizzard is working so hard to make sure the necro isn't op on release, but how are they balancing the other classes?
clueso on 12. May. 2017.
I don't think I will buy the necromancer immediately, but sometime in the future when they reduced the price. Honestly, I am not super impressed by the Necro. Personally I hope that D4 is going to be better than D3, especially in regards of itemization and build diversity...
Chris Davis on 12. May. 2017.
2 min ad that couldnt be skipped. I hope someone isnt pushing adrev that much. Even My Ublock which is disabled on YOutube, of course, couldnt shut down the 2 mins of a game I will never give two shits about. Mavel vs Capcom trash ad should be reported.
SheepFuckerJohn on 12. May. 2017.
Crispin is an english name. A bit old-fashioned, but a legitimate name nonetheless.
Amy Bernkastel on 12. May. 2017.
Attention, the +5 stacks on Bone armor is not " just 15% damage reduction ", first of all if you use the bone armor set you have an additional 2% so it's 25%, and it's additive 25% ! 25% of 50% Actualy because you go from " 10 stacks of 5%=50% " to " 15 stacks of 5% Which is 75% total damage reduction ! It's like a unity basicaly, doubling your toughness !
AnarchyJesus on 12. May. 2017.
these item blows, do they want us to buy necro or not
Pistol Pete on 12. May. 2017.
Anyone else excited to get the Necro transmog's for other characters? lol
somuchfortalent on 11. May. 2017.
I'm watching the "pet build" as you're talking and all I'm seeing is stationary skeletons farting out an aoe cloud and a re-skinned WD pet following you around.
Aaron Norman on 11. May. 2017.
so the blood nova weapon with the wep that puts the curse on the dudes in the cube with the armor that groups things that are cursed?! yup i want that
Hofnaerrchen on 11. May. 2017.
Krysbin's Sentence (at 6:40): That trigger mechanic is quite common on items. Why not go with "while the enemy is cursed". That would fit the Necromancer quite good but maybe you don't use curses in combination with the affected skills.
Hurdleizer on 11. May. 2017.
I would like to point out that with the Inarius set and Wisdom of kalan bone armor ends up giving you a total of 75% damage reduction.
Mighty B on 11. May. 2017.
love all the beta game drama you included! very entertaining. I also need more how to make and farm the items you use videos hahaha
King Pungy on 11. May. 2017.
I am loving what i am seeing THY RHYKKER
benoit martial on 11. May. 2017.
Rhykker when do you think this pack is comming out ?
Matthew Liddell on 11. May. 2017.
will they release it across all platforms simultaneously?
Michael GoMeZ on 11. May. 2017.
Guys dont worry! These numbers will get buffed in no time! They are just preliminary!!
P. Dilla on 11. May. 2017.
Because of "youtube guidelines." Made for the liberals.
32Loveless50 on 11. May. 2017.
jep like it, gonna make a thorn pet build when it gets out :D
Kiera Fayd on 11. May. 2017.
I wonder if the Prayer of Briggs ring procs when Cursed Scythe applies a curse. If it does, than it seems like it would be much more useful than the Dual Scythe rune since it appears to draw in enemies from farther and into a tighter grouping. Then use Death Nova buffed by Bloodtide Blade.
TheCuddlySeaUrchin on 11. May. 2017.
Super excited for the Necro! great video!
Dukker Jammish on 11. May. 2017.
Why so much stack fuckery. They only serve to be a real annoyance if they ever fall off and they will eventually.
adjoshi5 on 11. May. 2017.
What is that huge Khazra in the city ??
wolf121 on 11. May. 2017.
man they need to put damage reduction on the sets that would make more sense. making a bracer or items in general with damage reduction will only make the items mandatory and a must have in slot items thats the issue with the DH is that there damage reduction bracer is pretty much mandatory. DH UE has the damage reduction on the set so do the same with necro sets and not just them but all the sets for other class's.
Mati Polska on 11. May. 2017.
Ryhker Pls answer when necromant come to diablo we will get new wings?
Manuel Pellizzari on 11. May. 2017.
Hi, it seems to me the necromancer the perfect character to try to put Shi Mizu's Haori to good use ( : While below 20–25% Life, all attacks are guaranteed Critical Hit ). With the fact that : you can voluntarily reduce your life, there is a ring to boost your toughness based on life missing and you can use a legendary gem to stagger any surprise peak damage over 3s... there is at least something to try here that the other classes couldn't do !
The Line of Epic Heroes on 11. May. 2017.
Grim Scythe Generator build could work well in combination with a pulling or zdps Monk maybe? Monk pulling enemies and Necro hitting these enemies with this skill. Could this work?
ValtheJean on 11. May. 2017.
I'm still very unhappy with the pet set. What's the point of skeleton mages when they just become an acid cloud helltooth set? I'm sure it plays strong...but seriously...what was the point of all this "we don't want the necro to be the same as the WD" when they just made the primary set play exactly the same. As far as the free blood nova with siphon blood, the idea behind it was to use it while you have the additional health from trag'ghoul's set. The problem is that siphon blood's healing is garbage, so you're never going to have that additional health when there are mobs surrounding you.
Tanner Young on 11. May. 2017.
Fuckin garbage can't believe they are fucking up the most desired thing in D3
ch1rurg on 11. May. 2017.
you cube Spear of Jesseth, heart of iron and prayer of briggs. equip Trag’oul’s Corroded and Fang Bone Ringer, for defense Wisdom of Kalan & Dayntee’s Binding and LoN thorns build is complete.
zebezd on 11. May. 2017.
I'm totally gonna try to make Discomancer, with all the different triggers for different free death novas at different times. You just occasionally spew random colours.
mrfuzzyibrows on 11. May. 2017.
soooo...whens they gonna announce the rest of the LoD cast?
Ulises Pérez on 11. May. 2017.
nice!! thanks for your feedback, i can´t wait to use it. also, i would love to see the Druid comming to D3 class rooster
Jay Ragland on 11. May. 2017.
kind of worried about how squishy the necromancer is currently. Hopefully this character will get better DR before it goes live. Now we need to know about how much this is going to cost us. Thanks as always for the information.
Lesliechow on 11. May. 2017.
poop roll.
Ricardo Oliveira on 11. May. 2017.
That red set reminds me of: I am the dragon of blood a relentless prince ofpain. renouncing god on his throne my blood is forever stained.
Lucas Statute on 11. May. 2017.
ok, but where the f*ck is Homunculus??? blizz pls
ubersaber2 on 11. May. 2017.
they should have removed cooldowns from the beginning of the game and then balance wouldnt of have to been around sets. i mean who the hell want to use a 2 min cd ability that work for like 6-10 seconds. no wonder alot of abilities are useless while leveling up.
Dex of cards on 11. May. 2017.
this class is a disappointment :c
Zachary Hiland on 11. May. 2017.
I'm betting that there will be additional legendary belts and some legendary bracers added once some builds start to solidify, so when they start adding things to buff survivability, they actually fit into what people are using, instead of forcing awkward skill choices into builds for the sake of not dying. Looking at the patch notes about Bloodtide Blade, it says it gives 125%-150% extra damage to Death Nova for each enemy within 10 yards, not 15%-20%. If the patch notes are correct, this could be a LOT more powerful. I'd be really interested to see if the life drained by Haunted Visions counts as life spent for Trag'ouls set, could make for an interesting synergy. Also, if Skeleton Mages with Gift of Death drop a corpse when you use Devour with the Ruthless rune, Razeth's Volition combined with Circle of Nailuj could get you FREE mages (10 for each of the two mages, plus 10 for each of the corpses they drop). Could be good for cleaning up obsolete Contamination mages as you progres
strickter on 11. May. 2017.
youtube demonetizing for everything these days. You know, because everyone just loves censorship
Hydrexxx on 11. May. 2017.
Hi, i saw you missed talking about : ''Mask of Scarlet Death Revive consumes all corpses to raise a single minion that does an additional 125 – 150% damage per corpse'' Dont u have it or did you forget to talk about it? I'm interested in your opinion about this legendary.
gagejoseph91 on 11. May. 2017.
17:45 That moment of realization and elation XD Glorious!
SpectralArrow on 11. May. 2017.
....Soooooooo they gave him poison.....Hope they have the good sense to make a poison nova rune for death nova now.... Not like its one of the necro's most iconic skills or anything.... Also not like its his ult in HotS or anything, like seriously kinda pissed with the "its meant emulate iron maiden" comment, ya you know that other all time best skill that we could easily have done but decided not to because no real reason at all.... You rember when D3 started and they decided "we'll tell everyone they'll love it, we don't have to listen to players at all" because I do, and many decisions being showcased here are eerily similar.
Robert K on 11. May. 2017.
Should swear anyways Rhyks fuck the thought police
Believe Inyourself on 11. May. 2017.
This class looks boring,not worth the 40-50 or 60 whatever they gonna sell it.
Jean Holder on 11. May. 2017.
I would like to see Golem being a viable dps option instead of just a utility :( Blizzard make Golem do area damage. Diablo2 with Golem was intimidating.
Gcrab71989 on 11. May. 2017.
I have a feeling I'll likely be running some thrown together lon build and not push myself at all with the necromancer. the sets don't interest me but the skills do and I'm sure it'll be easy enough to come up with something I enjoy to tear it up in t13
Zero Cool on 11. May. 2017.
rhykker, do you ever question yourself if you should make a video about something you know all the other content creators are going to cover? I know this is how you make your money... but I'm curious to know if you feel like you aren't adding anything to the mix. I love your content but I was interested in your take...on my comment. no offense intended.
Zero Cool on 11. May. 2017.
rhykker, do you ever question yourself if you should make a video about something you know all the other content creators are going to cover? I know this is how you make your money... but I'm curious to know if you feel like you aren't adding anything to the mix. I love your content but I was interested in your take...on my comment. no offense intended.
Tentacles on 11. May. 2017.
Dafuq is that evil unicorn pet? I want one!