MUST BUY ITEM??: Empowered Ring of the Kirin Tor (WoW LEGION) !!

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Greywindx on 6. Aug. 2016.
This just goes to prove that blizzard cannot handle the gold inflation that is WOD. Money sinks bordering on p2w is just horrible practice. Making a ring this ilvl as a gold sink is just shafting anyone new or returning to the game.´╗┐
Rafael Lich on 6. Aug. 2016.
The ring it self isnt bad for raiding or the leveling since it would give you a huge boost, but if you not a hardcore raider i wouldnt recomend since it isnt worth, wasnt worth in wrath it isnt worth now, and for the teleport i dont find it you will need it since your HS has 15 min cooldown and has soemone said you can even put your normal HS in dalaran so you have 2 ways to teleport Thats how i see it, but it isnt my money ^^´╗┐
Bryon Lape on 6. Aug. 2016.
Blizz creates a bunch of gold sinks in the game, but then makes gold harder to get. Yeah, that makes sense.´╗┐
Bryon Lape on 6. Aug. 2016.
I fully blame this guy for the crap that is Legion. He constantly pisses on the good stuff. Congrats.´╗┐
Hewbertland! on 6. Aug. 2016.
So did I win the mouse Az? :D!! IF so i'd love to win it :3! <3! Much love!´╗┐
Matthew Edward on 6. Aug. 2016.
Maybe If the ilvl Is upped by another 15 I'd buy It, 250k for 850ilvl Is in my eyes, extreme, but 101 lvl requirement >.< I'll buy for my DH, but for my alts, sorry to say :p´╗┐
Terence Knol on 6. Aug. 2016.
lol, port dal to dal´╗┐
89qwyg9yqa34t on 6. Aug. 2016.
Yea, but remember 640 items were "the shit" at the beginning of WoD. There's a lot of expansion to go through and if you decided to pick it up at the halfway point, not only do you have more raids available to you, but expansion *stupid check*s like this aren't nearly as appealing. Additionally, there will be flight somewhere in the middle of the expansion.´╗┐
H1vey on 6. Aug. 2016.
As Mastery is the best stat for both Enhance and Resto, this is a must have :)´╗┐
Storm Shadow on 6. Aug. 2016.
Dear Az, Watching this vid, I see you have over 4 million gold. I know it's the beta but I don't know if that comes with some type of free gold system for testing out the expensive stuff. If not, I have to ask, how do you make that kind of gold in the amount of time the alpha/beta has been going? I've watched tons of gold/farming vids before. I understand that anything like that is going to take time and work, but is there any way that you know of that is at least a little exciting, and not tedious and boring to the point of making one want to stab their eyes out with a rusty spoon? It took me ALL of WoD to save up for the grand expedition yak lol.´╗┐
James Salvatore on 6. Aug. 2016.
An arguably pay to win bullshit item that doesn't require any skill to get, which just inflates the economy increasingly. When things seem good and promising blizz always find a way to fuck things up. Demon hunter and cool progression! nice BUT...then they give us a fucked talent swapping debacle. We learn about the cool wardrobe system! Love it! But...then they fuck our interface up and dumb it down. And now this... Always a buzzkill which is sad because we're just trying to be hyped for this cool new stuff. Dont buy it. Go into the broken isles, have fun, level, complete the new cool quests and keywoard (Play) the game. Have we not learned by now from WOD and even Diablo 3 all this pay to get easy gear just takes away from the game to great extent. The absolutely hilarious thing is they call it "Empowered" When we all know a 850 item at lvl flat out OVERpowered. Come on, Blizz... seriously. My ultimate question is just why. You're already hiding legendaries beh
Loquendero Amv on 6. Aug. 2016.
nahhh mate ima paladin I need haste and mastery there is already a lot of crit items while Lvling already´╗┐
Orkrus on 6. Aug. 2016.
welp better start buying wow tokens....´╗┐
Russ Trotter on 6. Aug. 2016.
this feels kinda like the the 640 ilvl craftables from WoD that were equippable at lvl 91. It's true intent is to siphon gold out of the economy rather than be something that is usable through all of legion. Maybe that's just my jealousy speaking since, while i'm not poor, i don't have 250k gold sitting on all my toons :)´╗┐
halpal r on 6. Aug. 2016.
hi everybody, its bald man and ass face´╗┐
Lyphe 416 on 6. Aug. 2016.
Don't think this is a must have. Looking at raiding rewards, this would get replaced very quickly and you have many other options for comparable rings pre-raiding. Nice ring to jump into raiding with if you have too much cash to burn, but it'll be nothing more than a dalaran hearth very quickly imo.´╗┐
Gaz Trav on 6. Aug. 2016.
Would be well worth it, if it was account bound...´╗┐
Pj Mack on 6. Aug. 2016.
Legion will be the make or break!´╗┐
Pj Mack on 6. Aug. 2016.
check the price out ffs must buy my arse .. cant buy ... oh wait WOW tokens .... nice one blizzard :/´╗┐
Ok :D on 6. Aug. 2016.
Pls more emergency videos´╗┐
RSGinc on 6. Aug. 2016.
I would buy but I'm a gold goblin and rather keep it rather then spend it, I'll just get a ring from raids and keep my shiney's to gloat about.´╗┐
LockofMetal on 6. Aug. 2016.
I think saying its a must buy is def stretching it. It's something to increase ur ilvl by 1 and increase some off ur dmg/heal by very minor nrs. It will be replaced the moment you enter the first raid on heroic. And any ring from normal is equally as good. The extra HS is not going to be that useful. Reason HS won't be that useful is to begin with this, you won't be needed to go back to dalaran that often that you MUST have 2 hearthstones within 15minutes (since ur normal HS has 15min cd). Also since we don't have flying, whatever you do in the world will last longer than 15mins so u can easily HS back if needed. So for the HS this item is def not worth it. And since it won't boost ur stats to be worthy of 250k im def not getting it. If it was Boa or cost like 80k maybe, i would consider it, but for 250k? No.´╗┐
OnlyRoke on 6. Aug. 2016.
This ring sort of shows how skewered WoW economy is nowadays. Some people can buy this ring for every alt and then still have enough gold to last them for forever. Others don't even have enough money to buy a single ring, because they didn't max out every garrison each day. I'm one of those broke guys who sits on his 180k gold and I probably won't waste all of my money on a piece of gear.´╗┐
David Goudy (Zunzhine) on 6. Aug. 2016.
Another hearthstone yes duh! :D´╗┐
Fat Gandalf on 6. Aug. 2016.
Does rings only give stamnia and those other stats now?´╗┐
Luna Isa on 6. Aug. 2016.
Orosz P├ęter on 6. Aug. 2016.
and here i am with barely 30k gold´╗┐
christian de lange on 6. Aug. 2016.
Ok, I got the message, I'll start farming again´╗┐
ReichDerDornen on 6. Aug. 2016.
its a must buy for sure´╗┐
ltech12 on 6. Aug. 2016.
Its a must buy on all 3 of my active characters asap.Every 1 who said have money wont buy dont really have enuff $$$.cuz damn that shit gunna be OP @ lvl 101´╗┐
SumoRoboto Gaming on 6. Aug. 2016.
How'd you get so much gold? Gold guide please? I can't earn gold for shite´╗┐
Mario on 6. Aug. 2016.
I've never had that much gold in the 13 years I've been playing I think blizzard want to sell some tokens with this ring .´╗┐
cheater21211 on 6. Aug. 2016.
Jeez it took me way to long just to get 30K´╗┐
MJay Hanigra on 6. Aug. 2016.
It's almost ~3 months of subscription time on EU.´╗┐
Random name passing by on 6. Aug. 2016.
Tbh, I bet another ring with lower ilvl will replace it because of more appealing stats.´╗┐
GitmoOZ on 6. Aug. 2016.
Pay to Win ?´╗┐
prince dante on 6. Aug. 2016.
how can i play beta wow´╗┐
Beer_Wolf on 6. Aug. 2016.
I'd only get it if there were an achievement associated with it like in WotLK, but there ain't so I won't.´╗┐
Koga Sagara on 6. Aug. 2016.
150k!!!? and i was feeling lucky to have 120k :'(´╗┐
Gamecrazed613 on 6. Aug. 2016.
For someone like me who can't ever seem to break 100k its not even on my mind. Its just something else ill never be able to get.´╗┐
Ellessandra Ramsay on 6. Aug. 2016.
I don't even have 250k across all my toons. lol´╗┐
Skyler Weaver on 6. Aug. 2016.
I can't afford that shit! I only make like 20k a week!´╗┐
Wool of Bat on 6. Aug. 2016.
Though I could afford it at a pinch, I certainly won't be buying it. Kind of smacks of "pay to win" and I figure Blizz has put it there to encourage people to buy WOW tokens. I say "don't encourage them" or we will be seeing a lot more of this. I'll be crafting & raiding for my gear.´╗┐
Kou D3x on 6. Aug. 2016.
The cost is stupid high. It's not worth it for just some dang stats? You know how many tokens I can buy with that kind of money??? lol A mount is worth more than that ring because it stays with you and it's account wide. If It was a loom then yes it is worth it but, it's not. BoP= No BoA=Yes´╗┐
Redarkai on 6. Aug. 2016.
yaaaa that good any all but im broke in wow 250 F that´╗┐
Atromnis on 6. Aug. 2016.
That's half of the money I have bringing into Legion. If I had more, I would consider it, but freakin' A that's a lot of money.´╗┐
Feronar-Lightbringer US on 6. Aug. 2016.
Waste of money. Normal Emerald Nightmare drops minimum 850, same item level as the ring.´╗┐
Trevor Morris on 6. Aug. 2016.
yeah cus i got 250,000 gold, shit iv never been over 20k´╗┐