Moon map's secrets EXAMINED - Horizon Lunar Colony Lore Analysis [Overwatch]

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FollowingTheRain on 5. Jun. 2017.
Ah, I'm so late! Been busy for a few days. No notification makes me happier than a Rhykker Overwatch video! Thank you. (:
Danny Boy on 5. Jun. 2017.
The lights is the Spain Portugal areas could have been off. It was day time but idk
AlarmResistant on 5. Jun. 2017.
Jetpack Cat is the culprit.
OhWanderer on 4. Jun. 2017.
Bamzoree on 4. Jun. 2017.
jet pack cat
Pablo Miranda on 4. Jun. 2017.
hey I know what it will be and is !!! SUSAN!!!!! THE NUMBER 20 LITTLE MONKEY GIRL :D
Victor Yarn on 4. Jun. 2017.
10:51-don't worry,they will be shattered a lot....
BattleGrounger on 4. Jun. 2017.
About Zarya's comment: that is a direct quote of Gagarin. The quote says spacecraft-sputnik, which means that it's not a name of spacecraft, but rather a class of object. Thing is in russian "sputnik" can mean an object that orbits the earth. So the moon is a sputnik, satellites are sputniks too. So yeah, the way you translated is basically correct :P
Angus Little on 4. Jun. 2017.
those aren't dresses they are lab coats, which may be more ominous than you think
Sherrif on 3. Jun. 2017.
Sputnik "спутник" is just the Russian word for spacecraft, or most literally "satellite" and much like in our language it's used more commonly for "artificial satellite" but unlike our use of the word "satellite" it is used for _any_ form of spacecraft, even a manned vessel. Yuri's quote was originally in Russian (then translated to English) and I'm pretty sure she's got it word for word. So no, I don't think there was a bug in the translation. (as there was nothing to translate)
Digital Bear Productions on 3. Jun. 2017.
Very smart on Overwatch to put no sound in space. Sound does not exist in space, it cannot travel. :)
Digital Bear Productions on 3. Jun. 2017.
This is an amazing video
Crexxer on 3. Jun. 2017.
What I find strange is that Gorilla Winston's room is actually underground. Despite the window in his room showing "stars", if you exit the airlock, and look down towards where his room SHOULD peak out, you can't see any sign of a room. Was this intentional, or just lazy map editing?
Anthony Trujillo on 3. Jun. 2017.
In the room with the space suits, there are three lights shining down upon the suits of Winston, Yoshida, and Flores. Could this mean that these 3 astronauts that lost their lives on the mission wanted to be remembered? Or perhaps they are still alive? Or is this just a simple lighting system that has no correlation to anything at all?
Matt Knight on 3. Jun. 2017.
plot twist Gorilla winston and scientist winston are actually the same person, but its like a hulk situation
Will Hieland on 3. Jun. 2017.
Well done Rhykker. There's an impressive amount of research in this video.
Bubba Holen on 3. Jun. 2017.
What if there is not just gorilla on the base
Shadoray on 3. Jun. 2017.
Please let Hammond be a lizard.. UGH! I really want Hammond to be a lizard!..
P4 hagen on 3. Jun. 2017.
on the rightbottom of Spain there is a circle in a circle made from light? is this maybe a god programme or something?
IGAPPAI on 3. Jun. 2017.
корабль-спутник (korabl'-sputnik) Is just a direct translation of "Satellite ship" sputnik means Satellite
Genji Shimada on 3. Jun. 2017.
Roadhog: *Looks at Earth* Well, ok then.
Бармен on 3. Jun. 2017.
"Облетев Землю в корабле-спутнике, я увидел, как прекрасна наша планета. Люди, будем хранить и приумножать эту красоту, а не разрушать её!" You can translate корабль-спутник as Ship-satellite. Корабль-спутник was in original quote. I think Yuri was mean both part of ship(sorry for bad english, i did my best)
MrSoommy on 3. Jun. 2017.
Amazing video, it's full of analysis! I'm curious about this lights on the earth, interesting what happened :O
Charlé Ouel on 3. Jun. 2017.
That Widowmaker yah just a bit more powerfull than her scoop :D Any way what I am seeing form that: 25:30 is the circle of light whiting a other circle of light look weird to me. Like really weird too me (like I don't see humain doing this for no raison weird (or may be it made by omnic weird.)
Dog on 3. Jun. 2017.
Ah yes. Breakfast cereal. Lunch pizza. And finally Dinner spaghetti.
BloodyJoker89 on 3. Jun. 2017.
How about that Hammond hijacked Winston's mail, called everyone on deck, and sucked them out the airlock.
Kydell Postels on 3. Jun. 2017.
I'm pretty sure alot of those primates are different in the paused camera images. I saw an orangutan, a gorilla, a chimpanzee and another smaller ape.
Brett Edwards on 3. Jun. 2017.
Im thinking those aren't dresses but rather lab coats. Small detail and doesn't really mean anything but yeah.
Jeric Jurado on 3. Jun. 2017.
That suit part. No its a different winston that had same name. He's that one black guy that dies first.
RoGuE_ReBeL117 on 3. Jun. 2017.
the "dresses" are lab coats
FriezaReturns00001 - Non-Popular Gaming on 3. Jun. 2017.
Hey Rhykker, question: Ana says that "Not bad but it's also not Hawaii" -- is she implying that she was retiring there?
Blazindragon on 3. Jun. 2017.
OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SAYING APES!! I watched a couple of other youtubers videos and I would just cringe every time as they just called them all Gorillas even though it looks like there was an Orangutan and Chimpanzee :/ so the technical term would be Apes :). You definitely get a like for me sir!! keep being amazing
Mithical1 on 3. Jun. 2017.
Well, okay then
Nahuel Da Luz on 3. Jun. 2017.
i love to match the shapes in the holes ;D
Comrade Communism on 3. Jun. 2017.
I see why Winston called for an emergency at the air locks. Both doors are able to open at the same time! Thats a terrible design for an airlock!
Alejandra Cadena on 3. Jun. 2017.
I love you, you really take so much time for these videos and I always enjoy them more than the quick content others make
Hassan Ben Ahmida on 3. Jun. 2017.
I noticed that when entering WInston's room with anyone but WInston. The PA system says "Winston is not here right now". It seems the computer system is somehow able to recognize Winston presence.
Stan V on 3. Jun. 2017.
Your translation is correct, it seems to be the Gagarin quote but for some reason they shoved the sputnik part in there for no reason? Perhaps someone misremembered the exact quote or mistook it for being from the sputnik flight and felt the need to contextualise it. I doubt Zarya sent in space on a spaceship called sputnik and said the same quote.
spanky gamer on 3. Jun. 2017.
guess what I am doing for the next 26 minutes
leo couture on 3. Jun. 2017.
thank you for doing this video, the last video i had a compliant about how ur not on top of things anymore, but i take it back. you're my go to for new things over watch and im happy you did this as it shows ur going back on top of things again. keep up the great work and i look forward to seeing you're next videos in the future.
PoppieXL on 3. Jun. 2017.
Hmm isn't the voice line from Mei "The World it worth fighting for.." .. isn't that an old voice line that has been in the game..?
PoppieXL on 3. Jun. 2017.
Does Winston have any special in game voice lines when ever he goes into his old room .?
1Shapic1 on 3. Jun. 2017.
Direct quote from Gararin. Спутник means satellite. And he is speaking about satellite ship, orbiter.
Ronald Blum on 3. Jun. 2017.
I wonder if somebody could lay the Spain picture over a Spain map to see where that other landing site is. I tried to do it by Eye and All I get is it is definitely south somewhere of Zaragoza
ReallyBadGamer on 2. Jun. 2017.
its an Orangatan
matthew ranger on 2. Jun. 2017.
i think hammond might be on some kind of contraption e.g a hoverchair when we get to play him, otherwise we would end up with a hero smaller than torbjorn... and torbjorn is already tiny
bestegamers123 on 2. Jun. 2017.
24:00 my name is jiri kinda sound the same
Dakiller1716 on 2. Jun. 2017.
Well Zarya might have been in space since her ult is graviton surge.
Owen B on 2. Jun. 2017.
More likely than anything Winston (the gorilla) used the space suit as materials to create an adaptation for one that would fit his body.
Mr.Random on 2. Jun. 2017.
God damn, I just love how in-depth Rhykker goes with this shit.