Legion Patch 7.2.5: Preparation Guide + All You Need To Know

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grafspe807 on 7. Jun. 2017.
why would i spend 20 Bloods of Sargeras to get 2 k order hall resources in a single box when i can already spend 10 bloods and get 2 k resources in 10 boxs ??? The math dosnt add up ??
Zia hussaini on 7. Jun. 2017.
is it me or does it seem like he makes the same video every two weeks
Carlos Sorto on 7. Jun. 2017.
class act
KI_HawtTater on 7. Jun. 2017.
3:54 Niggermancer
PoppieXL on 7. Jun. 2017.
I like how close and his friendship Is with other WoW YouTube in the community
Anerz on 7. Jun. 2017.
Nice vid
Stefan Chirica on 7. Jun. 2017.
Hello guys is the patch gone be on 13 june?
Naypony on 7. Jun. 2017.
Can always count on you for these videos, always look forward to them as well ❤️.
Wildcard on 7. Jun. 2017.
LOL blizzard has proven they have issues tuning dungeons. look at coen
Christopher Bates on 7. Jun. 2017.
I absolutely hate Bellulargaming and asmondgold, but they are the only ones putting out any info. Please, someone else step up that is more palatable. I don't have the time, now that I am modeling full time internationally as an underwear and fitness model, and my porn career is taking off.
Veloci on 7. Jun. 2017.
Just came back from the dentist, and i'm hungry but i can't eat for couple of hours.
Shawn Fisher on 7. Jun. 2017.
Inappropriate character/minion name at 3:48
Hugh Mungus on 7. Jun. 2017.
after 11 years u canceled my sub
Paul Karyakos on 7. Jun. 2017.
The power creep is reaching Diablo 3 levels of stupid..
Salim Osman on 7. Jun. 2017.
nice vid cheers mate
timabuf on 7. Jun. 2017.
I bet it's out next week, they will want to give time for class changes before raid is out
tj hall on 7. Jun. 2017.
Not notification squad just in YouTube 24/7
EQOAnostalgia on 7. Jun. 2017.
My demon nips are ready! <( . Y . )>
merlinbk on 7. Jun. 2017.
You need to drop the exposure down on your video.
Joshua Schwitzerlett on 7. Jun. 2017.
thankfully the outro music is back
DeeoMaika on 7. Jun. 2017.
Why in hell would I need a heirloom weapon from 100 to 110???!!!
John Constantine on 7. Jun. 2017.
thumbs up from me for sending people into the wow community instead of just ignoring people like preach or fatboss.
DE0Xevo on 7. Jun. 2017.
@BellularGaming you can not complete the achievement of the warglaives on your normal hunter, since the achie specifically says the character has to be able to wear them both, your normal hunter cannot wear those items, I've got the exact same problem on my account :(
Lili Linx on 7. Jun. 2017.
Carlos Saft on 7. Jun. 2017.
You cant equip warglaives on your hunter (dont farm on it), i have thoridal bow on my paly and dont have the achivement, cause i cant equip. Just saying.
Benmamin Edenfield on 7. Jun. 2017.
Awesome video sir! Does anyone know if the Darkmoon Faire, Argent Tournament, or other pvp sources will have the 110 heirloom upgrades for sell for tokes, seals, etc.?
Lauge Nielsen on 7. Jun. 2017.
I'm pretty sure you will only get the Warglaives achievement, if you obtain both glaives on a character that can actually equip them, ie. Warrior, Rogue, Death Knight, Monk and Demon Hunter. Farming them on a Paladin or a Hunter or any other class won't give the achievement and thus won't allow your Demon Hunter to transmog the glaives after the Timewalking Black Temple event.
Steve Herrmann on 7. Jun. 2017.
Is world quest gear getting a ilvl upgrade also in 7.2.5?
Tyler Wolf on 7. Jun. 2017.
I was excited about class mounts...then I remembered my main is a Mage :(
Patrick Eyahpaise on 7. Jun. 2017.
Super glad you namedrop other wow content creators and resources. I watch all of the channels you mentioned and I think it's neat to see you guys working together, even if indirectly.
Feralfen on 7. Jun. 2017.
Transmog competition rewards are not even recolours
Isaac Lambe on 7. Jun. 2017.
protecting a crowd from dying in a concert. hmm could be seen as a little insensitive haha
DjuntasGaming on 7. Jun. 2017.
10:15 Glad Im not the only one using his videos to helps me^^ Also what about that new world boss thing in vanilla? Any news yet
RepcoSovereign on 7. Jun. 2017.
No idea if that's your real account, but you are giving out the email-adress to said account, you might check on that if the acc is more than just a test acc!
The Town Under Arin's Chins on 7. Jun. 2017.
So I have the Warglaive achieve, but I dont have a DH at level 110 whos geared. If I do it on another character, where does the appearance go and is it account bound?
Adam Freeman on 7. Jun. 2017.
i love that the bigger circle of WoW youtubers respect each other and inform their respective audience about these other channels.
Josh Patterson on 7. Jun. 2017.
Isn't there still some benefit to saving nethershards? Won't they still have a chance to titan forge up to the new titan forge limit? A chance at some super high TF relics or trinkets seems like a good enough reason to save them.
Mallicor on 7. Jun. 2017.
You can still save up nethershards for the chance of titanforged gear to the new tf cap.
hitmanmaloe on 7. Jun. 2017.
Out of curiosity what old contend raids to you grind weekly?
Derek Tingle on 7. Jun. 2017.
anyone else here love legion at the start but find it boring now?
Wesley VL on 7. Jun. 2017.
nothing but blizzz bull shit
Chelmus Marian on 7. Jun. 2017.
what zone music is at the end?
Datsreality on 7. Jun. 2017.
@bellulargaming please confirm to me if I should save my legionfall war supplies. That way when patch day comes i can turn in 1000 and get 10 crates. Is it possible for this to happen? or are they making it so that the currency doesnt give any legendaries what so ever after this new patch?
Zabuchi25 on 7. Jun. 2017.
im lvling a new main for 7.2.5 and i prolly wont be 110 (or even 100) by the time it comes out does this mean the legos i get after patch 7.2.5 will be insta 970ilvl or will they just be 940 and i have to upgrade to 970? Also whats the point of a loom weapon to 110 i mean will it really be better then the artifact cause if so that will just be stupid
Jurgis Venckus on 7. Jun. 2017.
if I have not been playing wow for like 6 moths, is it possible to get back and be competitive now, or not really? and will I have higher chance of legendary?
JackinaBox on 7. Jun. 2017.
can you clarify something, 2 items per run, is that for the group or per player?
yung mandalswag on 7. Jun. 2017.
thought the moonkin festival was already live...
Zivilar on 7. Jun. 2017.
New Goblins/Worgen models yea? no? .....ok
Honey mon on 7. Jun. 2017.
Couldn't play for a month since i was studying for exams and currently doing them right now. Hopefully i did not miss to much ill be back on on the 19th of june so i hope its g