Legion - Fel Core Hound Mount

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Marllon Sardinha on 26. Dec. 2015.
oh look... a recolor
krzysztof borkowski on 23. Dec. 2015.
so we cant have unique mount in this game to be proud of anymore ?
Ted Anderson on 23. Dec. 2015.
Naxxramas LFR comming ?! oh my god, what have i done, nooooooooooooo grgrgrefdgvdg
Lokim23 on 23. Dec. 2015.
LOL... so.... blizzard as you can tell by legion is really pulling out the stops. Dalaran = same, only 2 new mobs to fight in legion, while everything else is = the same, new mount fel core hound.... lets be honest... the name itself you were expecting what? any player of wow by now is saying... "its gonna be same, but green... TADA!!! Something tells me.. with all the hype (cause thats all blizzard relies on anymore) legion will be a worse flop then WOD.
otokonohito1 on 22. Dec. 2015.
WOOOHOOOOOO another reskin!
Raymond Mallozzi on 22. Dec. 2015.
"lol recolored mounts" and FF14 is any better? They released recolors of Magiteck armor on their store page 12$ PER CHARACTER (not bound on account) and in red and white. So if you don't want black or can't get gold color....buy White or gold lol Seriously. Recoloring mounts is not new. IT's been in wow since vanilla.
Jaraxxus, Eredar Lord Of The Burning Legion on 22. Dec. 2015.
who cares that it is a reskin? it looks fucking awesome and that is the only thing that counts
Dat Felryn on 22. Dec. 2015.
Green Core Hounds exist, guys. Stop being fuck boys.
Оля Дёмина on 22. Dec. 2015.
как его получить
mokoo on 22. Dec. 2015.
another reskin, another set of dislikes for mmo champion just uploading new content
Sir Tristan on 22. Dec. 2015.
Can't wait for the 12th Anniversary Black Temple LFR that this'll be a reward from.
Blue Steel on 22. Dec. 2015.
Get hype! We recolored an existing mount from red to green! LEGION HYPE!!! WHERE WE AT TOWELIEE B O Y S!!!! *a legion of unhygienic fat men in their 20s appear to furiously debate me*
Mush Rathior on 22. Dec. 2015.
asdfbry on 22. Dec. 2015.
Looks nice and all, might just be a recolour but it looks nice still. But fuck you and get gassed, if this turns out to be a ingame shop mount, blizztard.
Dreadfury on 22. Dec. 2015.
Reskins aren't always a bad thing, considering that pretty much every mount bar some store mounts, the solar spirehawk, mimiron's head, and some TCG mounts like the rooster... and this thing's probably one of the coolest-looking reskins to date... People are stupid. Really, they are.
Mettaton on 22. Dec. 2015.
fucking whiners.
Wayne Bakken on 22. Dec. 2015.
I like my molten core anniversary one. If i get this i would need a new transmog for it.
Doom Lord Kazzak on 22. Dec. 2015.
Im waiting for the purple version, or the yellow version, or the gold chain version, or the transparent version and the pink version of course... ...fliying too.
zim57 on 22. Dec. 2015.
Does this mean Fel Ragnaros is going to be a thing? Holy crap Nixxiom called it.
Wing on 21. Dec. 2015.
hurr durr reskin!!!shift+1 fuck off
tucci06 on 21. Dec. 2015.
I like how it became trendy to hate just because Blizzard reuses a mount model...even though they've been doing it since the game was brand new. Literally nothing has changed besides how whiny and entitled the community has become. Lol, they actually expect every single mount released to be 100% unique and new. I hope they scrap every one of these "re-skins" and give us 3 mounts per expansion.
Bindair Dundat on 21. Dec. 2015.
It looks more Venomous than Fel.
Elvis M. on 21. Dec. 2015.
yay! I missed my chance for the 10th anniversary mount so now I'm a happy camper
OP04player on 21. Dec. 2015.
here we go again, I'm not looking forward to play Legion.
OsirisNO on 21. Dec. 2015.
Figured this was coming, I like the fel look. Looking forward to obtain it! They should release more re-colors of this model.
Xzenock0343 on 21. Dec. 2015.
Reskin, Mmkay blizz Mmkay.
Pennywise The Clown on 21. Dec. 2015.
There are a total of 425 mounts in WoW. It would be impossible to have an unique animation model for every single mount, or maybe they should do it anyway, and let's see how good the mounts will look then. But wait, the effort damaged the other content in WoW, now we don't have any raids. Good job.
Miguel Jesus on 21. Dec. 2015.
what is the problem with a reskin ? blizzard does that since 2006
Flodde on 21. Dec. 2015.
Reskinned. As always
Themayoratlarge on 21. Dec. 2015.
but it's green this time guys!!!!!!
Nu and Improved on 21. Dec. 2015.
What the heck are people expecting? It's the same mount just a Fel version. You want a new model for every mount in the game? Even animals in rel life are often just re-skins of others of their species. I guess God [if you believe in him] is just as lazy.
MrLL on 21. Dec. 2015.
GeneralProfessor on 21. Dec. 2015.
Call it a hunch but I don't think this will be a store mount. /s Also, no reason to dislike the video just because you don't agree with Blizzard's actions. MMOChamp is just reporting on new content and disliking their videos hurts them and helps no one.
Surce Riol on 21. Dec. 2015.
reskin fagots blizzard worst company lazy shits, just recolored models, fuck u
Daniel Pospec on 21. Dec. 2015.
Legion pre patch event? :-)
Retro1989 on 21. Dec. 2015.
12 Years of WoW. The Legion have invaded Molten Core, kill Fel Ragnaros for the mount and also receive a Fel Corgi pet.
Chris Spence on 21. Dec. 2015.
Just be happy they fucking put something in, jesus christ
Niek Van Luijn on 21. Dec. 2015.
The amount of people that think recolor means the same as reskin is too damn high! This is a recolor not a reskin derp.
Pink 9000 on 21. Dec. 2015.
Who the fuck cares that it's a reskin, there's only 2 of them, and they're both fucking SICK!!!
iCresp on 21. Dec. 2015.
Are people aware how many reskins/recolours blizzard have done in the past? It's not a bad thing, if they didnt do reskins/recolours there would be less than half of the mounts in game right now. It's not like in other expansions they've made all new mounts with no copies anywhere. Fuckin grow up
Le Bazarkthus on 21. Dec. 2015.
350 mounts achievement ?
Agility on 21. Dec. 2015.
This reskin looks really cool to me BUT I'm so much disappointed that they've used as unique model as Core Hound used to be (10th wow anniversary only).
Wow Jedi on 21. Dec. 2015.
Hey guys Look!! Its a Fel Core Hound Mount! Sweet we are getting another core hound mount.
MrJustinArt on 21. Dec. 2015.
Well, looking at the comment section I can definitely say: It's really not easy being green.
Nitin Shekhar on 21. Dec. 2015.
There must always be a reskin!
Razid M.S. on 21. Dec. 2015.
No copy pasta plz Blizz Also, now.... IN GREEEEEEEEEN! Kappa
EternalBaladeur on 21. Dec. 2015.
People complaining about recoulors... Do you imagine for a single sec what WoW would look like if there was no recolors at all ? Use your brain, for god sake. "OMG ! A GREY WOLF ! THERE IS ALREADY A BLACK WOLF WITH THE SAME MODEL ! IT SUCKS !" And what for someone who, you know... actually wants a grey wolf ? Same for the horses, can you simply imagine if the humans could get only one horse color because "We won't use the same model" ? We NEED recolors. Every players has his own tastes about the look of his character, so making recoulors allows almost everyone to have at least one version that fits their needs ! No one complained about the recoulors of the frost wyrm during wotlk or the recolours of the wyverns/gryffons. And you know why ? Because thoses colours are actually COOL and USEFULL. And it's the same for armors. Often, you would love an armor, but the colors doesn't fit your character. You're lucky ! There is a recolor ! Of course it is annoying to see a mout
302yt on 21. Dec. 2015.
Blizzard's mount can no longer excites me.
Ilias Drissi on 21. Dec. 2015.
omg and i thought the one from 10th anniversary was going to be unique.
Keadin Mode on 21. Dec. 2015.
A reskin is when a mount has the same skeleton as another mount, but a different look to it, like Flametalon of Alysrazor vs the Raven Lord. Same skeleton, different textures etc. Now this mount vs the 10th anniversary core hound is not a reskin, it's a recolour. Even less work went into this, it's literally just a colour palette swap instead of at least adding details to the look of it. Very disappointing, but I guess we'll see more of this in Legion, like a dozen different recolours for the moose.