Legion Beta - Subtlety Rogue Artifact Weapons

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Uploaded: 2 Dec 2015 Likes: 42
Patch: 6.2.3 Disikes: 84

IWentInsane on 2. Dec. 2015.
Marty Blois on 2. Dec. 2015.
I would have preferred a blade made out of pure shadow.
Magic Man 133 on 2. Dec. 2015.
Keep in mind the artists did not decide that these weapons would be large fangs instead of "sharp and pointy" ninja daggers, they created designs based on this concept which was given to them, they can not reinforce a fantasy for a different weapon other than what they were told. So saying "ugly as fuck y no ninja blade QQ" as a reaction to the art is just ridiculous. If you think the lore and weapon concept should have been different to match the class fantasy i would agree, but all of the art produced for the artifacts has been at least above average and some of the weapons are the best looking items in game imo. Feedback about possible lore and weapon concepts that could have worked better for the class fantasy is more constructive, as a designer i can say it very hard to design based on a poor concept.
Radek Staněk on 2. Dec. 2015.
Love it... daggers need to be sneaky weapons - small in size (no shit bro). (y)
Josh Leonard on 2. Dec. 2015.
Rogues and warriors got the shaft no doubt
schippes24 on 2. Dec. 2015.
i think the dagger around 1:00 is fine, but those others are just wierd.. the sub rogue is now about shadows more then ever.. why dont you do some skins with smoke and shadow effects? i bet a lot of player would've liked that
Raybeze on 2. Dec. 2015.
blizzard please! the weapon needs to be trimmed down.
Daggernath on 2. Dec. 2015.
The 3rd is the only one that looks okay. Now this is the fang of Sargeras' favorite hound given to subtlety rogue and this is what it looks like. As a rogue, our weapons will always be visible. Feral druids also gets a fang as an artifact weapon. It looks better than this and it's not even going to be seen that much in melee combat compared to this.
AoRxStealth on 2. Dec. 2015.
Rogues are really getting fucked this expansion :/
Jake Naftal on 2. Dec. 2015.
Most of the artifacts look great...then these
Norbi77 on 2. Dec. 2015.
craven bradford on 2. Dec. 2015.
ugly as fuck
Daiona Mio on 2. Dec. 2015.
ahahahhahahahhahaha lmao
Pineapple Coconut on 2. Dec. 2015.
looks like shit
WHITEYxM on 2. Dec. 2015.
Looks better than the pictures at least. Still nothing on the warlock level, though.
Steinar Furuli on 2. Dec. 2015.
These daggers aren't any thicker than a lot of daggers currently in the game. For example, the legendary daggers. Once in-game and wielded in combat the thickness won't be noticeable. Just the size and sharpness. These daggers will be noticeably smaller than one-handers, but still large enough to distinguish them on the field, which is desirable for being artifacts. If the designers make the daggers any smaller they'll just appear too small and un-epic for being artifacts. 01:19 will be one of my top picks. :)
Kaldrack on 2. Dec. 2015.
the icey one is "okay" though still to bulky
SuperDuperSonicSpeed on 2. Dec. 2015.
RIP In Peace Sub Rogues.
cay k on 2. Dec. 2015.
bleh. mages get better looking weapons
Connor Magson on 2. Dec. 2015.
Not very subtle..
Wayfarer on 2. Dec. 2015.
How am I supposed to kill with these "daggers"?
Wayfarer on 2. Dec. 2015.
A tooth with wood and iron on that? What is this? Where is normal dagger? >:C
DoctorDebVids on 2. Dec. 2015.
oh my god these are sooooo bad
Francis Del Torto on 2. Dec. 2015.
1:45 was the only one I liked.
technom8 on 2. Dec. 2015.
Rafalga on 2. Dec. 2015.
Same design artist probably did the warrior weapons as well seeing how unimaginitive and uninspired they both look. Same goes for Surv hunters as well. Looks like all work went to the caster staffs, Ashbringer and Dk swords for advertisement probably.
Jakub “Reaper” Pelikán on 2. Dec. 2015.
These blades looks like they woul notd be able cut slice of bread.
carlos angel on 2. Dec. 2015.
que cagada de dagas todas son feas
NikotinMK on 2. Dec. 2015.
Marin T.N. on 2. Dec. 2015.
My inner ninja main cries... :(
Kris Lastname on 2. Dec. 2015.
I would have thought an offhand claw would be cool since sneaky ninjas climbing up walls n stuff
IMaxMuh on 2. Dec. 2015.
Blizzard, WTF?! How the heck are you supposed to CUT with that thick "blades". Btw thick "blades" are not only a Rogue Problem, ALL the swords so far are just way too thick aswell. Let them be big, whatever its fantasy but a blade needs to be SHARP. What you are designing atm are blunt weapons across the board...
威丞 on 2. Dec. 2015.
Tommy Adams on 2. Dec. 2015.
Hated them until I saw the animated versions on this video, not bad.
Peter Nyedro on 2. Dec. 2015.
Seems like I won't play Sub in Legion. :)
Diavolo222 on 2. Dec. 2015.
First they completely gut the spec and turn it into an abomination, and then they dont even make good looking weps.
Biosan on 2. Dec. 2015.
I don't get it. Why does everyone hate these daggers? I think they look pretty decent.
xRelyz on 2. Dec. 2015.
Yea lets legitimately fuck rogues by making their daggers look like blunt weapons. Or like a spellcaster's dagger... Or wait... lets take our original dagger model and wrap it around black shit. That'll do.
Monotire on 2. Dec. 2015.
So I can't believe I am saying this, but I like them all....every single one. At first I hated the design and thought they looked really bad but seeing them in motion and on the character I can really say they actually look cool..better then the assassins ones atleast. I am actually happy I am going Sub in Legion.
Amphyprion on 2. Dec. 2015.
Wtf why does every rogue hate these? I sincerely like them
OsirisNO on 2. Dec. 2015.
Amazing looking.
Multiblade on 2. Dec. 2015.
Good luck stabbing anything with that chode.
LadislausDragulia on 2. Dec. 2015.
I feel with you fellow sub rogues. Sincerely, a fury warrior.
ofus kao on 2. Dec. 2015.
i just hope outlaw to be fun and viable spec cos i don't wanna go around with this sad things...
Awaken the Evil on 2. Dec. 2015.
Glad that transmog exists. BTW, why the dislikes? It's not MMO Champs fault for these shit weapons, don't shoot the messenger.
Cruciatum on 2. Dec. 2015.
I feel so sorry for rogues this expansion...
samir hadad on 2. Dec. 2015.
im glad i dont play a rogue lol
MrJustinArt on 2. Dec. 2015.
Eh. I'm playing combat - or Outlaw, rather - in Legion on my rogue, anyway. Why? Because fuck everything and become a pirate
ThrotanEnterprises on 2. Dec. 2015.
nothing says "subtlety" like having a huge, almost 20 pound hunk of metal with glowing, smoking protrudences