How to Solo Nok-Karosh/Garn Nighthowl Mount-Updated for 6.1-10k+ Gold/Hr

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Uploaded: 19 May 2015 Likes: 480
Patch: 6.1.2 Disikes: 9

sethric1234 on 28. Oct. 2015.
Hey I'm just wondering if you noticed that they changed his movement speed in the water... I'm getting down to the water no problem.. but then he moves like stupid fast in the water... spamming the spacebar and its just not fast enough - in your video he is slow and swimming - for me its like hes still on land...
impactofredemption on 28. Jul. 2015.
Man ranged classes are so OP, they always can do fun exploits like this.
jonbeingjon on 26. Jul. 2015.
Can this still be done? I went to try it today and once I was able to get him down to the water it would reset.
david Kongsdal on 19. Jul. 2015.
Made over a mil. gold in wod... Then i got too danm bored of it and stopped...
Api Dee on 10. Jul. 2015.
Asmongold he have a new buff that gives he +70% movespeed what yet?
Natalyn Hamilton on 8. Jul. 2015.
can you help my son do that
Crowmaster on 24. Jun. 2015.
No longer solo-able through this method he gets a 70% sprint buff on top of everything in patch 6.2..... doesn't mean i can't still solo nok *giggle*
Api Dee on 15. Jun. 2015.
i dont can do it in 10 min i make not enough dmg xD
Bombican on 8. Jun. 2015.
haha "Mim m,mssing"
colton papp on 4. Jun. 2015.
did you lose dps because you were bm and you didn't have you pet? wouldent you do more damage if you were mm or survivl?
Kroogg on 3. Jun. 2015.
Quick question. Instead of the raft could you not use Draenic water walking potion 10 min buff as well?
Cyberlockz on 31. May. 2015.
Hey I watched your guide and figured il show people/you my method as it is a hell of alot easyer hehe, note this is not to self advertise or anything I just want to help :)
brwz on 31. May. 2015.
so why not just team up with a dk? use walk walking ability with aspect of cheetah with posthaste?
Brandon Kantor on 31. May. 2015.
Why the fuck is the raft so buggy? Trying to shuriken+deadly throw and the raft randomly falls out from underneath me.
NintendoTillDeath on 30. May. 2015.
After I get Nok to about 80% he resets. Did this get hot fixed?
Dick Bringer on 29. May. 2015.
i sold these mounts for 35k a pop early WOD made a ton lol.
Erkibabe on 27. May. 2015.
thanks a lot for this guide! i did it before on my firemage after your first guide and was quite sad after the movementspeednerf. im doing it at least 5 times a day and even with the two adds its quite easy 'cause i can go big dick with combustion on them, making the fight easier :>
soocl0se on 27. May. 2015.
Do as much damage to him before he gets to 50%? I don't get that... you can only do a set amount of damage to him before he gets to 50%
backhero1 on 26. May. 2015.
what are those colors on the map?
LyfeStyle GFX on 25. May. 2015.
Ty bro, good stuff as always
TheTrollshaman on 25. May. 2015.
seems like u have a more meaningless and pathetic life than me... thought i had spare time issues.
Dillan P (紫クシュ山脈) on 25. May. 2015.
ty for helping kill the profits :( lol.. was good while it lasted
David “PHYDEAUXX” Isaac on 24. May. 2015.
Walk through please
Angelo Duran on 24. May. 2015.
Do walkthrough pls 
fartex1 on 23. May. 2015.
thank you for this asmondgold, I tried to get him pre speednerf but failed so hard. with this tick it took me 5 trys (kept getting fall damage) but once I got him down to that sea hes not that hard if you know how to kite. ps: thumbs got cramps while I was doing it, so it was a "painfull" drop :)
Vincentx X on 23. May. 2015.
In EU outland the Garn Nighthowl is for 2k gold
baseballfan4877 on 23. May. 2015.
oh gosh.. I did this on my hunter (661 il) i can say that this is a lot harder than soloing whale shark in Vashjir. It is kind of exhausting spamming spacebar, but after a few attempts you should get it.
Killerder on 22. May. 2015.
What do you think the odds are of this being patched?
fellockz on 22. May. 2015.
Hey Asmongold I would like a guide to get Exalted with the Anglers to buy the raft and the mount. I got no idea where to start or how long it will take.
Kiefer V on 22. May. 2015.
triple dodge clutch af
Kirby on 22. May. 2015.
Nice guide, I've been doing this for a few months now and it's very easy and fast money. Having hunter as main also makes it a little easier to do :)
Jamie Brian on 21. May. 2015.
2k on my server
Kuba Balo on 21. May. 2015.
FUCK U dude :D
erradful on 20. May. 2015.
you can tame the small ones and abandon them straight away to basically kill them within a few seconds. obviously it only works as hunter
HighClass GoogleWhore on 20. May. 2015.
So in theory. If you have a friend with two level 100 alts on different realms to cross realm you. You'll have him constantly spawned. And you could make 60k an hour? That'd be 1,4 million gold for one 24 hour farm? Excluding market inflation.
HighClass GoogleWhore on 20. May. 2015.
Full Metal (Fullmetalfire) on 20. May. 2015.
Used to do this alot until the undercutting got so bad that I just plain quit made like 24k in 2 hours. confirmed works some servers have real low prices though. this will probably be nerfed in a few weeks though sadly its been around awhile.
nipa 101 on 20. May. 2015.
Yensu Aybara on 20. May. 2015.
I would just like to note that after watching your previous video I tried it. After some practice, I was able to solo it with 148% combat move speed on a hunter. So, the old tactic is still doable, just more difficult.
jake hodges on 20. May. 2015.
thx dude! took me about 10 trys to get down the mountain:] but was able to solo 3 kills in about an hour:] He de-spawned on me twice:/ prolly out of range. Awesome strat
Tudor Savin on 20. May. 2015.
What ui do you use?
Shadownia on 20. May. 2015.
can you cast while moving on the raft?
DaJokered on 20. May. 2015.
Whenever i do it, boss resets when i get on edge of wall
Zoned fml on 20. May. 2015.
There's no need for any of this. I'll upload a really simple video later.
Ryan Mcleish on 20. May. 2015.
asmond is awesome
donlagmanx on 20. May. 2015.
Does this count as Godlike kitting ?
John Doe on 20. May. 2015.
Sup Asmongold? It's me, it's ya boy John Doe, and today I would like to make a video request. It seems the Ruby Sanctum method of leveling has been needed, could you do another leveling tutorial for 30-80? If not can you just reply with some tips for places to level alts? Thanks.
Alex Landa on 20. May. 2015.
Gratz on 10/10 Mythic
Diplonox on 20. May. 2015.
Hey Asmongold, can't you use a water strider pet? They have waterwalking and on top of that, you can use Aspect of the Cheetah.
Crows Descend on 20. May. 2015.
Them dodges... xD