How to Make Gold With Your Apexis Crystals (4000+ Gold/Hr)

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Daniel “Katzmaniac” Katzman on 28. Sep. 2015.
If u buy them for 800g and sell them for 400g how do u make a profit?
cottonproductions on 25. Sep. 2015.
Just cause someone lists it for 5000g doesn't mean it is actually selling. This is a shot in the dark. But the theory is good.
Armin Hammerstone on 14. Sep. 2015.
I think this guy is Pervert Pete.
SuperStinkyfart on 5. Sep. 2015.
buy coalfists for 6k, wait till end of legion and sell them for a buttload
Vol' jin (Nawstra578) on 3. Sep. 2015.
I got exalted without trying
Vol' jin (Nawstra578) on 3. Sep. 2015.
add this with a mage tower find the spot tht gives like 10k worth or crystals per 30mins.... that's like 20k per half hr of corse depending on market and whtnot maby 10ish k per hr atleast 8k half hr
chaosdecides on 3. Sep. 2015.
Nobody seems to be buying these on my server.
Richie Arrigo on 2. Sep. 2015.
Been doing this since launch of WoD. Sold the Bone Wasp from Laughing Skull rep for 15-20k on a server dominated by alliance and made a killing.
Josh Bargerhuff on 30. Aug. 2015.
Chode strokers are selling these things for 1k on my server.
kryptik MI on 29. Aug. 2015.
god fucking damnit asmangold, don't be that dude that undercuts by 1k
mitre991 on 28. Aug. 2015.
And asmongold ruins yet another gold making method that i used prior to the video, damnit. 10 sons of seeth popped up under me and i've been the only one selling it for months.
Lee Sin on 28. Aug. 2015.
how do u get those guys who sell mount > apexis crystal and gold in ur garrison?
Kaboose 234 on 28. Aug. 2015.
in wotlk n cata i would level up characters then when i caped them i would take all the gold that i got from lvling ( 5k-10K gold ) and send it to my main i did it because i thought it was a fun way to make gold and im very lazy when it comes to gold in wow
Titan Warlord on 28. Aug. 2015.
please for the love of god, a hordie on korgath list a bone wasp for some reasonable price not 20k, last pet I need from the wod factions u ass hole hordies.
Heart 1783 on 27. Aug. 2015.
the 4-5k you would get for each pet,Now this is coming from me a broka fuck player. It's not worth it in my PoV thoes rep's are soul destroying it's like going and farming Sha Hoe Rep 5 times over but increased diffaculty. Just my sande point. not discoruging anyonee else from doing it. and most deffinitley not downing u asmongold at all cause u the mad dog XD so ye u want fast easy gold . it's old and prob only works on rp servers but go farm mobs in the blasted lands get the quest item that you turn in for a bag of goodies has plans all greens from 40-58 so yeah there ya go a little thing . Ps @Asmongold man keep doin these i love atchin em even though im not currently subbed to wow for obvious reasons XD
parkjy11 on 27. Aug. 2015.
"Think about how much money that is. That's a lot of money, OK?" Sagely advice from my boy Asmongold
Max Sand on 27. Aug. 2015.
::sigh:: not on my low pop server. They sell for like 1000. YMMV
Karoar12118 on 27. Aug. 2015.
You sure people aren't just buying your pets because you're Asmongold?
BDFProtector on 27. Aug. 2015.
This should be called How to make 4000 Gold P/h on my Own server, because every realm is relative to its own economy
Philcrank on 27. Aug. 2015.
Asmongold would you also like to have pandaren demon hunters in Legion?
jomp nomp on 26. Aug. 2015.
lol they sell for 1,5k on outland eu
NexerdGamer on 26. Aug. 2015.
Like always a lovly guide :D and ye allot of peeps are lying on youtube
Skaju MJ on 26. Aug. 2015.
Asmongold, you just saved my ass from being poor
Hazzed Gaming on 26. Aug. 2015.
Sadly they are only selling for 1400g on my server. haha
SargoK5 on 26. Aug. 2015.
What is the giant cloak icon you have on your action bar?
OCG on 26. Aug. 2015.
I would probably go and also level up these pets.
Lore Wise (Warcraft) on 26. Aug. 2015.
Greetings Asmongold, I am making Warcraft Icons for different classes wanted to know your opinion on Warrior one's [icons still alfa]
Weiyan Lin on 26. Aug. 2015.
Hi Ashmongold, what is your transmog set in the video? It looks awesome!
Cihan Neşvat on 26. Aug. 2015.
what if nobody buys it
Richard Jones on 26. Aug. 2015.
ah shit... there goes my gold. well it was a good run.
Bob Buelens on 26. Aug. 2015.
I never understood pets in WoW.. If I want pokemon i'll switch to my gameboy
Insane Pain Game on 26. Aug. 2015.
That's how you do it! Selling pets for gold! Yeah!
Varthillo Alleria on 26. Aug. 2015.
Nice method but I'll just stick to heroic 25 man cats raids they give almost 2k per run
timothy combs on 26. Aug. 2015.
i know this doesnt follow your vid but i put 3 pets on auction house they sell for 4 to 5 k i put it for 950gold no one buys them iv relisted it 2 times and nothing
Everything Gaming on 26. Aug. 2015.
Hey man, I've been subbed to you since you had like 2k subs. I liked watching you grow and be real with prices and the community. Your the only one who dosent lie about "make 12k gold/hr" Naw u the real deal. Staying stubbed long after this and I recommend you to anyone that is looking for good guides. Keep it up man!
Jason Murphy on 26. Aug. 2015.
Asmongold, do some streaming. We all want it. Just do some mount/xmog run while talking about the good, the bad and the ugly that came from WoD and what you would like to see them do in Legion. Or do something you want to talk about and stream. We're waiting. :P
SithLordSera on 26. Aug. 2015.
On my wow I'm on illidan and only had one. Auction that was successful all the others I had posted expired. Non of those auctions were successful. I posted those auctions at the prices wowuction gave me. For each of the items that I listed I think. Illidan's auction houseis dead that servers market is dead. So I guess it being a hopping auction house from. What I heard all the time was not true and never was. Illidan for the auction house market is beyond dissapointing.
xTheBigBlue on 26. Aug. 2015.
im exalted with the reps but how do you have some in your garrison
MrLolderp on 26. Aug. 2015.
I don't do reps anymore because the only thing you get out of them is a recolored wolf or boar lol
Iris O on 26. Aug. 2015.
6campeer9 on 26. Aug. 2015.
why u do this to me :(((( RIP my gold earning :(
WHITEYxM on 26. Aug. 2015.
Just because there's a pet on the AH for 4k doesn't mean people are buying it and doesn't mean that's how much it's worth. Most people who would care to buy these pets already have them.
Mr Beef on 26. Aug. 2015.
I love the way you speak/articulate in these videos its entertaining as fuck to listen to you break something down
SyphonFilterr on 26. Aug. 2015.
And when I see my AH, it will be flooded with these damn pets lol. Same thing happened with making gold from running heroics as tanks and heals. Now there is no extra bag reward anymore because all your subs are running tanks and heals :)
justcuzbrosky on 25. Aug. 2015.
Hey Asmongold. Man I really appreciate how you have been showing us ways to make some gold with the AH but I was wondering if you had and or know any recent or relevant strats to make gold just farming certain zones or areas. Isle of giants is just a huge mess right now so I'm wondering if there is something maybe not as good but also not as crazy crowded.
Pendji on 25. Aug. 2015.
You do realize you just ruined this way of making gold.
dewcodered88 on 25. Aug. 2015.
already revered with all of them! Thanks for the tip!
Flyway on 25. Aug. 2015.
Doesn't work. Those pets are so outdated. It's overflooded in market so not only is their price dropping but you will be undercut in 5sec after posting it in ah waiting you at mailbox. That said it's still better than nothing. Having 50k apexis nowhere to spend because there is nothing to buy and I got them from missions mostly since there is no point doing dailys after getting exhalted.
Welsh_Gaming on 25. Aug. 2015.
the hardest part of this is people need to find the strength to grind the damn apexis in the first place :s