Horizon Lunar Colony In-Depth Science Analysis (New Overwatch Map)

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Pratish85 on 4. Jun. 2017.
We need more scientists!!!
MrMisterMan on 4. Jun. 2017.
Overwatch: Where shitty cod players end up.
Zuo Exanth on 4. Jun. 2017.
سلطان بن سلمان بن عبدالعزيز ال سعود To say it easy sultan bin salman bin ebdalezyz al sueud
MR. VIPER on 4. Jun. 2017.
yes u did 8:30
Teh_ on 4. Jun. 2017.
Rhykker is a better physics teacher than my current one....
ThorHal on 4. Jun. 2017.
One literal "big" thing that bothers me is the size of Earth in the sky box. It's way out of proportion.
James Grimshaw on 4. Jun. 2017.
Arabidopsis is actually a model organism for plants (kind of like how mice are a model organism for humans) which is why it's genome was the first plant genome to be sequenced. Also none of those plants seem to be Arabidopsis, it's quite a small plant and is essentially a weed.
Pucek on 4. Jun. 2017.
I laughed at how much time you spent on airlock science while your explaination of hydroponics was kinda all over the place (its not like its important to the game at any level, but plants do not breathe CO2, they breathe O2. CO2 is used in photosynthesis, so while they can create oxygen, it is only done so in light environment, in regular dark room plants will still consume O2, pardon if any of the "science" names is not correct but english is not my first language and was not the language I was thought biology in).
Armando Montero on 4. Jun. 2017.
4:59 if you dont show unit, those numbers are meaningless... they can be anything and thats why you have to show Units
Art Wood on 4. Jun. 2017.
I'm just going to add a heads up. Why in the world dose a "Video Game" company need to have all these scientific statistics which most seem to be correct to put in a video game? Sounds very strange to me.
Alex Grünig on 4. Jun. 2017.
All think that the Apes used that Mail to lure all Scientists to the Airlock right ? Maybe they set it that way so they can suck out all the Scientists quick?
Zach Vinski on 4. Jun. 2017.
"Gravitational Anomaly"? You mean like a Russian woman throwing blackholes?
Hassan Ben Ahmida on 4. Jun. 2017.
@Rhykker Go into Winston's room with any other character but WInston. The room will tell you something. Then enter with Winston.
Chemist88 on 4. Jun. 2017.
Another nitpicking: Sun! It must be white. We see sun yellow on Earth because of the atmosphere, while in reality it's white. Also, I am not sure you can see stars when Sun is up.
knight0739 on 4. Jun. 2017.
@rhykker all the apes are different so they could be pointing out the places that they originated or there species originated
Scizor King on 4. Jun. 2017.
Why is gravity different in the moonbase than on the moon. They are on the same object.
Luca Carettoni on 4. Jun. 2017.
It could have been so simple to place an emergency containement energy shield behind the two airlock doors... i mean... they put them on everything in this game ^^
Kurt Markum on 4. Jun. 2017.
Rhykker will you be doing a lore look at the 3 arena maps?
PrettyChart898 on 4. Jun. 2017.
There should be barriers in the airlock, like the barrier for the telescope
Kacper Baker on 4. Jun. 2017.
But malfunctioning airlocks were the thing that Dr. Winston wrote about...
Edward Smellie on 4. Jun. 2017.
Great video dude! Your jokes are getting better! And the airlock thing makes a lot of sense, shame though!
Banana Jones on 3. Jun. 2017.
Rhykker is the only legit Overwatch content poster on YT.
Yousif Abuhamad on 3. Jun. 2017.
You should have mentioned how plants growing in the hydroponics farm were in soil, not a solution.
Yousif Abuhamad on 3. Jun. 2017.
8:27 ehhh no you didn't get it right, but it is good for a non-arab speaker.
Andrew Janes on 3. Jun. 2017.
I feel like the the gravity wave detector is a way to keep track of the gravity levels on the moon maybe with a giant tolbelstien reactor
David Goldstein on 3. Jun. 2017.
Re the airlocks... Jeff Kaplan did say something about not worrying about needing to breathe out on the lunar surface. Perhaps there's a "dome" over the base (based on Winston's deflection bubble) containing some atmosphere, and the airlock could be willing to open both doors because the air pressure inside the airlock matches the pressure outside on both sides. (Admittedly that's a stretch; it'd take a helluva lot of air to fill that playable space, and unless they somehow extracted it from the rocks, that's an insane amount of extra atmosphere to transport up from Earth...)
Zía on 3. Jun. 2017.
Who is your audience?? Cause your explaining VERY obvious and basic science facts that any 12years old should know
josh madden on 3. Jun. 2017.
As someone with adhd 1.25 speed is very helpful lol good work Rhykker
Bromopar on 3. Jun. 2017.
On the airlock, why is it characters not wearing spacesuits, with no oxygen supply of any kind are not only not dying but continuing high levels of cardiovascular exercise? They be living for about 15 seconds (give or take) while their blood boils and their bodies rupture.
Wakka's Al Bhed Potion the Konami Pachinko Machine on 3. Jun. 2017.
I'm guessing, that Cthulhu is going to invade Overwatch Earth with that theory of gravitational influx with that satellite.
drprofessorposeidon on 3. Jun. 2017.
at 1:51, is that globe representing Earth or is the screen saying they're searching for another planet with the same gravity as Earth?
puixel on 3. Jun. 2017.
Hirschy Kirkwood on 3. Jun. 2017.
was the satellite reference a reference to DOOM when DoomGuy was going to destroy the Argent filter thing?
timabuf on 3. Jun. 2017.
Your time up at science do we go out so I have an airlock into space without any space suits on without anything in her head nothing so if you want to nit pick you might want to keep going and blame lizard for bad science on how come we're going out in space was nothing but a regular close
Sylvanas Windrunner on 3. Jun. 2017.
The vaccum of space part is pretty wrong actually. Sure you wouldn't hear stuff away from you like people firing their guns. But you should hear your own gun firing, yourself speaking and yourself walking because the sound waves are traveling through your body or parts your body is directly holding onto.
Uwexx on 3. Jun. 2017.
There is but one sound that you can hear outside of the base - The SCREAM of Torbjorn...
Krafterr4 on 3. Jun. 2017.
I noticed Overwatch is based off animations, not physics. In my perspective of game design you have these two options. For the airlock to operate with proper physics would mean the entire game needs to be revamped. All projectiles and characters would have mass, be affected by gravity, move differently, etc.
FalseWarp on 3. Jun. 2017.
The fact that there is little sound on the moon's surface is wrong. There would be no sound what so ever. Also it is strange how in the moon base there is earth like gravity, whilst outside it is moon like gravity. Gravity is to do with the mass of the planet/moon and if you are on the same moon the gravity cannot change.
Mike Seo on 3. Jun. 2017.
Orbit : 364 means how many days it takes the Earth to Orbit the sun most likely? giving Earth approximately 364.25 days per year?
Chris Argyle on 3. Jun. 2017.
The airlock is working as intended. It's perfectly safe because nothing is allowed to suck in a Blizzard game, not even a vacuum. This is clearly demonstrated by the fact that even though the Horizon is full of Future Roombas, those uncouth gorilla footprints are still all over the floor. Seriously, learn to wipe your feet before going inside.
Jeffrey Lai on 3. Jun. 2017.
1. is design purpose for gameplay (maybe true) 2. they just tired of making everything so detail (i wanna pick this one)
SKy_the_Thunder on 3. Jun. 2017.
They should have just left that outside bit out entirely. It makes no sense at all, looking at it realistically - and that is even if the airlocks were actually working. None of the characters switch into pressurized suites. Apart from the omnics and very few skins, all have at least part of their skin exposed. They should at the very least be taking damage out there, if not straight up die. And then there's all the weapons that wouldn't work. As stated in the Video, sound wouldn't work, so all of Lucio's abilities are useless. Hanzo's Arrows wouldn't fly as good because there's no air they could use to straiten themselves out. Winston's electricity would likely not work as well because it also needs a medium. Many of the weapons seem to collect air to fuel themselves too (probably some kind of plasma system), which obviously isn't going to happen either...
BzerkerNinja on 3. Jun. 2017.
you get blown out airlocks not sucked out
Just Some Guy on 3. Jun. 2017.
I like how you rant for like, 5 while minutes and don't even mention the BREATHING situation. I mean, I get that they had to take some liberties to make that area accessible but still, airlocks? Really?
Ramon Bernardes on 3. Jun. 2017.
Not so bravo about the airlock... Even if you explain the malfunction, that's not correct how pressure works on space. If the air on the outside is despressureside and the inside is normal(earth reference), a single hole can make you and your space suite like a toothpaste, it would take about 20 minutes to normalize the pressure, anything less than that and you try to open the door can make a hell of a mass.
Johan Neal on 3. Jun. 2017.
Reality vs fictional? hmm, k.
Chice on 3. Jun. 2017.
*D E E P A N A L Y S I S*
iFlu on 3. Jun. 2017.
Dioxygen level is around 16-18% in regular air... 52% seems a bit dangerous, except if it indicates a tank and not the actual moon base's level Arabidopsis thaliana is what you call "a model" in terms of Research. It's actually THE model for photosynthetisis-able vegetal. And sound needs matter not just air so technically you could feel (I said feel, not hear) a sound wave on the surface of something in a void environment
Aidan Murphy on 3. Jun. 2017.
Let's just criticize the science on a fictional moon base. Because tracer can jump back and forth through time at will, but oh my god a fictional moon base isn't scientifically accurate!