Holding Dance Emotes Hostage (Overwatch News)

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Jos Batenburg on 7. Jun. 2017.
My computer has been broken for a while and my replacement can't run overwatch. So I can't get anything from this event (unless I would pay money, at a time where I can't even play) so rip dances for me ... also rip Jazzy Lucio T-T
LightTheFuze on 7. Jun. 2017.
Only concern that I doubt I can get them all and they are unavailable after the event.
TXF on 7. Jun. 2017.
Honestly I'm not a huge fan of limited time items when RNG is involved, regardless of the item.
Mega lomania on 7. Jun. 2017.
Meh, idc I got the dance emotes I wanted.
Other Barry on 7. Jun. 2017.
Yeah, I agree. I would just buy loot boxes, but I have so many items currently, my probability for a repeat item is extremely high, and everything I'm hearing about people getting duplicate after duplicate with this event, and the low credit award for dups, I feel like my motivation to purchase loot boxes is extremely low, other than just being satisfied that I'm supporting a product I love.
Lucaskiteam 26 on 7. Jun. 2017.
It's true, I never lost on attack and never won on defense
Rhino1400 on 7. Jun. 2017.
I'm on a school trip for most of this event, so... I don't have the dance emote for my main... I'm upset, but I got the skin.
Theo Norris on 7. Jun. 2017.
or spend coins.....
acheron16 on 7. Jun. 2017.
Such a hunger for money that Blizzard has...
TricksterZero on 7. Jun. 2017.
So basically "we have to resort to begging Blizzard as well to get what we want" How sad.
InfernoRaph on 7. Jun. 2017.
Wait, so they dont like a line of sight that allows snipers to see their spawn on horizon, but they are perfectly fine with it on Necropolis and Castillo...
Dorito on 7. Jun. 2017.
H3NDRiiX 420 on 7. Jun. 2017.
I prioritised the dances over skins this event so I have them all but only 2 skins (one of which I got in a box) definitely too much high cost skins/emotes in this event imo.
Sam B on 7. Jun. 2017.
it would be fair if they did keep the emots but they where legendary (cost 1000 currency)
Rubilacxe on 7. Jun. 2017.
honestly kill yourself. everyone wants all those special skins/ dances or what ever to be free. they will become boring and common as fuck so HELL NO DONT MAKE IT "FREE"
Zakading on 7. Jun. 2017.
This entire "Anniversary Event """"For the players""""" is the biggest, greediest piece of shit Blizzard has so far pulled in terms of Overwatch. This shit is just plain unacceptable and anyone defending this as an "event" really needs to take Blizzard's veiny cock out of their ass.
Chromasus on 7. Jun. 2017.
Why is every single dance so static and janky? Is it that hard to make smooth animations without making it look stop-motion? To be fair, given how long it has taken for us to get any new dances into WoW (that is to say, we haven't), I guess Blizz just sucks at animating dancing. :^)
Potent Potential on 7. Jun. 2017.
their response might as well have been "buy more lootcrates"
Tom_Eats_You YT on 7. Jun. 2017.
teemu367 on 7. Jun. 2017.
The dances are so cringy
BurnedChipotle on 7. Jun. 2017.
This was a very vague answer to the question. They didnt confirm that the dances would never come
Gabriel B on 7. Jun. 2017.
All I want is more credits for duplicate EVENT LEGENDARIES FFS.
Veno on 7. Jun. 2017.
I feel like the only one who thinks keeping them locked afterwards is better..
Laurie Kennedy on 7. Jun. 2017.
be free dance
atryl on 7. Jun. 2017.
'nyah, stuff are not free. nyah stuff are not convenient for me all the time NYAH!' If you want them SO bad pay for them. Let Blizz make money please, thanks.
Timo B. on 7. Jun. 2017.
Yolomaster21 on 7. Jun. 2017.
I haven't got any dance emotes because I'm on vacation. At least I got 2 new skins.
Nicholas Castagna on 7. Jun. 2017.
I bought 10 loot boxes and didnt get more than 3 event things... And NO DANCE EMOTES. WHY IS REGULAR LOOT IN THE "EVENT" BOXES...
Palpy Teen on 7. Jun. 2017.
there will be 2XP 9th - 12th
xaroxero on 7. Jun. 2017.
I wish they'd have made the Anniversary content a permanent expansion of the default loot.
eLeMareoTM 42 on 7. Jun. 2017.
Ptr should be on consoles so more people could actually play it
Ahmad Soliman on 7. Jun. 2017.
eLeMareoTM 42 on 7. Jun. 2017.
Greed of money has taken the toll of ActiBlizzard
Gaming Apple58 on 7. Jun. 2017.
they could still be aneversary event items without them only being there for the event
Grudánek 159 on 7. Jun. 2017.
cobomi3ster on 7. Jun. 2017.
TywerBywer on 7. Jun. 2017.
Even if you end up not getting everything in the event, look on the bright side, you'll have an entire year to save up enough coins to buy them next anniversary.
VargoR on 7. Jun. 2017.
Axier on 7. Jun. 2017.
I think what they mean is ther might be another anniversary event in the future
HOiQuality on 7. Jun. 2017.
I'm with this, but then again I've opened 15 boxes with no skins and 1 emote.
Best Detective on 7. Jun. 2017.
The only things i got of the new event are 2 dances
patsie00 on 7. Jun. 2017.
i do play ptr but not when i need to farm loot boxes to get my dances
TorqaL on 7. Jun. 2017.
Some of the player base is on console, and doesn't want to have to switch to PC to play on the PTR
Mesisir on 7. Jun. 2017.
Have you seen Roadhoag doing the Tracer dance? That is the shit we need
Rennnewz on 7. Jun. 2017.
Please keep them
Tim Hil on 7. Jun. 2017.
why should I play PTR while there is an event with massive cosmetics on the live servers? Timing is really something blizzard needs to learn ^^
MasterCheese on 7. Jun. 2017.
papaolhos on 7. Jun. 2017.
People better get acostumed to this because eventually Overwatch will stop selling so loot boxes will be the only way to make money of the game. If Blizzard continues to release emotes skins etc everytime an event repeats they will have a constant Loot box flow throughout the entire year. And thus hopefully keeping at developing the game further. But yeah releasing dance emote would be sweet no doubt about it
Maxwell Lim on 7. Jun. 2017.
Blizzard unlocked OFFICER DVA and ONI GENJI, and those skins you actually had to play another game, w/c is supposed to be exclusive. So... I don't know..
dustojnik hummer on 7. Jun. 2017.
Do you want us to play on PTR? Give us loot boxes on live servers as reward and you will have a lot of players.