[Hearthstone] Discover, It’s Time To Stop!

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Dank Potato on 2. Jun. 2017.
when discover came out it was praised as amazing but then it got ruined
migueloseri on 2. Jun. 2017.
so you basicaly want game as predictable as possible? SO basicaly no fun? ah okay... good idea......geez what the fuck
Ketsen on 2. Jun. 2017.
Discover is definitely still a great mechanic, you're just salty that you lose to it lmao
Antoine Ouimet on 2. Jun. 2017.
now kripp is bitching about the best mechanic in hearthstone ... i don't understand why he still plays this game if he hates it so fucking much.
TheGreatHamEl on 2. Jun. 2017.
So stop playing.
Boolink125 on 2. Jun. 2017.
They should nerf discover by letting you see their choices but not letting you see what they picked adding an element of strategy to it. Like they could be given one really good card and two shitty cards but since they know you can see it and they will expect you to pick the really good card they could purposely pick a shitty card to throw you off since you'll be playing around the good card and not the other two.
Andy Spendlove on 2. Jun. 2017.
I've been contemplating for months making a Kripperino called Bitcherino Kripperino and I'd do time stamps of every time he bitches about something. But I've been too lazy to make another Google account and do it consistently and make a little profile picture of Kripp crying. Should I go for it though? EDIT: Plz don't steal my idea. Or do. It would be funny and would save me the effort.
Yogurt on 2. Jun. 2017.
He lost because he went second.
Wladyslaw der Streiter on 2. Jun. 2017.
ScreenName on 2. Jun. 2017.
The occurence of epics needs to be tweaked I think. Epic cards like glyph, meteor and vilespine all show up far more than you souls expect
Bak on 2. Jun. 2017.
I just played arena as mage i was ahead in tempo but had no play turn 5 so i decided to play servant of yogg he turend my deck into explore un goro, .... i had a glyphed pyroblast in my hand and got one from an tome arfter some really hard decision making i somehow managed to get him down to 10 hp i just needed to pyroblast him i got dced .... the sad part about this is THAT I STILL ENJOYED THE GAME MORE THAN ANY OTHER, BECOUSE IT FELT SO CHALLANGING AND I HAD ACTUAL DICISION MAKING WHICH NEARLY GOT REWARDED too bad i couldnt record it miss those times
Guadaloopz on 2. Jun. 2017.
The amount of crying kripp does is insane
Madoka Kaname on 2. Jun. 2017.
Spoiler Alert: Kripps gets destroyed by a mage
Punnerino Kripperino on 2. Jun. 2017.
This video was uploaded in a timely fashion.
Madoka Kaname on 2. Jun. 2017.
Kripp just play Shadowverse, less RNG and more skill based game
Slivla Silvans on 2. Jun. 2017.
love the filthy frank reference
Paweł Mocek on 2. Jun. 2017.
And Kripp complain again.
Codeblueninja on 2. Jun. 2017.
The problem with discover is the fact that the pool of avable options is to good atm. I compair this to piloted shreader. While there was a chance of getting Millhouse or Succubus you can also get Doomsayer or a 1/1 and most good options are balenced by another good option. Now look at the average mage spell and ask yourself. Would I mind using this card if I got it for free? Usually the answer is yes in most cases. There needs to be more situational or bad mage spells so that the avable discover options aren't so strong.
MsUncleKevin on 2. Jun. 2017.
6:33 nerd kripp
RentableDwarf on 2. Jun. 2017.
9:25 "Wow..." And that sums up hearthstone for the past 6 months.
wizard Knighthawk on 2. Jun. 2017.
Lol I uninstalled game like month and half ago. so sad about to drop kripp as well. I will miss you.
Pedro Rodriguez III on 2. Jun. 2017.
"What's the point of playing Warlock?" Proceeds to win match...
Grant Harrison on 2. Jun. 2017.
I can only wish that one day I can reach the level of being so petty you can be a Sore winner
Sarijus Blekspelas on 2. Jun. 2017.
They should ad a minion: discoverer 1 mana 1/1 stealth battlecry deathrattle inspire discover a random card (500% chance to get meteor or primordial glyph)
Ivan Shao on 2. Jun. 2017.
blizzard likes to see kripp get triggered
Christian Stoyanov on 2. Jun. 2017.
45 videos later still whining about being sniped every game... and I thought Reynad had paranoia
lorenzo Casu on 2. Jun. 2017.
filthy frank greenscreen?
heavyarms55 on 2. Jun. 2017.
I'm sorry I completely disagree. I like Discover a lot. What needs to stop is random card generators. Babbling book, Cabalist tomb, that 1/1 pirate, etc... The only busted Discover card is Primordial Glyph because of the 2 mana discount.
fastpace101 on 2. Jun. 2017.
"All arena decks at high wins have these discover effects" Craziest example provided at 1-0. Nerf discover
Davechu on 1. Jun. 2017.
Krip why dont you just play a different game from time to time, like faeria or something you enjoy more to play? Is it just because of the money you get for hearthstone because its so popular? I mean do you really enjoy being salty so much?
Pyriell on 1. Jun. 2017.
"What's the point of being a Warlock?" Sounds like Hearthstone caught up with WoW.
Kappa on 1. Jun. 2017.
plez daddy stop. it time.
Jaricko on 1. Jun. 2017.
I have hated Cabalist tome since its inception. Giving the ability to draw 3 random answers to the class that has answers for literally everything, on top of the fact that it can generate itself endlessly if lucky enough, made even more likely now with glyph. It can sway a game so strongly. Playing an aggro deck and getting 4 - 8 ice blocks is not fun.
Mate Matkovic on 1. Jun. 2017.
Discover is kinda good when you are playing against aggro and you are searching for some board clear. But there is too much discover i agree its not well balanced. Kripp you are the voice of hearthstone players and i wanted to thank you for that.
Shaquilly o'nilly on 1. Jun. 2017.
Hearthstone devs: Wait, you said you wanted more?!
Felipe donanadie on 1. Jun. 2017.
So stop playing u fucking salty idiot. Fucking freak, just get out and get some fresh air.
TheRoomy on 1. Jun. 2017.
I know it does really suck for the player in Arena, but you know that discover mechanic does make the game more fun to watch for the spectator, though, right?
Mateusz Osiek on 1. Jun. 2017.
New arena is really bad, but thanks to CD project red i have found new love! Gwent so awesome
Ryanviews on 1. Jun. 2017.
I played against a Discover Mage today. They drew an extra two Frostbolts, three Fireballs, and a lot of Primordial Glyphs. My poor Beast Hunter couldn't even hope to maintain a board presence from the massive amount of extra spells that went right into their hand through Discovers and flat out "Give Mage more spells". Once the Blizzard/Flamestrike combo went through after two Ice Barriers, there was no way. I died after three fireballs to face when my board was killed.
Nyundaa on 1. Jun. 2017.
Discover is a fine mechanic. It is just undercosted.
Evildark Link on 1. Jun. 2017.
Again, do you listen to yourself? "I cannot believe he lost with that deck", then maybe you should believe. You're beyond past the reasonable complaining and win while saying the other had an insane deck
IAMNEKOMIMI on 1. Jun. 2017.
reddit posts threads about a thing 24/7 for some day kripp uploads his video regurgitating all the points from reddit reddit posts said video and feels validated in their crying works everytime.
refik berke dereli on 1. Jun. 2017.
Kripparian is the main source of the salt in Hearthstone :(
Forceswoop Esvald on 1. Jun. 2017.
Kripp: Endless complaining wins anyway XD
Matias Antonio on 1. Jun. 2017.
ppl really liked discover mechanic when it came out but i instantly realized how bad it was for the game and it was the reason why i left the game.
Veki_97 on 1. Jun. 2017.
It's time to stop!!!!
Dasc on 1. Jun. 2017.
It's time to stop! No more! Where are your parents, Ben Brode? Who even are your parents?!
Elijah Talmud on 1. Jun. 2017.
>coin nothing on turn 2 >"90% of my losses are bad RNG!" >misses lethal and loses >"Damn you discover!"
TheTuneAce on 1. Jun. 2017.
Seriously tho, youve posted a rant about discovery cards every day for like the past month. Can you stop pls? Do more "how good is..." those are actually entertaining
Raul Gallegos on 1. Jun. 2017.
Kripp sure likes to cry sniper every chance he gets, huh?