Grinding WoW Legion Reputations - How I Do It Efficiently

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SayNoTo Libtards on 11. Sep. 2016.
Jason Mullin on 11. Sep. 2016.
Ya that was a really helpful bid. Just started world quest and would have missed out on the blue ones
Dark Savior on 11. Sep. 2016.
Legion Pathfinder is gated behind reputation as well, I didn't hear you mention that, but its a big reason to at least get to revered with all factions.
Marshall Banana on 11. Sep. 2016.
What's that addon with the vertical castbars/energy bars? And I figure that is weakauras next to it?
Acolyte of Memes on 11. Sep. 2016.
You didn't mention how Kirin Tor world quests also give rep for the faction that calls the zone the beforementioned quest calls home. Additionally, completing the Kirin Tor emissary quest gives you the choice to gain either 1500 rep for any Legion Rep that isn't Nightfallen, or 750 rep for Nightfallen. Not to mention that the Kirin Tor world quests are generally more puzzle-oriented than the usual "Kill 15 murlocs" quest archetypes, which can be either a good or bad thing depending on whether you like doing that sort of thing.
krieg9 on 11. Sep. 2016.
All the blue quests seem to be for the Wardens.
Kevin Rex on 11. Sep. 2016.
I have a better ilvl than Bell. Hot damn, didn't think that would ever happen.
SugaxRS on 11. Sep. 2016.
If you have all the time say 12 hours. Completing all world quest really helps, every bit counts. I'm revered with all except Wardens and halfway to exalted with High Mountain no clue why that one is progressing faster than the others.
Melanie Miller on 11. Sep. 2016.
Rep also helps unlock Legion flying
Lucas Ferré on 11. Sep. 2016.
No rep mounts? :(
Devon Mallett on 11. Sep. 2016.
Revered with all gives you the hardest part of the legion pathfinder achievement which increases your mount speed by 30%.
Graenolf on 11. Sep. 2016.
50% of videos start with, "So I wasn't going to make this video.."
Jaerek on 11. Sep. 2016.
Note to the Withered Army Training: You want to aim for 425 Score to get the most Nightfallen rep Tokens,anything above 425 doesn't give you extra tokens.But if you got decent gear it shouldn't be a problem for you to reach that score.
Fuji Bayashi on 11. Sep. 2016.
I just do them all lol
blazenether on 11. Sep. 2016.
what addons do you use?
Indeimaus on 11. Sep. 2016.
pls clean your inventory bellular ;~;
Taurnator Gaming on 11. Sep. 2016.
the minion thing in suramar is every 3 days not daily btw
Austin Stallings on 11. Sep. 2016.
You can only get a set amount from the withered scenario, once you get a score of 400 it gives you 425 rep, after that 400 score you don't get any more.
The Fedora Gamer on 11. Sep. 2016.
Can you do a guide on ancient mana farming?
Xzenock0343 on 11. Sep. 2016.
Female belf hunter - Triggered.
Level 58 Death Knight on 11. Sep. 2016.
This guide grinds my gears.
sirandrewman on 11. Sep. 2016.
Noobkin not in moonkin form
Oliver Höglund on 11. Sep. 2016.
what addon do you use for your abilities and focus bar? Great vids :D
Professional YouTuber on 11. Sep. 2016.
The nightfallen is the bane of my existence.
legoboy2525 on 11. Sep. 2016.
Bechara Saykali on 11. Sep. 2016.
Not just warden but any faction "out of their zone" will give rep for the two factions
ShEp on 11. Sep. 2016.
Thanks for these tips ;) Wich name plate addon are you using please BellularGaming ?
darthevan01 on 11. Sep. 2016.
What is that enemy nameplate addon?? It looks really neat
Kaleah Burks on 11. Sep. 2016.
This vid is great. Also Ignoring Reality channel has some of the Artifact Missions for some of the classes. Newer channel I think, not many views yet, but he is pretty funny.
Rageful MadMan on 11. Sep. 2016.
You didn't mention a very important reason to farm rep -- it gives you access to "Broken Isles Pathfinder", which allows you to move faster at Broken Isles continent and also serves as step 1 to flying in Legion(imo).
Zei Doktor (Zeidoktor) on 11. Sep. 2016.
While it falls under making sure you do the Emissary Quests, one thing that was not mentioned in particular was the Kirin Tor Emissary Quests. The reason these are worth mentioning is your reward is the CHOICE of which faction you get rep for. You can get 1500 rep for any faction except the Nightfallen, who give 750.
Equinised on 11. Sep. 2016.
Thanks for the help, Bellular. I almost started to drift away from Legion just because of the simple fact that i couldn't get the rep fast enough :v
Brett Jacobson on 11. Sep. 2016.
i don't understand why blizzard thinks we need to do these rep grinds. they obviously got a lot of feedback from wood, so their solution is lets make rep a critical part of the story? don't get me wrong, I'm loving the game, but the nightfallen rep.... why?! i hit honored and thought sweet, moving the story forward, now I have to hit revered to progress the story! why!?
Hazard2005 on 11. Sep. 2016.
I thought I would enjoy the world quest system more than I do but I find it more tedious grinding the rep as the days go by...
TH3 R34P3R on 11. Sep. 2016.
bellur im having trouble with that scenario! is there a guide you can refer or make for some tips on it?
95davdo95 on 11. Sep. 2016.
I thought its legion rep tits :
Lovurr madafakas on 11. Sep. 2016.
Congrats you played the game
Sean Gannon on 11. Sep. 2016.
I wonder why none of the reps have exalted mounts
niner911 on 11. Sep. 2016.
What is the "blue" world quest mentioned in the video?
sebastian ospino on 11. Sep. 2016.
dislike because today is september 11
Nightstalker314 on 11. Sep. 2016.
1 boss per dungeon will give reputation towards a specific faction.
CatDany [Asmongold Highlights] on 11. Sep. 2016.
legion rep tits
Matthew Ball on 11. Sep. 2016.
Just wanted to say i really enjoy your videos and guides. Your channel is probably the only channel where i watch every video you upload.
Γιώργος Φωτόπουλος on 11. Sep. 2016.
Let's be real here, Blizzard did a great job adding new content to the video and giving us something to do in the game, but this time they gave so much that it is literally impossible for you to do it all, unless you play all day. You need to rush campaign, you need to do 10 mythics per week, at least one Daily Heroic, at least Emmissary quests, but let's be real, you actually have to do a lot more World Quests than these, then you actually have to work on making some gold, which is pretty hard considering the prices are or have sky-rocketed since Legion hit. And that's not even all of it, with more raids and dungeons coming up in the next ten days. Good luck to the hardcore players who also plan to use alts during this expansion. It's driving me crazy, all this new content. I love it, don't get me wrong. I just find it's too much for me to handle and I'll fall behind when I can't spend much time anymore in the game.
Andarus on 11. Sep. 2016.
I really don't care about Reps. I will get it anyways someday, but I only do the Worldquests that I really need. I can't be bothered to do all these boring WorldQuests.
Agelis on 11. Sep. 2016.
I've been clearing the map of all the world quests, so I've hopefully been getting all the rep I can :)
Joseph Wroblewski on 11. Sep. 2016.
the withered training is not daily i thought?
Bree_ on 11. Sep. 2016.
Already revered with the Nightfallen, and making my way to exalted.
Drakus Rhonda gaming on 11. Sep. 2016.
Good vid dude
Telbun the Warrior on 11. Sep. 2016.
How does this already have like 6 dislikes? This is a good video, I have been skipping out on gold reward world quests as well.