Favourite Classes as we Enter the Tomb

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AlbinoOctto on 5. Jun. 2017.
But he skipped warriors for melee... :thinking:
NextGenFury on 5. Jun. 2017.
Preach ... Talked about SV hunters.... I feel recognized as a SV main rerolled from MM !
Paul Markelionis Jr on 5. Jun. 2017.
I got the sudden execute legendary ring for my fury warrior and I prefer it over my haste stat legendaries (don't have helm :/ ) just for the RNG greatness involved, plus the RNG doesn't take anything away from my DPS just adds lol
imacaterpillar9 on 5. Jun. 2017.
i kind of like the artifact thing so i can have decent weapons but im a filthy casual so for the no lifers its probably fucking aids
Frisky Hunter on 5. Jun. 2017.
Been playing Survival since the start of Legion and I am still going, I love the gameplay and the feel of it, just love the fantasy behind it and the thought of being a rugged tracker. I am probably more of a ¨Filthy Casual¨ these days than I was a good few years back.
Randy Winchester on 5. Jun. 2017.
I'd be interested to know if you got to try Outlaw with the loaded dice artifact talent. It's a game changer. With CoF you always have at least 2 buffs up.
How many neps can a Nep nep if a Nep nep Nep on 5. Jun. 2017.
Resto sham squad where u at?
john cramer on 5. Jun. 2017.
As a shadow priest main i do hate surrender to madness. The whole suicide aspect of it just pissed me off that I needed to pop the buff at the exact right time just to die at the same time as the boss. I will say though that not having surrender does remove the classes "moment of glory" that preach has spoken about in previous videos. Shadowfiend is a snorefest and PI is meh in comparison to other class cooldowns so you dont get to have those "oh shit im killing the world" moments that other classes get to have.
Pepperpotk on 5. Jun. 2017.
Surrender To Madness sis coming back next patch!
Will Blyth on 5. Jun. 2017.
mate. your lifebloom uptime is fucking shite. genuinely felt sick watching that...
pkrygsman on 5. Jun. 2017.
Despite playing my Rogue as main since late Vanilla and being a giant Rogue fanboy, I agree with your assessment of them. I just don't find the specs interesting anymore. Assn feels energy starved, Outlaw is feast or famine, and Sub just feels clunky to me.
Tyler Lomas on 5. Jun. 2017.
Wait. Did you say enhance was good? Are you referring NH?! Enhance is pretty sub par. Been playing enhance since the start of legion and I currently doing mythic Guldan progression and I have never felt so weak playing a spec.
Killval on 5. Jun. 2017.
Blizz can we remove leggos, and remove 4 raiding difficulties, then we would have the perfect expansion, k sick thanks.
Toon Dugailliez on 5. Jun. 2017.
preach taissis-ravencrest EU from my guild as demo lock never seenn a demo lock do so mutch dmg
Xaelyrion on 5. Jun. 2017.
You're not "denouncing" the paladin. icwutididtherpreachlultopnotch
Squary94 on 5. Jun. 2017.
Welp, that's a 180 now. Going from believing that survival is atrocious to being one of the most enjoyable melee specs in the game.
Booster Gold on 5. Jun. 2017.
I'm a lvl 75 Disc priest Idk what the hell he's talking about
DarkLovik on 5. Jun. 2017.
its 2 weeks for tomb, not one :)
AcidIce on 5. Jun. 2017.
Again he's dissin feral druids -.-
Doceinstein on 5. Jun. 2017.
"I complain about rng but I dont like predictability and no rng." So a predictable class with a little bit of rng sprinkled on? I think that's boring as well. Predictable ones with no rng are the best ones to go.
Brutalis on 5. Jun. 2017.
Wait. I thought we were getting major class changes before Tomb comes out. Changes to Destro lock resource gen and shit... Is that not happening?
Average Joe on 5. Jun. 2017.
No way to tell till the raid is out.
Nick S on 5. Jun. 2017.
Good thing I only care about LFR
Sakura Fish on 5. Jun. 2017.
I'm a Brewmaster main, The best way to get the brew chuging out of the way for me was to put Ironskin into scroll wheel :^)
RushNPhysics on 5. Jun. 2017.
Fuck preach, fucking asshole told me to farm 60k order resources. Fake news mate. <3 you preachy
Tyler Cundiff on 5. Jun. 2017.
Destro lock is Lyfe
さち on 5. Jun. 2017.
Started raiding like 2 or 3 weeks ago on my what i call "main main" Demo lock, and i am enjoying it, so glad I got back to it because i love it, but will probably go and lvl up ele shaman now, before Tomb is Up and maybe I will be enjoying it too, tho Shadow priest is still wonderful, even with 867 ilvl i can get to 30+ stacks in Voidfrom and be in the next one with 18+ still on me :D
Adam Livingston on 5. Jun. 2017.
910 boomkin here, and I enjoy the lack of RNG in the spec pretty much for the reasons that Preach outlined. I'm able to have a plan going into each and every fight, and I don't have to worry about making modifications to that plan on the fly to take advantage of RNG aspects of my DPS rotation. Because there are none (barring Oneth's, but that's pretty minor). Not super thrilled about the spec overall though. It feels weak, and the upcoming changes in 7.2.5 aren't doing much to fix it. They're nerfing our AoE, which it tough because it's difficult to achieve a balance (AYYYYYY) here: Starfall is amazing on fights with long periods of cleave, but sucks for burst. The removal of haste from Starfall exacerbated this issue. And adding damage to Starsurge is just reintroducing the issue they had at Legion launch. Too much of our damage was tied up in Starsurge. In 7.1, they moved some of it out of Surge into Wrath and Lunar Strike, and now we're going right back to buffing Starsurge
biker bob on 5. Jun. 2017.
lol didn't even mention fury warrior
Hot Local Single on 5. Jun. 2017.
Is this from the experience on live or on the PTR? Outlaw/Sub feels a whole lot better on PTR now
adam juzwik on 5. Jun. 2017.
if you like RNG why not play Arms warrior?
Linksow on 5. Jun. 2017.
It saddens me that even with Tomb right at our doorsteps, the burnout was so real with the AP responsibility that I don't really want to come back now... Been around since 1.11... Guess this is the end =\ Regardless, thanks for everything Preach,you don't know, but you've taught me a lot bro :)
Lee Thun on 5. Jun. 2017.
Panda Sempai on 5. Jun. 2017.
Preach said he likes Survival... We all knew this day would come.
Alexander MacDonald on 5. Jun. 2017.
I just don't understand why they decided to change ret in legion it was my favorite spec in wod and now I just can't play it anymore
ChileySnuffs on 5. Jun. 2017.
Said it 100 times. The shadow rework was a complete fail, and I hate Blizzard more than ever for it. It's impossible for them to balance it and Void Form as a PvP mechanic is just clunky
MastersOfTheWinds on 5. Jun. 2017.
@4:28 That's exactly the kind of moments why I still watch your videos even though I haven't seriously played wow in a couple of years!
the vengeful one on 5. Jun. 2017.
Oh come now, preacher, you're telling me that the insane levels of predictability and planning involved in arcane is less fun than the RNG nightmare of frost/fire? I love Arcane, I love knowing exactly when I'll do what and how I'll be doing it MINUTES in advance. Getting the flow of the fight down to a science like that is far more rewarding than say using a broken mechanic to keep my icy-veins up for 2 and a half minutes. Not saying it isn't fun, but not as fun as Arcane. Perhaps my opinion will change if frost ends up running a glacial spike build or running comet storm or ice nova.
Wooblidoo on 5. Jun. 2017.
Wow is so lame now. You have to play almost every day to keep up yet there's little to no new content. If you stop playing you fall behind but if you play every day you are bored out of your mind. The playerbase is extremely toxic and I think this system is the reason, many people are unhappy. Tomb seems like just one more thing that you have to do otherwise you fall behind and the game is no longer fun because you are a "Casual".
Richard Jones on 5. Jun. 2017.
7:20 don't you dare compliment survival.. it's a piece of shit dps spec that you constantly waste resources and CD's on because it's better output to simply not use things. it's the worst designed spec in the game. they changed siege of org. windwalker because players couldn't play it and yet they make survival into this steaming pile of shit where most hunters i've talked to don't even have a god damn clue on how to play it let alone tried to play it perfectly. it's not fun and it's anti-dps logic that forces you to be 'bad' as a player and it doesn't feel good knowing that shit doesn't need to be this way. it doesn't matter if it's melee or not... it's a poorly designed spec that feels nothing like a hunter. i don't love BM; it's simply the only remaining -HUNTER- spec in the game because it doesn't get restrained by movement to dps, and your #1 priority is to not waste resource or CD usage. where as MM stands still, wastes resources with meme spec or bad procs, and surv is well.. r
ajeba98 on 5. Jun. 2017.
I have 10 max level toons and have given them most of the "Preach" treatment. Resto Shaman is my main. I only have 2 disagreements ... Elemental is FUN yes, but the single target damage blows compared to other ranged DPS specs. Flurry of Blows in WW Monk, is not exciting and fun game play.
McFigroll on 5. Jun. 2017.
i was a resto shaman and quit during wod, now your making me want to come back preach, dam you
zomgpeoplestolemname on 5. Jun. 2017.
Imo removing shadow bolt from affliction and utility curses class wide was the worst thing to ever happen to warlock.
Albert Ransford on 5. Jun. 2017.
Don't be too surprised if feral goes crazy, the 4pc is looking good.. 15% buff to rip with 8 sec extra duration /drool
Anthony Williams on 5. Jun. 2017.
Joao Vasconcelos on 5. Jun. 2017.
What do you think about MM hunter ?
Assirra on 5. Jun. 2017.
Your opinion of shadow priest got lower and lower ever since you made that first ranking in the alpha/beta.
Olisifer on 5. Jun. 2017.
Hi Preach, Doubt you'll respond. You say that a lot of super sterile classes with no RNG are the ones you don't enjoy - yet WW has next to no RNG at all other than combo breaker (which lets be real is just kind of annoying and just ends up making you cap energy most of the time). So just wondering whether it really is the lack of RNG your missing on some of the specs you don't enjoy like boomie or if it's something else. Just a slightly pedantic point I wanted to make.
xmansavassi on 5. Jun. 2017.
Bind catform to a key, so as a healer you can get in/out quickly and keep pace with tank