Diablo 3 Season 11 Rewards

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Uploaded: 30 Apr 2017 Likes: 20
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Harry on 1. May. 2017.
The pet and the portrait frame are MEH. Plus having all the stash tabs giving S11 a total pass.
Elected. on 1. May. 2017.
cool I like it
Semirotta on 30. Apr. 2017.
The fuck? I haven't even finished season 10 because of the lack of motivation to play this game :D ... I'm really struggling, every season same old shit and same old characters just more and more OP. I miss the launch day times when even rare items were super good and fun to find. Now it's just... it's just shit :S
Lkllkklllkkkllllkkkk on 30. Apr. 2017.
when does season 11 start?
Your Angelica on 30. Apr. 2017.
I love you! I have a video for you )
Rewind Remix NCS on 30. Apr. 2017.
great work
TSS NCS on 30. Apr. 2017.
Good vid
Cody Ash on 30. Apr. 2017.
Are they showing that on PTR?
Sun Shower on 30. Apr. 2017.
Is that your account or is the Necro out on the PTR for EVERYONE?