Diablo 3 - Necromancer's Reanimation Garments Gameplay

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Uploaded: 30 Apr 2017 Likes: 6
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Robert Phillippi on 1. May. 2017.
can't wait for the necro myself I'm so hyped I hope there's a deluxe edition
Rewind Remix on 30. Apr. 2017.
Love it
TSS NCS on 30. Apr. 2017.
love the vids
Semirotta on 30. Apr. 2017.
Tbh I'm kind a disappointed how the necro turned out. I was so hyped out about that but now after I've been watching these videos...It's not really that cool now is it? I'd rather had d4. I hope the D4 is not going to be anything like D3 has been. A disaster.