Diablo 3 2.4.2 Wizard Build: Firebird Archon GR 95+

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Uploaded: 30 Jul 2016 Likes: 311
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wolf121 on 30. Jul. 2016.
archon is stupid cuz you cant stay in it. it makes no sense.´╗┐
fatalbur on 30. Jul. 2016.
I'm so ready for season 6 again´╗┐
Justin Winslow on 30. Jul. 2016.
Wish Vry's set was viable love that set!´╗┐
Zach on 30. Jul. 2016.
I KNEW YOU WERE NEVER ACTUALLY CLICKING THAT FAST, god I never knew about that NumLock trick. thanks fam´╗┐
oraora33 on 30. Jul. 2016.
Can`t believe i didn't know the numlock trick :/. I wonder how many games could i be using this on...´╗┐
Vincent Jack on 30. Jul. 2016.
wizard is still very squishy´╗┐
Freddie Cherry on 30. Jul. 2016.
+Rhykker I wish we could use the actual freakin Vyr's Set for Archon so frustrating using the FB's set to play Archon to the highest of it's ability.´╗┐
facundo margenat on 30. Jul. 2016.
Rhykker I made in diablo fan the fire bird build.please se it
wesley miller on 30. Jul. 2016.
My favorite wizard build was the mirror image mammoth hydra build´╗┐
Sora Shou (Sky Prodigy) on 30. Jul. 2016.
you're not playing the spec quite right :/ you should put your buff on an elite so that you always have full stacks then you should kill as many neutral mobs as possible untill you find another elite kill the one with the least amount of hp that way you have the top of your dps nearly 100% of the run´╗┐
Ricardo Oliveira on 30. Jul. 2016.
Power Hungry is for when u leave a pack burning behind ur dot deals 30% extra dmg´╗┐
welcomerain on 30. Jul. 2016.
Thanks, been waiting for you to release a Wiz build!´╗┐
vadernl on 30. Jul. 2016.
Nice video. Think I'll play Wizard this season. It's been a while since I played one.´╗┐
Vyxria on 30. Jul. 2016.
Favorite build has always been the support build, funny enough I've cleared well into the 90's with a 4man group with it. Was going to play it this season, but they nerfed Elemental Exposure :(´╗┐
Daniel Bele┼í─Ź├ík on 30. Jul. 2016.
Hey Rhykker, nice guide. My favorite would be Del'Rahsa or Vyr's. That said do you think Gogok of swiftness would be better on Vyr's than Pain Enhancer? For getting some massive CDR?´╗┐
Xeratas on 30. Jul. 2016.
why do you only pick cancer shit for spotlight??? fuck this channel for this shit´╗┐
shiftone242 on 30. Jul. 2016.
fucking Archon :/´╗┐
Jeff Daigle on 30. Jul. 2016.
Wand of woh exploding blast I find fun hope it useable in t 13´╗┐
ElCoco1984 on 30. Jul. 2016.
Really hope for Diablo 4 reveal at Blizzcon. I cannot stand these "you have to use this weapon, this belt, this armor, this...this this" builds any longer :/ There are pretty much NO options. You just get all the items within 1 week, and then farm mats for crafting ancients sets and legs. The End!´╗┐
Atticus X on 30. Jul. 2016.
I wanna get back into d3 but have no one to power level me´╗┐
Cor on 30. Jul. 2016.
Im still contemplating on what I should play for season 7. Leaning towards Witch Doctor or Demon Hunter this time.´╗┐
Spyros Stambolas on 30. Jul. 2016.
Best wizard build i've played so far has been the dual fire hydra build...and man it was AWSOME!I hope they bring it again´╗┐
Lambo Guy on 30. Jul. 2016.
Dude the skills you used are so weak´╗┐
Chaz Hartwayne on 30. Jul. 2016.
he man What do you Thing will be The best Solo Class in Season 7 ? Some said IT Would be the pet wd with the helltooth set. Tbh I never played anything else than barb but the "free" barb set is kinda meh (whirlwind).´╗┐
Salsilator on 30. Jul. 2016.
Hi! What about Vyr+Chantodo in 2.4.2?´╗┐
DanTheGamer on 30. Jul. 2016.
Is 2.4.2 live in eu?´╗┐
Ivo Dijkman on 30. Jul. 2016.
I think the fire archon plus the blur passive might be viable too, and then you can get fire damage up for even more damage. At least dont take power hungry, that passive is not that helpfull in solo xD.´╗┐
Supra on 30. Jul. 2016.
Wow 20 stacks. The nerf is real.´╗┐
Yaboy ÔÇťShenanigansÔÇŁ Farva on 30. Jul. 2016.
First commenter to reply to this is gay...´╗┐
topcat870ken on 30. Jul. 2016.
Do a monk set !´╗┐
lawrence lopez on 30. Jul. 2016.
There is a 4 in the title and when you minus 3 from 2 it is 1 so if you do that twice you get 2 ones, Diablo 4 confirmed for 4/11 or 11/4´╗┐
Alejandro Sanchez on 30. Jul. 2016.
wich is the best character to play in diablo 3 patch 2.4.2 seasons 7????´╗┐
Vercusgames on 30. Jul. 2016.
OMG it's up to G70? I just want the extra space expansion each season.´╗┐
Cornelius Wilburn on 30. Jul. 2016.
when will dis dlc b on PS4´╗┐
Mirsset on 30. Jul. 2016.
Nice video. I just don't like the fact, that the Vyr's set, which is centered around Archon is less usable with Archon than Firebird's or Tal's :) I have one question about 4piece bonus tho, it says: Dealing Fire damage with one of your skills causes the enemy to take 1000% weapon damage as Fire for 3 seconds. This effect can be repeated a second and third time by different skills. That means that in order to ignite I need 3 different fire skills, or just 1 fire skill and then 2 different skills (no matter the element)? Also, it is possible to ignite the mobs with the spells in Archon form? Thank you.´╗┐
Omegastriker Gaming on 30. Jul. 2016.
I just started a wizard and didn't know what build to go, because i am kinda new to Diablo. Now i know, thanks for the great video´╗┐
Steve Vincelli on 30. Jul. 2016.
Awesome man - thx! Great vids, keep it up! Do you have a video as to how to getting higher GR? (can't seem to find anything really good)´╗┐
okymek on 30. Jul. 2016.
They might use power hungry passive for ignited enemies that you move past to take more damage to give you a better chance of killing mobs before progressing to the next level.´╗┐
Jesarus 1981 on 30. Jul. 2016.
all time favorite wizard build is rip del rasha build´╗┐
antoniocuriel87 on 30. Jul. 2016.
is the twisted sword going to be nerfed?´╗┐
antoniocuriel87 on 30. Jul. 2016.
nice video, very complete as always, greetings from Mexico!!!´╗┐
Evan on 30. Jul. 2016.
About time i found a half decent firebird build´╗┐
i Granot on 30. Jul. 2016.
I'd rather have seen a legitimate Tal Rashas all element build pushed by the ptr instead of ET or Archon. A functional ranged wizard?? Has Blizz even thought about that without laughing at their past piss poor attempts? Melee wizards, support monks..wtf??´╗┐
Phillip Lind on 30. Jul. 2016.
Please make a lvling guide and 70 and beyond. On what to do now headrigs changed. Like what are the best way to do what. I really love your video So inspiring. Thank you´╗┐
2010lawcy on 30. Jul. 2016.
please do a witch doctor one´╗┐
Bane 15X on 30. Jul. 2016.
Great guide Rhykker.´╗┐
Bear Nazi on 30. Jul. 2016.
Do a flash fire build video´╗┐
Solo Player Y on 30. Jul. 2016.
If only we had a fire bird ring or Vyr ring for set items. That inventory, hopefully the next expansion or D4 won't have any space issues...sigh.´╗┐
Bear Nazi on 30. Jul. 2016.
Winstone Dayz on 30. Jul. 2016.
aah YES!!! FireBird guide finally!!! Thank You So Much Ryhkker!!!´╗┐