D3: Unhallowed Essence Set Dungeon Guide | Patch 2.4

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Hands Up Anime on 26. Jan. 2016.
Only luck. This Set Portal sucks. Even one skill can destroy your whole Set Portal. Biggest Bullshit I've ever played. Ohh well.. I had luck I had 6 by 6 Skillshots.. well there were missing 4 mobs. Because of a *bug* I cleared everything 100%. You need to play this set portal 8 Hours if you want to master it. Badest renewal I've ever seen in this game.
regenosis on 23. Jan. 2016.
Thanks for the guide but this set dungeon has absolutely zero to do with knowing how to herd mobs (in the sense that we play rifts) and everything to do with RNG. As long as you don't be a complete idiot and fire as soon as you see something, you'll make it as long as RNG rolled perfect density for you.
ChAiNsAwBuTcHeR on 22. Jan. 2016.
if you play with danetta, your vault doesn't discipline anymore
AmanOU2be on 20. Jan. 2016.
FYI, this dungeon would benefit from having a monk help. Have the monk do O dps and pull the mobs in. Since the only real objective is the kit 6 mobs of 20, there is no way the monk can ruin the dungeon without killing mobs.
Masterbouzy Madsen on 19. Jan. 2016.
What was your build when u did the dungeon? runes and stuff
Jan Baganz on 19. Jan. 2016.
2:54 "kinda lucky" I watched the whole video, and i was so frustrated over the rng and mob density you got there. These set dungeons are really bad designed
Heatless on 19. Jan. 2016.
Unbelievable amount of luck on finding packs of 20 lmao...I keep running out of time trying to herd them together but nope...Always between 15-19 kills =/
Jingle Shod on 18. Jan. 2016.
Would it be possible to add a quick list of the skills, passives & cubed items?
miggy casim on 16. Jan. 2016.
Do you have to get all 24 too to get the wings of the dedicated? Or just one class?