D3: Monk S6 Starter Build & Guide [Patch 2.4.1 | Inna's Set]

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020789ism on 26. Apr. 2016.
how does the blood shard thing work? U only get like 15 blood shard per rift
LiCiTone on 26. Apr. 2016.
Lars Aerssens on 26. Apr. 2016.
your a legend quin!
HealAdra on 26. Apr. 2016.
does anyone know a youtube-guy that play WD and make builds/Guides?
Nathan Tonon on 26. Apr. 2016.
Hi +Quinn69 i need to get a wand of who. Can you help me?
Benne616 on 26. Apr. 2016.
Please do a video like this for wiz :3 I´ll suck your dick
Cyberaser on 25. Apr. 2016.
What do you think? Will this be even faster than starting with DH? The 400% bonus for sentries looks quite strong/easy too to do a GR20. And M6 should be T6+ viable without special weapons? Just curious.
Russ F on 25. Apr. 2016.
8:43 hahahha
Jarl Andor Eide on 25. Apr. 2016.
Love you, Quin! Keep it coming, im watching every video. I'd love for you to shed some light on what you think will be the meta in season 6. Especially for 2player - there is so little to read/watch on 2player meta, as people only talk about solo and 4player it seems. Thanks for the awesome content, and im glad you didnt get banned ;)
Russ F on 25. Apr. 2016.
You're better with every video dude, seriously do more guides, do more questionaire/info report type videos and news ect ect. The edits you use combined with your regular sense of humor, its entertaining as hell:)
Ivan Lazzaroni on 25. Apr. 2016.
wow ty
Sizza Handz on 25. Apr. 2016.
Thanks Quin - shit like this is why you make a living playing games. Do it right or don't do it.
Erik Thompson on 25. Apr. 2016.
You are the best Aussie ever! j/k Another great guide, man! Thanks much!
DynamicEntrrry on 25. Apr. 2016.
Trent? 0:40
Matthew Matkovic on 25. Apr. 2016.
Great video! I played D3 back at launch on PC years ago but moved on to other games for a while. I recently have been talked into getting the console version on XBox ONE and it has definitely resparked my interest. My main question is do they have seasons on the console version or just the PC? I just hit 70 on my first character (monk) yesterday and started doing T1-2 rifts.
ramb0101 on 25. Apr. 2016.
thanks, really great guide quin, gonna go back to main monk this season. hype!
Catch 22 on 25. Apr. 2016.
I will go Monk this season, lowest time played class. Hate that this class is so item dependent though.
Paul S on 25. Apr. 2016.
Loving the guides Quin! Thanks alot.
Oxim2100 on 25. Apr. 2016.
print it our are u scamming me for printer ink?
Robert Webb on 25. Apr. 2016.
Amazing guide, your rock!!
djcrimsonson on 25. Apr. 2016.
Noah Goudreau on 25. Apr. 2016.
This is amazingly helpful. Thank you so much!
Megalenninator on 25. Apr. 2016.
awesome guide and work dude :)
Deathpwnu on 25. Apr. 2016.
Sebspas .Astiawan on 25. Apr. 2016.
Thx Quin you are the best :D
Nomnom Svendsen on 25. Apr. 2016.
What GR can this build take?
Joris Allegre on 25. Apr. 2016.
How do you manage to get bloodshards for boots ?
Jerad Sharp on 25. Apr. 2016.
This shit is amazing Quin. Thank You
TheDeathKillerx on 25. Apr. 2016.
can anybody tell me when S6 is going to start?
Xnemesis11 on 25. Apr. 2016.
Big THANKS Quin from Germany. you are awesome.
Marek Maansoo on 25. Apr. 2016.
deem good song end
Florian Pangerl on 25. Apr. 2016.
Hey Quin, nice guide as always. just 2 little things you could add: you don't need to be level 8 to get crudest boots from kadala (you can be 7 levels under the minimum requirement to get the boots aka lvl 1) and you can get gungdo gear also very easy which helps out alot with those EPs. you can get them at lvl 10 at kadala, so if you are lvl 4 and gamble for bracers there are only 2 you can get (gungdo gear and those tempest rush ones). hope this is understandable take care :)
Mayo Senf on 25. Apr. 2016.
Awesome guide! Thanks!!
Ockams Razor on 25. Apr. 2016.
Great guide wish more youtubers would do this type of format!
zemekiel on 25. Apr. 2016.
So the Sith are coming to 2.4.1? That's AWESOME!
ItsTheBibby on 25. Apr. 2016.
I thought you only got one free set on your first char on a new season? Is this not the case anymore?
GuNCh Bandit on 25. Apr. 2016.
excellent guide Quin. well done
Cezar Pelegrino on 25. Apr. 2016.
Are you going to post the best build's for GR?
nick s on 25. Apr. 2016.
no rune on the ally?
WeR Drone on 25. Apr. 2016.
Love you
cody brady on 25. Apr. 2016.
"Beat everyone's dick off until they explode." LUL
Robert Corey on 25. Apr. 2016.
Thanks Quin! Another great guide!
Robdoggierob on 25. Apr. 2016.
Great stuff. Thanks for uploading these Quin. I've mained Barb and Sader since D3 and ROS launch. But this season I think I'm going full on Monk. I've played Monk a decent amount in the past but I am going to dedicate the majority of my time to it this season. Thanks again for putting these guides up. I am sure they will be of great help to me later!!!!!
AzureFan1 on 25. Apr. 2016.
How did he get so many blood shards in the beginning?
xC0y0t3x on 25. Apr. 2016.
@Quin a friend tested gambling Crudest Boots and you dont have to be lvl8, you can gamble them on lvl1 already
Eric Kirkland on 25. Apr. 2016.
will this build and guide work for hc?
Sunyaj Engage on 25. Apr. 2016.
what about the axe where the cube is? every1 seems to want to do that
MerkyMouse on 25. Apr. 2016.
+Quin69 please do one of these starter guides for wizard, i love monk but last season you got me really hooked on wizard!
Cackling Muse on 25. Apr. 2016.
whats the difference between season play and just basic play
Jc Nguyen on 25. Apr. 2016.
One question: monk is in 4 man pt in season 6 or not ?