CORPSE EXPLOSION! Army of the Dead! Necromancer Skills Part 3 (Diablo 3 2.6 beta gameplay)

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hedenburgite on 2. May. 2017.
Land of the Dead does follow your necro around the screen btw :)
Nick Baynes on 3. May. 2017.
I can't wait for this class to come out. I want to get back into Diablo 3 again, but all of the classes are so "meh" to me at this point. This class however seems like a more awesome version of WoW's dps Blood Death Knights in wotlk which was my favorite class/spec of all time in all my years of WoW, and I absolutely hated the fact that made Blood the tanking spec, so as long as its halfway decent, I'm going to be all over it and this game for a long time once it finally arrives since it will likely let me relive a bit of that level of enjoyment that I had playing my old Blood Death Knight several years back.
Yunho Nam on 3. May. 2017.
Looks like some cheap Android game. Def won't be spending $50 for this.
Jinxed Fate on 3. May. 2017.
looks neat cant wait until its released :)
Rodolphe de joux on 3. May. 2017.
What is the better interaction between skills ( consume corps ) to accelerate the renewal of "bone spirit" ? When you use "Revive" (rune purgatory) ; what is this corps are consumed ?  If yes, imagine interaction with devour (ruthless) and bone spirit ... but i don't know ...
Don Wan on 3. May. 2017.
awesome video loving most of the skills like the throw backs too thanks for in look in can't wait to run one my-self
KiLLERJA0 on 3. May. 2017.
not sure if im a fan of the spending life for skills. just didnt feel good in the small amount of the beta i played.
MrMisterMan on 3. May. 2017.
MikesUltimatum on 3. May. 2017.
The one thing I don't like so far is the fact that the minions have a short up time. What's the point of making us cast revive every few seconds when you could just make the minions last until death? It's basically the same thing, only more work required.
NtSoRandomGuy on 3. May. 2017.
Since the 5 most recent seasons have been an average of 77 days, with an average of 10 days waiting time between seasons. I reckon that Season 11 will start around the end of June :)
Logan Vayu on 3. May. 2017.
Love the videos like always Rhykker. What is your on him as were would you consider him as a tanker bruiser or straight up dps ? from what i notice from all the videos and info he can go in any direction compared to any other class.
Cave Man on 3. May. 2017.
so after tons of reskinning, it'll be a ton of recycled ideas? that spider-thing explosion rune looks as the same as WD's zombie dog sacrifice rune with different 3D model to be exploded, then the AoE with some Kulle model looks like the same as the Helltooth's AoE... and Necromancer never became the StarCraft Lurker until D3 of course.oh man, I'm going to believe this is worth a money if it's at least made from creativity not from recycles and reskinning. Disappointing as Decard Cain died from a Maleficient butterflies and Zerg Diablo.
Ookami Shi on 3. May. 2017.
Wish Blizzard would hurry their rear ends up getting everything working and balanced so they could release the Necromancer to us already.... like they promised months ago at this point.
Chem Åström on 3. May. 2017.
imagine pub rift with Necro x 4
Chaos5061 on 3. May. 2017.
Someone probably already said this but the Army of The Dead Dead Storm Rune cost health. 3% I think. Doesn't say it on rune description but when you read the tooltip when on your bar it says it does.
Ethan Tremblay on 3. May. 2017.
I want my corpse to explode at my funeral
Gethseme on 3. May. 2017.
Rhykker, For Decay Golem's buff, note that when you cast the spell, the golem's shoulders and head start glowing bright yellow for the duration of the buff. My necro (just got into the beta so I'm leveling it while watching these vids :P) is only 29 so I don't have Decay golem unlocked yet, so I cannot test the buff duration, but just casting the ability on a corpse and watching how long it takes for the shoulders/head to stop glowing will tell you the duration of the buff.
Ty Budd on 3. May. 2017.
Blizzard, stop playing with the Beta, and just take my money, twice if you want!!!
White Void on 3. May. 2017.
What is this Realm of Fractured Fate stuff?
Rotcrawler on 3. May. 2017.
So i beat this game once, picking it up again since they're finally releasing a necro. Could someone explain why people play this game after beating it?
DwlGrump on 3. May. 2017.
I have not played the Necro, but i feel like the necro is going to be more group based than solo.
David Gonzalez on 3. May. 2017.
How many corpses will there be on same screen console co-op with 4 Necromancers? Oh my......
IDthief on 3. May. 2017.
worth $10, $15 max
Tamarin Triggered on 3. May. 2017.
Is it too late to get into this game?
KìlíK on 3. May. 2017.
The Freezing Grasp Rune, On Command Skeletons... Wouldn't Your Skeleton's Attacks Count As A Chance To Proc Rimeheart? It Might Be A Considerable Burst Of Damage, Due To Your Odds Being Higher. Even Though The Timeframe Is Short, A Definite Freeze For Even Just A Second, Can Make A Massive Difference. I'd Like To See A Rimeheart Build Come To Play, Sometime In D3s Lifetime. It Would Almost Have The Same Effect As The New Lightning Wizard.
Zachary Hiland on 3. May. 2017.
I wonder if you use devour with the rune that consumes minions on revived minions that produce a corpse when they die, if they still drop a corpse. That could be a handy combo for essentially endless essence.
Default on 3. May. 2017.
The Command Skeletons Freezing Grasp rune.. maybe it can be really good with a Rimeheart? If minions can even proc that..
Carl Atterbery on 3. May. 2017.
Yeah that Bone Golem skill looks like it would fit the Bone Armor set pretty nice. All the bone tornadoes.
Wakka's Al Bhed Potion the Konami Pachinko Machine on 3. May. 2017.
someone should remix this segment from 10:40 to 11:26 "This is the Echoing Fury all over again!" "I don't like this rune! I. DON'T. LIKE. THIS. RUNE!" "RUNAWAY!" Someone, get on it!
Wakka's Al Bhed Potion the Konami Pachinko Machine on 3. May. 2017.
NoGround on 3. May. 2017.
The Devour Ruin | Satiated increases it's duration by 2 seconds PER corpse consumed, so that's a total of 50 seconds. The stacks stay on for the full duration, as well.
sujezz on 3. May. 2017.
I feel like everyone is saying "command gollum" maybe there's something wrong with me or I really want to hear that :D They gave us passive for thorns but no iron golem that deals thorns damge :C
Jso's Productions on 3. May. 2017.
creepy moving corpses D:
Mage Licious on 3. May. 2017.
I think the fear rune for Revive is very good because it combines well with rachel's ring for up to 60% more movement speed. being able to do speedruns using revive :)
Scott Nahler on 3. May. 2017.
Army of the dead looks like fun. That animation is rancorously awesome.
Cthulhu The Fabulous on 3. May. 2017.
Final embrace is nightmare material. F that rune. Bloody spider zombies. No thanks.
Karmagasm on 3. May. 2017.
it's gone again. ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
WhosHorrify on 3. May. 2017.
@Rhykker Can you please do a build video on the blood set, i feel as if it's currently the best but requires very weird gearing
Slenderr on 2. May. 2017.
Nekro should be a free 2 play class...its like you release a new champ in overwatch and ask money for it, its like "i already payed for the game WTF ..nekro should be implemented in d3 and other classes from d2, maybe this will increase the d3 population and ye people would pay good money for cosmetics such as wings or hmm skill effects like, skill recolor or stuff
Milos Panic on 2. May. 2017.
Necromancer may cry
SAVG DECAF on 2. May. 2017.
What about consoles
Robert Phillippi on 2. May. 2017.
I can't wait for the necro to come out. great video like always rhykker
mikael whitmire on 2. May. 2017.
those skills are awsome. can't wait for that char to come out!
Q8Bart on 2. May. 2017.
Corpse Explosion with Plague armor set :)
SLEDGE HAMMER on 2. May. 2017.
Great video Rhykker,,as all ways:)
Adrenaline PvP on 2. May. 2017.
Does Revive just raise armored skeletons? I'm hoping this is the case. I noticed early on it seemed to raise the monster itself.
HaOz0r on 2. May. 2017.
Hello Rhykker, regarding the Revive Rune from the Revive Skill .... it actually seems to take about 2 seconds before the revived minion starts moving and attacking, so it is actually less effective as it can only attack for 3 more seconds before it disappears. I would consider that, that rune is kinda useless...cutting the spawn time to 33% and giving only 15% is freaking stupid. Having a 50%(or more) increased damage for the remaining 3 seconds duration would make more sense, or at least they should change the timer to 7 seconds total ( 2 seconds the spawn time until the minions react - 5 seconds of effective increased damage ). Please correct me if I'm wrong and if my ideas are bad please ignore them altogether :). Other than that, your videos are awesome as always.
BOOM ERANG on 2. May. 2017.
Ill stick to the barbarian
Kharn526 on 2. May. 2017.
Take a shot every time he says Corpse.