Child of Shadow & Light - Legion Beta [LORE SPOILERS]

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LightningIgnitor on 24. May. 2016.
Why is everyone mad about this? let's look at Illidan's PoV Illidan will do anything for more power and anything to stop the legion in WC3 and TBC and getting major help to stop the legion and major power and assistance from this, why would he not love this?
lukky1986 on 24. May. 2016.
is this only for paladin of can i do this as a hunter also
Shroom1Up on 24. May. 2016.
well the naaru are not titan in orgin right? i mean this realm map definatly shows the light beeing a complete seperate entity to the titans the power cosmic. that would mean that elun MIGHT be a being of the light if not (part)light itself.
Lewis Ironside on 24. May. 2016.
The impression I got from this was that the Naaru are essentially parallels to Old God in terms of Light and Shadow, and in the same way Elune would be the Light's version of the Void Lords.
WH40KHero on 24. May. 2016. least Illidan is doing what he does best in this expansion: slaughtering many many demons
Vermillon on 24. May. 2016.
Velen´s Crusade! xD
berzerkerdav on 24. May. 2016.
all i got from this is you get roofied and raped by a naru...
Renato Sanchez on 24. May. 2016.
Never liked Anduin anyway, also to me he was never"shadow and light", more like only light.
Melik1100 on 24. May. 2016.
just came here for the thumbnail
Elweese on 24. May. 2016.
To everyone bitching about them taking away from Anduin and giving it to Illidan. Obviously you have not read the novel Illidan. In there it explicitly says that Illidan's enemy is greater than Kil'jaedan or Sargeras. That his enemy is the Void Lords. Therefore that leaves Anduin to lead the army of light against Kil'jaedan and Sargeras. Seems to me they both have there chance to shine so stop bitching.
wowfan586 on 24. May. 2016.
Wait wait are you saying that let's just say 7.1 we resurrect illdian 7.2 we make a spaceship 7.3 we land on argus and mine it for oil just like draneor
RedRagedRooster on 24. May. 2016.
About the "You get this expansion then fuck lore" Maybe they'll go back to it being Horde VS Alliance. Most likely there will be something new they come up with, or we keep chasing down the legion.
Bamba E on 24. May. 2016.
what a great setup for Warcraft 4, you as the commander of the golden army i need to stop being this optimistic lol
Josh Gamauf on 24. May. 2016.
Spoiler Except that many creatures on Azeroth are connected to Elune, including the Elements. There is a quest in Darkshore where you use an item to pacify water elementals and it's channeling Elune's power into them. The Well is the rift from where Y'shaarj got ripped from the land and the blood of the World Soul seeped out causing a large pool of pure arcane energy. Illidan's Soul I think is in the Twisting Nether since he is pretty much a demon now.
Redzy Russell on 24. May. 2016.
Legion end cinematic = Illidan holding the door CONFIRMED!
Quido Eekels on 24. May. 2016.
Did no one ever consider to ask Cenarius? the damnt child of Elune? I suppose he know how his mom looks like, Right? or malorne? he kinde mate with her.......
Kevin Masterson (Umbradomo) on 24. May. 2016.
Illidan IS alive. >; >
jez evans on 24. May. 2016.
When Velen has his vision does he not go to train Anduin, not Illidan? does Illidan's name appear to be copy/pasted in the dialogue with Xe'ra? Maybe i'm just a true believer but I still think it's Anduin and blizz is just hiding that spoiler. I think it's clearly obvious on their part and very blatant.
sam wickwicky on 24. May. 2016.
what if elune is a naru
Maldor313 on 24. May. 2016.
Wait a moment, if the Titans were killed thousands of years ago, why Algalon is still working till we fight him on Ulduar? that doesn't make sense to me >_<
pratik mane on 24. May. 2016.
hodor dies, though...
riccardo carlescu on 24. May. 2016.
What if Ragnaros becomes somehow purified whit light, becoming a lightlord (exactly like the new heartstone card) and go with us on Argus to fight the burning legion (I know is a dumb theory but is still pretty cool)
mrlieenn on 24. May. 2016.
Blizzard, moar Elune plz
4Head EleGiggle on 24. May. 2016.
sargares want to save the world from void lords. we want the same ... can we just be friends ^_^ ? Kappa
LanstussWoW on 24. May. 2016.
Nobody tell Tyrande that Elune created Naaru and everything connected to the Light... she'll get too hype.
Zaytham Slott on 24. May. 2016.
This end up okay, or most likely, very very bad
HaxorMy on 24. May. 2016.
What if keemstar was a titan and he killed himself?
EpicBruce64 “The EPIC Gamer” - on 24. May. 2016.
Kadghar: Illidan is dead... Illidan's Spirit: WHY THE F*** DOES EVERYONE THINK I'M DEAD!?
EpicBruce64 “The EPIC Gamer” - on 24. May. 2016.
When I heard illidan Stormrage I jumped and yelled haleluja!
Rausche Pauli on 24. May. 2016.
Illidan = new Med'an......
d00m92 on 24. May. 2016.
A song of Light and Shadow. Ilidan is the prince that was promised.
Bazing Mellors on 24. May. 2016.
Fuck Legion is looking so awesome. Can't wait.
lucasmajicreborn on 24. May. 2016.
And titans dead huh? What is up with that
lucasmajicreborn on 24. May. 2016.
Sorry what is up with aurellia and turallion? I must have missed something
Heart 1783 on 24. May. 2016.
*SPOILER'S* <-----------Question About Video!!!!!!! WAIT SO ALL OF THE TITANS ARE DEAD?!!!!! Tbh i fealt a great unease as if the old gods were to return at full power and fighting along side each other we wouldn't stand a chance in hell. and it is a very far stretch of the imagination to think that the old gods could devise a plan like that. buuuut just me ramblings what do you think???????
Olliminati on 24. May. 2016.
i wonder if they know that all this light and darkness story part is rather kept secret real world theologie...especially the child of darkness and child of light part :D :D since the old gods are the counterpart to the naaru, maybe elune is the holy, or the the counterpart to the lords of the void, a "lord" of light/holy ...might be the end to world of warcraft soon. this story atleast, i think they might start working on the new world of warcraft soon. maybe in a set up hundred years from now, new engine, in an attempt to put out a comic style witcher3/blackdesert kind of world of warcraft and all the other good stuff.
Katerink on 24. May. 2016.
To be Champion of the Light doesn't necesarily mean you have to wield the light... Take the exemple the legendary ring... it has fel power among others and we still kill the fel-lord with it... Illidan being the champion of Light and Shadow has a point and a lot of arguments : 1. he had golden eyes ( great destiny ) 2. being a night elf, he's the child of Elune.. and if Elune created the prime naaru ( so naaru in general ) she was the light that clashed with the darkness at the begining.. 3. at the end of war of the ancients, he was channeling a spell that was powered by the old gods, which serve the void lords ( darkness ) 4. being half demon, the demon is from twisting nether, which is the place light and void clashed at the begining... anduin is no good for this role because 1. he's too young ( i think 16 ) while Legion invasion is coming and 2. he's just too lame in general... he got almost killed by a punch in the face by garrosh in MoP and you want him to battle the
Elweese on 24. May. 2016.
Are you going to do a Durotan Novel video?
Makcraft on 24. May. 2016.
Could be that Naaru are the titan spirits that were saved by the Titans, but not yet developed in full titans?
iliyass14 on 24. May. 2016.
It says Elune CREATED the naru not that she is one.
Sergent Baguette on 24. May. 2016.
Interesting, the Naaru were forged, not born, so maybe they were created like the Old Gods, so that would mean Elune is a Lightlord?
MyndZero on 24. May. 2016.
Makes me wonder, did Elune originate on Argus? I think at the very least Elune didn't start on Azeroth.
João Le Peixe -q on 24. May. 2016.
So let me get this straight: Thrall was our Moses, but Illidan is our true Messiah?... Kind of was waiting for a redemption story for him, but not this kind. Definetly i was not prepared for dat. But there was always something that bothered senseless when i'm playing through TBC zones: Why the fuck were we doing on Outland in the first place? As far as i understand the going of things, we were send there after fending of Kazzak's forces from Azeroth in a hope of taking the battle to the Burning Legion, and ending their menace once and for all. But once we actually get there, we discover that Outland is torn into several warzones, and the Legion is not the only problem, since we have the Illidari and Kael'thas Blood Elves to worry about. We always thought that both Illidan and Kael'thas were both serving the Legion, and that the feud between was an point to our advantage. Then we get the golden opportunity to get to Illidan thanks to Akama's duplicity. Our resolve is streng
josekingpin on 24. May. 2016.
this is basically fanfiction level at this point, scratch that, bad fanfiction. i think warlords might really be the final expansion i own. ill keep watching your videos and hoping nobbel.
Radu G on 24. May. 2016.
I am still waiting for a Queen Ashajara based expansion.
wiiee lolstar on 24. May. 2016.
i don't think illidan can defeat the legion.......we need someone with godlike powers....
denis197534 on 24. May. 2016.
Elune is an old god!!! just not a bat shit Crazy one
Ceren H on 24. May. 2016.
I'm okey with jesus illidan but if they give him angel wings Im done.
Iceverin on 24. May. 2016.
Could that be Argus in the background?