Bajheera - THE ROADHOG REDEMPTION - Ranked Overwatch Comeback

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Uploaded: 9 Jan 2017 Likes: 62
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BajheeraWoW on 9. Jan. 2017.
[LIVE] Feeling a little better today so I figured we'd hop on the stream & hang out for a bit :)
BrendanOriginal on 9. Jan. 2017.
saw you were playing my fav hero so I had to watch :D edit: and there's dubstep playing even better!
im umbreon on 9. Jan. 2017.
great video man! your amazing at overwatch, (i saw that you replied to my other comment that was deleted, what i said was abit dumb. not everyone mains roadhog!) its also awesome how you interact with your viewers, youve replied to all the comments so far! keep up the awesome work.
MC CRIPLE on 9. Jan. 2017.
Baj man longtime fan keep up the awesome gameplay! If you ever duo would you consider inviting fans :3
CJ Sirron on 9. Jan. 2017.
Hit em with the flex 2016?
Nickolas Aday on 9. Jan. 2017.
To bad roadhogs getting hella nerfed
3bood334 k on 9. Jan. 2017.
nice man
Playgirl1272 on 9. Jan. 2017.
Just a little pointer for when you play Roadhog, try and be a little more aggressive with him, he's designed to be up front catching them out in sneaky spots. Don't sit on the objective with him
Olivier Rodrigue on 9. Jan. 2017.
OH BABY GIVE EM HELL BOYYYS. nice comeback and very nice roadhog skills my man. analysm with love
Babbipangang on 9. Jan. 2017.
Nice bajheera glad to see you still playin :D
TargetSniper365 on 9. Jan. 2017.
OMG NOT GENJI!?! Actually helping out the team by swapping heroes?! This can't be Baj! Lol just giving you shit man you keep kicking ass love ya and all you do.
Steep Fire on 9. Jan. 2017.
Steep Fire on 9. Jan. 2017.