Bajheera - "DEATH WISH FURY" 3v3 Skirms as TSG [Full Session] - WoW 7.2 Warrior PvP

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Uploaded: 7 Jun 2017 Likes: 139
Patch: 7.0.3 Disikes: 7

TUONOBESTIA on 7. Jun. 2017.
Omg!! Youre damage is insane! Go legion man!!!
oatz notez on 7. Jun. 2017.
what enchant does he have on his weapons visualy the green one
Jake .Upton on 7. Jun. 2017.
So is frost DK good again? Or is the Frost DK on your team just for the combo burst you guys have?
BajheeraWoW on 7. Jun. 2017.
BalurtWarcraft on 7. Jun. 2017.
If only deathwish was viable outside of just BSing around lol
Dahen on 7. Jun. 2017.
Hey Bajheera ! Not the subject of the video but i think this is the fastest way to cantact you. I have a problem : i stopped playing wow months ago and still cant find a game what meets my expectations...hope you can help me. i need a 3rd person game what have nice 1v1/duel with balanced,skill based classes/characters. i loved the complexity of wow but i want to try a game with less spells/skills. dark souls III looks pretty good but people say its multiplayer is cancer because of massive lags. for honor is promising too but people say it need a bit more balance skara will be awsome a few months later... B&S would be great but i dont like its eastern style whats your opinion about ds3 pvp? what do you think about for honor? is it worth to buy ? any other game ideas maybe? help me pls :c
UgandaHerb on 7. Jun. 2017.
Is fury viable for high 3s or is it still just arms?
Slade Wilson on 7. Jun. 2017.
what a fucking damage
ManicAlex on 7. Jun. 2017.
Which addon are you using for enemy health bars?
Manlytearz on 7. Jun. 2017.
yo im running turbo cleave with some buddies, maybe ill see you at some point. (probably not but one can hope) Love the attack on titan sub shit too
TheRe9lay on 7. Jun. 2017.
Send some love towards Denmark Bajheera. We have blondes and Carlsberg. :D
Limbo Betwixt on 7. Jun. 2017.
Arms or Fury? I can't decide
Kruegz on 7. Jun. 2017.
You should also do a video on your top 10 warrior mods! It would be a great video!
Kruegz on 7. Jun. 2017.
Man you're Fury warrior videos has inspired me to level up a Warrior to max level and do PvP (currently level 92). Left a like as well!
dope 420 on 7. Jun. 2017.
Bajheraa im here again
Braeden Adamczyk on 7. Jun. 2017.
Love the vids baj!
The N00b on 7. Jun. 2017.
What!? No! No way!
BajheeraWoW on 7. Jun. 2017.
I love this spec xD
Frank Flint on 7. Jun. 2017.
hi legion man : )
balvion stormhoof on 7. Jun. 2017.
Nice! that was one hell of a slaughter you did on the first match