2.4 Barbarian Leapquake Build: Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls

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Uploaded: 2 Feb 2016 Likes: 34
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barduk4 on 3. Feb. 2016.
you should have a look at the barb build that focuses on frenzy, i havent managed to get all the items for it but it looks really fun (though obviously it wont be a competitive build just a fun one
Dirk Dirden on 3. Feb. 2016.
Legacy of nightmares Frenzy build.
ClearThoughts on 3. Feb. 2016.
Is it me or does the sword look exactly like Ichigo's
duidreki on 3. Feb. 2016.
2 weaks late on this.. go for raekor
Euphytoseable on 3. Feb. 2016.
So all the damage is coming from boulder, right? Otherwise we'd be using fire on earthquake. Why not use paragon points into max fury?
WRX Mike on 3. Feb. 2016.
Great vid man!
Eved Saboe on 3. Feb. 2016.
Good video Rhykker. It was informative and well put together as usual. Keep up the good work. Now the rant. "The build was created by Drahque" You mean Blizzard? With previous builds, I could see how players could claim them, as they did something unexpected or combined items in an unusual manner to get a more effective end result. But here, Diablo 3 devs put this build out pre-built, and virtually all in one patch, making up the majority of what was released for barbs. How about we give the people working on D3 the credit instead of the first player to post all the new items together on a build site or forum? It'd be nice to hear "Look what Blizzard gave us." instead of "This build belongs to player xXx360n05c0p3xXx."
Nicholas Reeder on 3. Feb. 2016.
Hey Rhykker, I love your videos, im kinda new to the channel, but I noticed you don't have a thorns build guide, and seeing hows its fairly viable, I was wondering if you would do one?
Blizzardo on 3. Feb. 2016.
How do you make it seem like you're clicking 1000 times per second? I've always wondered..
Italomiks on 3. Feb. 2016.
Why do you choose Animosity but not spent paragon points in maximum fury? Wouldnt it be better to put points in maximum fury and choose another passive?
fooltube9999 on 3. Feb. 2016.
I'm running this build but using the fire rune for earthquake fir the damage. Why is cave-in better?
Dwayne Hawkins on 3. Feb. 2016.
all damage is indirect and jumping 3 times over and over is just not fun. hota was nice and good, too bad reakor wins for now
I deck on 3. Feb. 2016.
Just a few extra things I would add to the guide. 1. If you don't have enough CDR, consider adding fury in your paragon points before dumping strength for the extra CDR (until you fill up your fury exactly with 3 leaps/earthquakes.) 2. An other trick if you don't have enough CDR; you can follow this rotation of abilities to maximize damage (got me to GR70 around p400 with about half my gear ancient) - Leap leap leap - boulder toss - t.shout - boulder toss - leap.... - Leap leap leap - boulder toss - war cry - boulder toss - leap... - Leap leap leap - boulder toss - t.shout - boulder toss - leap... - Leap leap leap - earthquake - boulder toss - leap - Rinse and repeat All cooldowns should come back in time if you follow that order :) 3. Doesn't really matter but leap/earthquake procs both F/R so boulder toss actually doesn't. You use it often enough that it doesn't matter but just a little fyi :) Great guide as usual though! Thanks for all your work
Ege Baysal on 2. Feb. 2016.
this made me play barbarian this season, much fun indeed!
Desolacer on 2. Feb. 2016.
I played this build on PTR and its so much fun. Thanks for the guide!
D2ezbmu on 2. Feb. 2016.
This build is actually incorrect. You want max fury in paragon points, weapon and belt for builder toss damage. As well you have no area damage either which is very strong.
WubWorld on 2. Feb. 2016.
little late on this build dont you think?? this should of been up before your raekor build because the starting set this season was quake build
Bexar on 2. Feb. 2016.
I´m playing this build and it ROCKS!! :D
TDTGs on 2. Feb. 2016.
If only this build was actually competitive on the leaderboards, what a damn shame.
Gavin Nemer on 2. Feb. 2016.
I go with your whirlwind setup
Dejan Ernst on 2. Feb. 2016.
why would you play Leaquake, its booring and it sucks
Gavin Nemer on 2. Feb. 2016.
any one play ps4 Diablo my gamer tag is xbudlightning
James Albers on 2. Feb. 2016.
rhykker im having trouble deciding on which character to pick.. i wouldnt say i really play alone i just keep an open lobby for people to join an leave when they feel they want(i play on xbox one if that matters)
Bingles Gaming on 2. Feb. 2016.
Rampage isn't a straight damage buff, the bonus armour from the increased strength also helps with survivability. Rampage, much like Nerves of Steel, is pretty much compulsory in any solo Barbarian build.
Nando on 2. Feb. 2016.
How high in GRs do you get with this setup cause with new Raekor high 70s low 80s is not hard at all
Scott Shovelton on 2. Feb. 2016.
Love the Video Rhykker ( First time commenter :) I wouldnt mind additional comments in some videos of yours explaining both SC and HC builds as I do find this build in particular is cater very much towards a SC style of gameplay however my leapquake barbarian atm is stricktly HC . Maybe announce it at the start . I duno. Just something i notice
coolnames TV on 2. Feb. 2016.
looks like fun! Thx for the video
elementalCHOTA on 2. Feb. 2016.
u shuold try replacing animosity w brawler !
Mathias Ullehus on 2. Feb. 2016.
nice. good night
alexlasserr on 2. Feb. 2016.
ryker please do a monk sunwuko build in 2.4 for gr and farm too
Dave Shepherd on 2. Feb. 2016.
I can't wait to try something other than furious charge. no matter how I build it and allocate stats, bosses destroy me
Jesper Lundkvist on 2. Feb. 2016.